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Abyss watcher in the league V2  by XanaShadow
Abyss watcher in the league V2 by Xana Shadow
An undead warrior is taken from his world with a mysterious heritage, look as he travels this new world and meet new people, and will he manage to get over his dreadful...
  • leagueoflegends
  • ahri
  • darksouls
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Kai'Sa's book~ by League_Kaisa
Kai'Sa's book~by ♡ Kai’sa ♡
Yeaaahh.. I've learned about KDA and LoL now KINDA.. So now I shall make this~!
  • akali
  • evelynn
  • lol
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king justice school by AdelineStorm
king justice schoolby Adeline Storm
King justice school, es la mejor escuela secundaria privada en toda runaterra. Se destaca por los más altos logros académicos y desarrollo estudiantil dando a los alumn...
  • sona
  • diana
  • vi
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The Maze Runner - A Pioneira! || Newt by NarnianaSangster
The Maze Runner - A Pioneira! || N...by Nárnia de Aslam
"Sujeito 001 - Grupo Beta - A Pioneira" Experimentos: - Teste 07BT número 2 - Impressão Sanguínea Tipo 08 - Modificação Binária BT A5 - Infusão de Metonectalin...
  • toni
  • adrenalina
  • casal
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K/DA Meets A Siren (LoL K/DA x Male! Singer!) by FriendlyWalrus9
K/DA Meets A Siren (LoL K/DA x Mal...by FriendlyWalrus9
Sirens. Mythical creatures who lure sailors with a beautiful voice into a timely death. The Sirens exsist in Runeterra but their motives are less...violent. Instead of u...
  • singer
  • evelynn
  • kaisa
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Dystopic Mirrors by wattpasdo
Dystopic Mirrorsby Emsagrod
The universe of League of Legends , from the perspective of the Nine tailed fox. Unlike my previous stories , I'm trying something new so please don't judge me if I'm do...
  • ahri
  • league
  • legends
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"Distance Will Not Keep Us Apart" // Sxnners FamILY Scenarios by LamsGaming
"Distance Will Not Keep Us Apart"...by Patrick Stumps fedora is up c...
Nyla. Stephanie. Isabella. Jack. Cianna. Christina. Parce. Gay. Sxnners FamILY Scenarios.
  • pamela
  • stephanie
  • nou
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The Abyss Joins the League by AerodynamicHotdog
The Abyss Joins the Leagueby AerodynamicHotdog
Before I begin, I would like to say that this story is inspired by @XanaShadow's story. So please, go and check out their story! It is honestly really good, I would reco...
  • leagueoflegends
  • crossover
  • darksouls
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Just Imagine... (Ahri X Male Summoner 2) League Of Legends Fanfic  by SupremeVeigar
Just Imagine... (Ahri X Male Summo...by UnfunnyName
Life has certainly been different now that a fox-girl is living with you, and now there's a chance to see her world, but how will day to day run of the mill life go on w...
  • romance
  • jinx
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My Wish (SG Soraka x Dark Star Varus) by CrowIsStranglyGay
My Wish (SG Soraka x Dark Star Var...by CrowIsStranglyGay
Hello! This is my first fanfiction.. So sorry if I'm bad! !I do not own the characters! (they're riot's (rito's)) I own the plot I think?? :d Soraka lives happily with...
  • romance
  • syndra
  • soraka
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The Strongest Hero (Reader X Harem)  by VideoGamer32
The Strongest Hero (Reader X Harem...by Gilgamesh fanboy
Reader x Harem fanfic. Everyone wants to become a hero at some point in their life, to become the pillar of their nation, to represent themselves and their goals in life...
  • harem
  • ahri
  • readerxcharacter
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Ahris wittwe books  by AhriCherry
Ahris wittwe books by AhriCherry
  • ahri
  • ddlg
  • mbs
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The Master of Souls (Ahri x OC) by Kray98
The Master of Souls (Ahri x OC)by Kray98
Jeffric was a boy who lived in one of the small villages of Ionia. His life could be described in a single word; "Hell." His parents hated him, he was treated...
  • healing
  • comfort
  • pain
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Working for Idols by curiouswatcherNo24
Working for Idolsby Edgar AH Cow (The one in the...
I know, this is stupid, but I thought it would be fun to write this as a second story. Whatever, the default name of the protagonist could be Eric if you want I don't kn...
  • evelynn
  • akali
  • malereader
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Desde las sombras te protejo by Wolframio11xd
Desde las sombras te protejoby LoboZx11
talon es un hombre con un historial no tan alentador ademas el tiene que cuidar a su hermana katarina, el la cuida desde que sus padres murieron en un asalto, despues de...
  • lol
  • katarina
  • evelynn
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scenarios and group chats of K/DA
  • evelynn
  • groupchat
  • miyeon
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POP/STARS • AVENGERS x OC'S by AmazingBregje
"Ain't nobody bringing us down, you can try but we're going to wear the crown." - With Thanos collecting the Infinity Stones, the Avengers have to defeat him...
  • magic
  • kaisa
  • violence
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k/da x male reader by AnimeKun1414
k/da x male readerby AnimeKun1414
(P.s all of the videos and art/pictures belongs to the rightful owners I own none of it.) (y/n) (l/n) rose is a 18 year old in college getting a degree in art / animatio...
  • malereader
  • edm
  • leagueoflegends
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Friend's Story  by Gatorkid365
Friend's Story by Gatorkid365
My friend is wanting me to write his story, so enjoy!
  • ahri
  • akali
  • kda
League Of University (League Of Legends) by AlemiletMejias
League Of University (League Of Le...by Janna Montana
En esta universidad los campeones son estudiantes para ganar su titulo (rol), existen 6 carreras (roles): Asesino, Luchador, Mago, Soporte, Tanque y Tirador. Cada quien...
  • comedia
  • rakan
  • drama
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