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Tessa and Hardin , baby's after all  by HESSAFANGIRL1
Tessa and Hardin , baby's after HESSAFANGIRL1
Based on the after fan fiction , Tessa and Hardin are married and now expecting emery , Tessa pregnancy after so long , Emery cuteness , baby Auden all to come... haven...
AFTER EVER HAPPY by Anna Todd by itzwandamaximoff
AFTER EVER HAPPY by Anna Toddby itzwandamaximoff
In the last chapter of AFTER 3 every one kissed the ending. I'm talking about AFTER 3 by @imaginator1D The story had a Happy Ending But with their struggle along it m...
After Us by ohsmaddie
After Usby Maddie
After finishing filming the After series Hero and Josephine went about their ways. It isn't until Anna Todd releases a new After book and the two are both brought back t...
Herophine | Aeipathy by mizbiatch
Herophine | Aeipathyby ♡
Aeipathy An enduring and consuming passion. "What?" I spat at him. The look on his face never faltered. Instead he looked even more amused from what i said...
After Ever Happy  by multixfandom01
After Ever Happy by multixfandomxx
Continuation on after 3 ending which this is After Ever Happy by Anna Todd in my own words. Hardin and Tessa get married in Vegas and start trying to start a new family...
Aftermath by Shukki72
Aftermathby hessa_fan_page1
[ON HOLD] • • • • Tessa is in love with her boyfriend Hardin and the same with him. But when things come between them like work, opportunities and other people. What wil...
Forever after by potentialmistake
Forever afterby potentialmistake
This is a continuation to after 4❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ After everything, Hardin and Tessa made it together and started a fresh start in New York with Landon and Sofia. All inspir...
Quarantine  by DreamsOfTheDay
Quarantine by Daydream With Me
Hero & Josephine (Hardin and Tessa) *Preview Below* This book follows the events, highs and lows of the After co-stars Hero and Josephine; providing insight into their w...
Bad Boy And Bad Girl by hel_d55
Bad Boy And Bad Girlby Helena
Stella Max is bad girl. She doesn't have hope anymore after her mom left her, commiting suicide. Michael Henson is bad boy. He's father is busy, rich, famous attorney an...
On the down-low | HEROPHINE by _herosbaby
On the down-low | HEROPHINEby Just a happy girl💕
Herophine fanfic : Josephine and Hero have been dating since sometime during the filming of 'after'. However they are advised to keep the love between them a secret, cau...
First sight | Herophine by Ineskelovely
First sight | Herophineby Ines
Josephine and Hero knew that 'After' would change their whole life, but were they ready for the changes of their love life?
Silent Memories (Emery Scott) by kiera-veronica
Silent Memories (Emery Scott)by Kiera Veronica
They say history has a habit of repeating itself. Good girl falls in love with a bad boy? Emery never thought this is something that could possibly happen to her, but it...
After you left by simp_for_hardin
After you leftby Fan fiction
Imagine telling the man you love that you are pregnant with his baby and he leaves you. A small misunderstanding can turn your whole life upside down. This is the story...
I Won't Forget About You by Lola_marie22
I Won't Forget About Youby WritingEscape
Hessa Fanfic There's definitely gonna be some mature and intense content in here including: Intimacy, language, murder/fighting Cover is not my edit*
Herophine/Hessa oneshots by clowningat3am
Herophine/Hessa oneshotsby Crackaddict
u will like this Follow me on ig: @hessa.t.h.o.t.z
Unequivocal ( An Auden Scott from "After" Fanfiction) by CarolAndKiara
Unequivocal ( An Auden Scott CAROL & KIARA
Tessa and Hardin's son is going off to college. He adopted some of his mother's studious behavior so he feels that he is ready. However, like his parents, college life h...
Here we go again- After fanfiction by maja_0512
Here we go again- After fanfictionby Maja E
This is the second part of my after fanfiction. Tessa is thinking about starting her own fiction but when Hardin doesn't respond the way she thought he would she's not...
The love between❤️(UNDER EDITING) by illumixzoldyck
The love between❤️(UNDER EDITING)by Illumi’s wife🥵
Tessa is a Freshman in college and has a perfect life but what happens when she runs into bad boy Hardin Scott will he change her life or will she push him away? {vote f...
The start of forever (*AFTER EVER HAPPY FANFIC*) by _Hessa_fan_98
The start of forever (*AFTER Hessa❤️
My own spin on the ending of After Ever Happy - this is a fanfic and i am no author just having fun & trying out writing some fanfiction😊