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Sarang by Detective4Life
Sarangby 🥺
Diana joins 47 for a mission, to help him gain access to the target. Little did she know how stressful this mission would be. (TW for blood, death, crime, and canon-typi...
47 in Zootopia by LordChungus0801
47 in Zootopiaby Yo Mama
Zootopia. . . the perfect home for all mammals. From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, these animals live in perfect harmony. Except they don't. Underneath the...
Hitman vs The Winter Soldier by Abhiii27
Hitman vs The Winter Soldierby Abhishek
Nick Fury hires Agent 47 to assassinate The Winter Soldier who is a threat to S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America. How will things go when the Silent Assassin is after the o...
Betrayal | Agent 47 ((x F! Reader))  by kleinKchan
Betrayal | Agent 47 ((x F! Reader) kleinKchan
So. Whoever digging this deep, welcome :) You'll be finding yourself as a young woman with connections and a rather strange business. Your newest client is really someon...
BEYOND HITMAN by amartist17
BEYOND HITMANby amar singh
HITMAN vs JOHN WICK here love clashes and love smashes here mission and revange fight what you need.. 2 serial killers 2 master minds 2 lovers 2 relations 2 much fun..
Sword Art Online x Male Reader: White Swordsman (ON HOLD!) by SoliareofAstora
Sword Art Online x Male Reader: Agent47
(Y/n) was a beta tester. He finally played the game on its official release. Until... they were trapped in there until there beat the game... I do not own Sword Art Onli...
HITMAN: Aftermath by StaidFoal
HITMAN: Aftermathby MrRieper
SEQUEL TO "Hitman: Talon's Mark" After dealing with Talon, Agent 47 returns to the agency and continues his tattered, yet normal life. However, someone isn't d...
The Charismatic Agent by Corpse_Parfait
The Charismatic Agentby Corpse_Parfait
Agent 47 x Male!Reader Agent 47 is paired with another I.C.A. agent on an assignment to halt the creation of a parasitic disease. The cold-blooded assassin doubts that t...
Tokyo Ghoul x Male reader: Ghost (ON HOLD!) by SoliareofAstora
Tokyo Ghoul x Male reader: Ghost ( Agent47
This is my first story. I do not own Tokyo Ghoul, all rights go to Sui Ishida.
Doom Slayer Male Reader x RWBY (ON HOLD!) by SoliareofAstora
Doom Slayer Male Reader x RWBY ( Agent47
After being in hell for years and years. The Doom Slayer is finally captured and sent to an unknown planet. He is stripped from his armour and weapons. Hell thinks they...
Falling for 47 - A Hitman: Agent 47 Fanfiction by Random-Stuff
Falling for 47 - A Hitman: Agent Areesh
Agents are unable to feel guilt, remorse, or fear of their actions. They are simply killing machines. They are assassins. No feeling of love or hatred, sadness or happin...
Random x reader by AbbeyNeal5
Random x readerby Lamb5740
This book will be filled with random people from shows, movies, anime and many more
Partners (Agent 47 x Katia Van Dees) by carnal_flower
Partners (Agent 47 x Katia Van Carnal Flower
Set right after the ending of the movie. 47 and Katia are hiding from the ICA in a shitty motel and she helps him take care of his wound. As the night progresses, they b...
RWBY Blood money by Devilswing123
RWBY Blood moneyby Devilswing123
this is not really going to have anything involved with blood money except a few references.
A Team? by Detective4Life
A Team?by 🥺
Paris yet again, this time not to attend a fashion show but to still take care of a target. The headmaster of a large college. Only this time, he had direct contact with...
Unscathed | Agent 47 by Finizx
Unscathed | Agent 47by Call me Fin
One tragic can change everything. Most common example is the future, no one knows what will come after. She saw it with her own eyes, the blood of the most precious pers...
Pin Me To The Balcony by Detective4Life
Pin Me To The Balconyby 🥺
Twenty years ago, he saw a flash of strawberry blonde hair leave the scene where /his/ target was recently killed. He hasn't been able to forget whoever that assassin wa...
Mr. Handsome by Detective4Life
Mr. Handsomeby 🥺
A short fic of pure fluff and (sometimes) slightly ridiculous disguises. (I'll try to include a photo of each one!)
Diansevan Oneshots by Detective4Life
Diansevan Oneshotsby 🥺
Oneshots of the ship from "A Team?". Because self ship stuff is fun to write and it make the serotonin go UP. 🥺👉👈