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The Strongest Hero (Reader X Harem)  by VideoGamer32
The Strongest Hero (Reader X Harem...by Gilgamesh fanboy
Reader x Harem fanfic. Everyone wants to become a hero at some point in their life, to become the pillar of their nation, to represent themselves and their goals in life...
  • supernatural
  • readerxcharacter
  • action-romance
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abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
  • ahri
  • abyss
  • annie
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From Idols To More (Male Reader x KDA) by LxstHarmony
From Idols To More (Male Reader x...by LxstHarmony
When you win a raffle at your art college for a mystery prize, even you couldn't guess what the school had in mind. What you got, was VIP passes to a KDA concert, plus i...
  • leagueoflegends
  • kaisa
  • kda
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Working for Idols by curiouswatcherNo24
Working for Idolsby Edgar AH Cow (The one in the...
I know, this is stupid, but I thought it would be fun to write this as a second story. Whatever, the default name of the protagonist could be Eric if you want I don't kn...
  • evelynn
  • kaisa
  • akali
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k/da x male reader by AnimeKun1414
k/da x male readerby AnimeKun1414
(P.s all of the videos and art/pictures belongs to the rightful owners I own none of it.) (y/n) (l/n) rose is a 18 year old in college getting a degree in art / animatio...
  • evelynn
  • famous
  • mreader
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Crossing fates by curiouswatcherNo24
Crossing fatesby Edgar AH Cow (The one in the...
Just a wierd story that came to my mind, a crossover between League of legends, RWBY and NieR: Automata. As I said, wierd. However I hope at least someone get to like it...
  • stupidity
  • lol
  • automata
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K/DA (discontinued) by fanfic-originals
K/DA (discontinued)by 스와시웬
I am pretty sure most of you wouldn't know what the heck the title refers to, but it is just the new series of skins that RIOT had introduced into the league of legends...
  • fantasy
  • multifandom
  • adc
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Happy Valentine's (*18+*) (Ahri x Male Summoner LoL) by SupremeVeigar
Happy Valentine's (*18+*) (Ahri x...by UnfunnyName
It's not easy being the top LoL player in the world with his own ESports team...So Riot Games decided to send you a present. ....But it's not what you bargained for! I D...
  • ahrixsummoner
  • ahri
  • lemon
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Kayn Male Reader x League Of Legends by MasterKarma
Kayn Male Reader x League Of Legen...by MasterKarma
title up there
  • leagueoflegends
  • harem
  • ahri
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Kai'Sa's book~ by League_Kaisa
Kai'Sa's book~by ♡ Kai’sa ♡
Yeaaahh.. I've learned about KDA and LoL now KINDA.. So now I shall make this~!
  • ahri
  • lol
  • kaisa
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League Of Legends: Champion Lores by disnoca
League Of Legends: Champion Loresby disnoca
This is a book with the lores of the League of Legends Champions. Each one of these tell a little (or big) story about the League of Legends Champions. All of these lore...
  • ahri
  • riven
  • viktor
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Evelynn's Instagram💋 by -League_Evelynn-
Evelynn's Instagram💋by BloodLustDemon
Take two on this book hope you enjoy my instagram none of these pictures i claim to be my own or try to take ownership of any of them im pissed that i was reported with...
  • lewd
  • kaisa
  • akali
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[League of Legends] Shadows In The Wasteland [Novel Length] [Complete!] by hazelnutbrew
[League of Legends] Shadows In The...by Dante
A League of Legends fanfiction. Such a disappointment. He would have loved to keep this one's soul, lock it tight into a special lantern where she would spend the rest o...
  • romancefanfiction
  • kinkou-ninjas
  • league-of-legends
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Ahri x Reader - No need to use magic to charm me~~ by LunarGodess
Ahri x Reader - No need to use mag...by Lunar~Chan
This is an Ahri x reader fanfiction. Ahri is the nine-tailed fox from league of legends. Enjoy!!
  • mage
  • xreader
  • humanfox
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"Distance Will Not Keep Us Apart" // Sxnners FamILY Scenarios by LamsGaming
"Distance Will Not Keep Us Apart"...by Pretty. Odd.
Nyla. Stephanie. Isabella. Jack. Cianna. Christina. Parce. Gay. Sxnners FamILY Scenarios.
  • sxnnersfamily
  • isabella
  • jack
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Ahri instagram  by -alphababy_
Ahri instagram by Dilia 🖤
Don't see why this is popular might as well try it
  • instagram
  • league
  • legends
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Desde las sombras te protejo by Wolframio11xd
Desde las sombras te protejoby LoboZx11
talon es un hombre con un historial no tan alentador ademas el tiene que cuidar a su hermana katarina, el la cuida desde que sus padres murieron en un asalto, despues de...
  • akali
  • katarina
  • lol
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A-Z League of Legends x Reader. by PiltoversFinest
A-Z League of Legends x Reader.by Fuzzy Cuffs
Every character in the league after your cheeks.
  • amumu
  • ashe
  • aatrox
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king justice school by AdelineStorm
king justice schoolby Adeline Storm
King justice school, es la mejor escuela secundaria privada en toda runaterra. Se destaca por los más altos logros académicos y desarrollo estudiantil dando a los alumn...
  • diana
  • draven
  • tryndamere
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Ahri Fanart by FairyMariaTale
Ahri Fanartby FairyMariaTale
It is all Ahri fanart their is hot page,cute page,popstar page,school page and a bonus fact. Please be teener or adult to look in the fanart book please end thank you.
  • game
  • girl
  • fanart
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