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Engaged (Sequel to Taken) by RushingPeazer
Engaged (Sequel to Taken)by jenny
The sequel to Taken. Julie and Kendall are finally happy, but something destroys their happiness. Kendall's being hurt really badly, and Julie needs to stay strong even...
Bound By Force by skyelove24
Bound By Forceby Sky Love
A couple are trapped by man who they fired from their company about 25 years ago and they are forced into submission.
🌹​ေလာင္​းပန္​းပြင္​့🌺(🌹လောင်းပန်းပွင့်🌺){uni+zaw} by VKook622
🌹​ေလာင္​းပန္​းပြင္​့🌺(🌹လောင်းပန Vkook
မျမင္​ရတဲ့အထိ​ေတာ့ အခ်စ္​လို ႔ထင္​ခဲ့မိတယ္​ ျမင္​​ေတာ့လည္​းဒါဟာစိတ္​ကစားယံုသက္​သက္​ပါဘဲ ​ေ၀ခြဲမရ​ေလာကႀကီးမာက်င္​လည္​လာခဲ့မိ​ေတာ့​ေျပာင္​းလဲ🌺ဖို႔သိပ္​ခက္​တယ္​🌺 အခ်စ္​ဆိ...
Fall (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by LeahSEB
Fall (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)by Leah
DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 11/12 YEARS OLD. ITS ATROCIOUS. YOU WERE WARNED. (Y.N) * Stands for your name* is just a normal teenage girl with her best friends u...
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The Last of My Kind by Duckgirl34
The Last of My Kindby Duckgirl34
What would you do if you had no memories of your past... or even what you were? If your life fell apart one day, and you woke up in the middle of no where, with nothing...
Fourteen Years Ago Today (a Battle of Hogwarts poem) by harrypotter777
Fourteen Years Ago Today (a emrysthegreat
This is a poem about the events that took place 14 years ago.
The Lonely Ice Queen by Miasmajesty
The Lonely Ice Queenby Miasmajesty
A story I wanted to write like a year ago and am working on very very slowly...
Meet by theresareindl99
Meetby theresareindl99
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Open by mickeyhitchcock47
Openby mickeyhitchcock47
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Red by darrahayes65
Redby darrahayes65
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Whether by cynthceci21
Whetherby cynthceci21
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I by schulmanseale14
Iby schulmanseale14
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This by castromahler79
Thisby castromahler79
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Move by urielgizanis97
Moveby urielgizanis97
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Agency by kurrsakai75
Agencyby kurrsakai75
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Indeed by menardtseko68
Indeedby menardtseko68
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Establish by jolentamccutchon94
Establishby jolentamccutchon94
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Strategy by juniachapple21
Strategyby juniachapple21
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Them by magenatesta81
Themby magenatesta81
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