Afterearth Stories

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Zombies Vs Aliens: Respawn by krazydiamond
Zombies Vs Aliens: Respawnby Kristin Jacques
A comic apocalyptic sci-fi romp. The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, the world has ended, humanity has crumbled... Nobody told the aliens. Alien brains have some...
Mental Environment (before to after) by willowcharm6
Mental Environment (before to Willowcharm6
showing what goes on in the "after"
After Earth {BxB} by ZhrianQuinne
After Earth {BxB}by Zhrian Quinne
Mature content. 18+ only. If you don't like Gay erotica nows the time to click home. ----
After Earth by thebipolared
After Earthby Chris Lal
The Earth is not inhabited by humans anymore. The planet had died many years ago. Humans had colonized Mars, and additional planets and continue to live on, with hopes o...
The Elementals by Jaded98
The Elementalsby JessicaRogers
Earth went through a 'reboot' of sorts, cleansing itself from all malicious human activities and in the process wipes out three fourth of the population. Based centurie...
Alskimous by ilovewinter47
Alskimousby Bartholomina Shylen
Angie Cecil and her 3 friends, Emma Rey, Arthur Paxton and Dorothy Morrison were having a great time enjoying a hot August afternoon by the lake. Their days of happiness...
After Earth by Shera-DeGroat
After Earthby Shera-DeGroat
Just another book about life after earth
WAVES by DarlingPlease24
WAVESby Darling Stfu
Karen Deen and her family are trying their best to survive the different kinds of waves earth can do. Each wave it's something different that can kill you, stuff like ac...
Buttons #Project Constellations by PenPuppy
Buttons #Project Constellationsby PenPuppy
Goal: Save humanity, no biggie. Olivia, a precocious fourteen year old girl, narrates the trials of humanity as it leaves the solar system, fleeing an Earth decimated by...
Hell Flames |-A Roleplay-| by PanPanDream
Hell Flames |-A Roleplay-|by ♤
The devil has come, and the world has gone to shit.
Linger by skytober30
Lingerby Meagan
An elf king is killed and it's up to his daughter Aelic and his head Beren to figure out what to do next. Will she stay and fight for her fathers name, or will she run l...
after earth by Dinaboyce
after earthby Descendants_Carlos_Lover
when cadet (Jaden Smith) and general cypher rage (Will Smith) get trapped on earth not only cadet is on the mission but ranger Dina is to she wanted her mother to be pr...
For The Sake Avarice by SynWrites
For The Sake Avariceby It's Syn
Black Holes are utterly undetectable. You will never see a black hole but you can see the stars that are picked from existence. Gene, you're only upset because your sorr...
Calling You Home by its-just-ej
Calling You Homeby Ej
Living on a different planet after mankind caved in on itself, Jaelynn discovers about Earth and finds out that her father is there waiting for her. When trying to get h...
The Human Hive by CDAW5701
The Human Hiveby CDAW5701
New earth- new rules, all humans are under the rule of a king and we function like a bee hive. Now is my time to tell you the story of us.
Loved together but Pushed apart by FanFictionalFatigue
Loved together but Pushed apartby Tea anyone?
Yin and Yang where completely different, different hair, different personalities, Yin even spoke a different language! But they had a lot in common as well. Including th...
Limbo: A Sci-Friday Tale by krazydiamond
Limbo: A Sci-Friday Taleby Kristin Jacques
Lyra dreams of a world she's never seen. There are doubts plaguing her thoughts, dogging her day to day duties aboard the ship carrying the last of the human race. Will...