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Impossible Redemption (MHA) by SnowflakeTheTherian
Impossible Redemption (MHA)by Snowflake
All For One, the worst Villain in the history of the entire world. He had killed countless, and destroyed most of Japan during the dark ages of Quirks. Imagine his surpr...
Izuku's All For One by EhWhyNotSure
Izuku's All For Oneby TyphoonGuy
This story is inspired by mind vs might but izuku becomes a hero instead of being a villain. Izuku has a sister named izumi.izuku is quirkless while izumi has a strong t...
The Emerald Prince by whimsical_girl_357
The Emerald Princeby Whimsy
Aizawa watched Izuku drink his black coffee, gazing absently out the window. The underground hero couldn't help but smirk, he looked forward to the effect beautiful, pow...
Mind vs Might: There Are No Heroes (A Villain!Deku Fanfic) by Hexcss
Mind vs Might: There Are No Hexcss
Not everyone is created equal. Young Izuku Midoriya learned this at the age of 4. In a world where 80% of the population has some sort of superpower called "Quirk&q...
Izuku The Symbol Of Hope by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Symbol Of Hopeby NezutheRatGod
During the battle of Kamino ward All Might is gravely injured and Izuku watching is horror while All Might looses. He couldn't take it anymore and joined the fight to he...
[VILLAIN SYSTEM] by NozarickRin
[VILLAIN SYSTEM]by Nozarick Rin
Izuku, dies in the slime incident and wakes up in a void space with a blue screen in front of him. He accepts the systems power and Wakes up again. Using the power of ga...
Making Things Right by N0vu5_R4v3n
Making Things Rightby N0vu5_R4v3n
Midoriya Izuku has gone through hell and back. Not only did he find out that the number 1 villain is his father, but he had to watch all of his friends die right in fron...
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing by HollowLegend
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothingby Hollow Legend
Tomura Shigaraki being the grandson of Nana Shimura wasn't the only bit of ground breaking information All for One said to All Might on the day of their final battle. in...
Musutafus Protector by SNS_BKDK
Musutafus Protectorby Dilia Duarte
Deku was always abused at home by his mom after his father suddenly left for being "quirkless" Truth is, he isn't but he has to keep it a secret. One day, he d...
Your Turn (MHAxVillainMaleReader) by Avacomix
Your Turn (MHAxVillainMaleReader)by Avocado
With All Might gone into retirement, and All For One locked away in Tartarus, it's time a young man made some changes. It's time he challenges the status quo, while try...
Immortal Soldier by ZyAyoma
Immortal Soldierby Zy
[HIATUS] Y/n was cursed with Immortality within his quirk, He quit being a hero of war after world war 2. He wanted to live a normal life so he got himself a coffee sho...
Hero of Hope: Dekiru by DekiruTheNine
Hero of Hope: Dekiruby Dekiru
In this story Izuku was born 2 years earlier and one day he meets his favorite hero and gains his quirk for showing his determination on becoming a hero come and read th...
Even (Platonic! Yandere AFO x Reader) by Mia_The_Dragon
Even (Platonic! Yandere AFO x Mia_The_Dragon
You're the daughter of the most powerful villain ever. After learning this, it was hard mentally. But you know that you must stay strong... for everyone. Even if it mean...
Only for you (Villain Deku) by 1oca1_Ke1s3y
Only for you (Villain Deku)by MommaMxffin
All Izuku Midoriya ever wanted was to be a hero. That was ruined when he was betrayed my his idol and his friends. Now that he's joined the dark side, he's out to get re...
The New All For One by JaegeristJ
The New All For Oneby JaegeristJ
All For One lies on his deathbed. The fight with his nemesis, the 8th holder of his brother's quirk, had left him in a bad state. He had several regeneration and durabil...
Dekuverse by Yoruha
Dekuverseby Jack Rose
This is where All might, Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Ochaco Uraraka, Tenya Ida, Momo Yaoyorozu, Eijiro Kirishima, Tsuyu Asui, Yuga Aoyama, Fumikage Tokoyami, Mina A...
The Hero for everyone: One for All (I'm rewriting this story) by RoKkEr_scura
The Hero for everyone: One for Nik Rock
As I said I am rewriting this story.
The cold hero (Edited) by black-wing-king
The cold hero (Edited)by black-wing-king
Izuku midoriya has a very powerful quirk, he can manipulate ice and anything cold, however he himself became cold and not may people can make him open up. Join him in hi...
All For Some by RikuPen
All For Someby Riku
The superhuman society is great for some with popular quirks but not for quirkless let alone people whose quirks are seen as villainous, and that is how villains are cre...
Loneliness by Rakki04
Lonelinessby Rakki04
What if Izuku had obtained All for One from his father? What would had happened when the heroes fond out that the most dangerous villain of all time had a son with his e...