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Billionaires At War by LouisaDiamond
Billionaires At Warby O. M. Louisa
Billionaires and Monsters #1 Casandra Hernández is a young hard working billionaire living in Santa Montes along with her widowed mother. After being abandoned at the...
texting unnaturally ♢ teen wolf/the vampire diaries/shadowhunters (completed) by tomandmarco
texting unnaturally ♢ teen wolf/th...by outdated
555-6282: Caroline, love give me a chance. 555-8292: Who's Caroline? @tomandmarco // 2016
The Veil Of Time「 The Veil Trilogy Part Ⅰ 」✔ by Viola130831
The Veil Of Time「 The Veil Trilogy...by Viola Beckham
Book Ⅰ of The Veil Trilogy. Katerina Tereshkova. A Muggle-born witch who was locked up in an asylum because of her strange powers. People were scared of her, naturally...
Emblazon My Soul (Book I) by Prometheus_Unbound
Emblazon My Soul (Book I)by Prometheus_Unbound
When Komal Shah sets foot in the big, bad city of Mumbai she has no clue to what life has planned for her. Her search for a means of living leads her to Aarav Mittal. Sh...
The Owl Mate by Squarely_Asleep
The Owl Mateby Masha
Alpha Lexington Reid is now 25 years old and he has no mate. Waiting for almost ten years for your name now is like hell to him so he is giving his mate only one more ye...
Wolvesbane✔️ (Completed) by flowereader230
Wolvesbane✔️ (Completed)by Alex
For Alpha Erik, being leader of the Wolfe-Ritter, an elite guard made to protect the royal family as well as the surrounding kingdom. Is no simple task. Especially whe...
How About Seven? ✔ by drizzlestarstone
How About Seven? ✔by Becs
[ 𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘦𝘥 #44 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 ] -- It's an oft-quoted quote, and I'm sure you guys have heard of it. Two's company and three's a crowd. But I just...
Fate  by Akm344
Fate by _icyiris13_
What happens when life keeps giving you joy, happiness and luxury all at the same time but suddenly takes the wrong turn at the wrong time. Emma is an introvert, always...
Emblazon My Heart (Book II) by Prometheus_Unbound
Emblazon My Heart (Book II)by Prometheus_Unbound
When love exceeds all limits it morphs into something else. Komal thought she could let go of her past but little did she realize it would soon catch up with her. Will A...
Trouble by 16Queen
Troubleby MiA
# 506 overprotective # 43 aha2017 Andelia is the only girl in her family. With seven brothers it's hard to have a normal life but when she meets this guy her life just...
Before Homecoming (VA FANFICTION) Completed. by Jolly214
Before Homecoming (VA FANFICTION)...by Jolly214
This is a fan-fiction story about Rose & Dimitri, before they were going to Russia. We find out the aftermath of her becoming Lissa's guardian and him becoming Christian...
딸기 | Kim Taehyung by crying-in-monbebe
딸기 | Kim Taehyungby 🌺Alyssa🌺
What happens when a girl falls asleep on a boy's shoulder on the bus? What happens when the strawberry scent of her hair catches his attention? Will the boy fall for thi...
Poems of a Wandering Mind by jjmonxx
Poems of a Wandering Mindby J. J. Mon
"Poems of a Wandering Mind" is a compilation of different fast-written poetry works of J. J. Mon. Featuring "Odd" - Third Place Winner in June has St...
For She Was the Light by dannileeloser24
For She Was the Lightby Dannielle Lee
The way things seem to unfold is an unchanging theme. It is not one of suffering, or one of success, but one of constant evolution. Some live in simpler times, while oth...
THE BAD GIRL [COMPLETED] under major editing by izannahframe
THE BAD GIRL [COMPLETED] under maj...by izannahframe
[WHOLE ENGLISH] Skyler West, the promising valedictorian, student council president, the hottest and most handsome in school, all in all, is the perfect student...
Mischief On Earth ✔ by drizzlestarstone
Mischief On Earth ✔by Becs
Who's that? Uh. That would be, ahem, Tom Hiddleston. And he plays - me? Well - yes. I suppose so. |*| Meet Loki Laufeyson. Son of Odin, God of Mischief, Master of Tricke...
✒Poems Exposed by EdwinJohnA
✒Poems Exposedby Ed! Ed! Ed!
#8 in Poetry (Apr 2017).🎭 To see the truth behind the lies... To know the meaning of inconsistent cries... To bring out the realities, archived... ====================...
Shaped By Fire by catastrophiclovers
Shaped By Fireby 𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑙𝑎
That rebellious fire burned deep down inside of her, burning her bones and boiling her blood. Oh my how her fire burned. So bright, it brought light to the world and fil...
Ignite by LilyGarajone
Igniteby Lily Garajone
Fire consumes her whole body, powerful, dangerous. "Don't touch me!" Freya cries towards Kyle, as he reaches his hand forward, but it is too late. Kyle joins...
The Town Surrounding Topheth by Seviezar
The Town Surrounding Tophethby Sevii
Year 1982, a sudden and mysterious death shocked the news industry and the police when a detective was found dead in the small town of Buntray, Pennsylvania. Due to the...