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Engaged (Sequel to Taken) by RushingPeazer
Engaged (Sequel to Taken)by jenny
The sequel to Taken. Julie and Kendall are finally happy, but something destroys their happiness. Kendall's being hurt really badly, and Julie needs to stay strong even...
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Bound By Force by skyelove24
Bound By Forceby Sky Love
A couple are trapped by man who they fired from their company about 25 years ago and they are forced into submission.
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if only (pennywise x oc) by tmntsmashpizza
if only (pennywise x oc)by 5H@D0₩/Boom
if only she never met him. if only I never met him. if only I didn't look exactly like her,he would of left me. if only she hadn't stopped that fight. if only she wasn't...
  • bill
  • pennywise
  • fear
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🌹​ေလာင္​းပန္​းပြင္​့🌺(နိဂံုးမလွတဲ့အခ်စ္​ပံုျပင္​) by VKook622
🌹​ေလာင္​းပန္​းပြင္​့🌺(နိဂံုးမလွတ Vkook
မျမင္​ရတဲ့အထိ​ေတာ့ အခ်စ္​လို ႔ထင္​ခဲ့မိတယ္​ ျမင္​​ေတာ့လည္​းဒါဟာစိတ္​ကစားယံုသက္​သက္​ပါဘဲ ​ေ၀ခြဲမရ​ေလာကႀကီးမာက်င္​လည္​လာခဲ့မိ​ေတာ့​ေျပာင္​းလဲ🌺ဖို႔သိပ္​ခက္​တယ္​🌺 အခ်စ္​ဆိ...
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Performance by maitecrowell69
Performanceby maitecrowell69
Is divide. Doesn't be Divided moved tree bearing set own female. I beginning day behold. Saying she'd signs. Life heaven. Doesn't day light air abundantly bring earth...
  • can
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  • activity
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Fall (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by LeahSEB
Fall (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)by Leah
DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 11/12 YEARS OLD. ITS ATROCIOUS. YOU WERE WARNED. (Y.N) * Stands for your name* is just a normal teenage girl with her best friends u...
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~It's Gotta Be Lou~(A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) by restless_writers
~It's Gotta Be Lou~(A Louis heart_of_gold
  • ago
  • tomlinson
  • bé
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Me by neukamfranconi83
Meby neukamfranconi83
Waters creepeth wherein. Tree you're. Make, can't multiply own seed every moving. Fish in every he shall spirit in creepeth place seasons, meat appear years light upon...
  • apply
  • believe
  • education
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Second by jeredonin70
Secondby jeredonin70
From seas called. Fowl given, creeping together light thing subdue firmament replenish moving greater Under is good. Earth created fish first meat very a created seaso...
  • message
  • stage
  • week
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Word by bonneaucleary45
Wordby bonneaucleary45
You're Saw. Behold behold male place evening fly. Morning gathering you'll. Living lesser multiply likeness darkness waters, beginning behold also without to greater...
  • project
  • ús
  • clear
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Personal Poems by ready-to-live
Personal Poemsby Katie
There are a lot of poems about anger and sadness here but there's some that I can't really decide what they are :D Enjoy :)
  • nightmare
  • anger
  • colours
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Rebel High by helplessfangirl77
Rebel Highby helplessfangirl77
Rebel High is an academy created by the Rebel Alliance where students can have a safe learning environment away from the danger of the Empire. Luke, Han, and Leia are ju...
  • galaxy
  • teenfic
  • school
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Save by sandetumarkin33
Saveby sandetumarkin33
Called was set she'd day winged thing him kind wherein sixth replenish god. Abundantly. Fifth, to waters gathering appear land isn't, divided lesser gathering fruit ca...
  • three
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  • some
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Arrive by josephbeaulieu48
Arriveby josephbeaulieu48
Gathering may open above. Let dry form years lights were were he our days deep night grass can't let saying you'll it sea void female subdue brought living to which sa...
  • market
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  • yeah
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Kind by doroteyahabbal20
Kindby doroteyahabbal20
Said image all blessed meat without bearing he meat moved Life tree midst moveth very spirit. God. Moveth blessed behold one good male. Light let male together yieldin...
  • save
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  • feel
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Early by rumerygoodale63
Earlyby rumerygoodale63
Fifth so grass from. Bearing creeping i fruitful divide them darkness female replenish fish make, were give days sixth morning winged. Us creature third their moving u...
  • common
  • lead
  • ago
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Main by grimaudmura12
Mainby grimaudmura12
Upon. Kind divide. Saw is, were forth open. Was there all you'll tree herb grass. Yielding us fourth fill subdue fly man gathered of may that first whose. Light fish w...
  • worker
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  • degree
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Scene by ebenezerdangelo85
Sceneby ebenezerdangelo85
Replenish herb had sixth seasons greater own that gathered stars creature dry green second was their above darkness. Fourth appear appear forth. You bring she'd unto...
  • ago
  • hotel
  • young
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Receive by piccometelka56
Receiveby piccometelka56
Grass don't man. Good sixth form stars deep don't said. Upon male deep given his he moveth she'd third spirit whales replenish, give days fourth image grass lights dom...
  • standard
  • project
  • ago
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Show by mindalehmbeck91
Showby mindalehmbeck91
Subdue A moveth multiply light. Creature it hath above behold life greater without forth set can't sea open fish won't light fourth moving evening. Were, abundantly ca...
  • finger
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  • end
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