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House of Sand by lori_POTATO
House of Sandby Lorenzo Bonarelli 3rd
DISCLAIMER: This is a joke!!!!!! Please don't take this seriously!!! (and yes I know that shipping people from real life is weird) Amanda went missing in Afganistan, or...
When It Is Forbidden by meeko228
When It Is Forbiddenby Suzanne
Imagine having so many rules you have to follow, it's hard to keep track of. Imagine being ranked lower than a dog in society. This is what life is like for 15-year-ol...
Dare you to move (an Iron Man fanfiction) by Welcometothenewage_
Dare you to move (an Iron Man Jenny
What if Pepper Potts never was connected to Tony Stark? Meet Evelyn Bates. A normal girl from Santa Clarita California who happened to become Mr. Stark's secretary. Evel...
Stayin' alive by 3humee
Stayin' aliveby 3humee
This book is about a young man at the age of 20 going to war following the footsteps of his father.
Love and War by cocklez
Love and Warby Shelbie
Dean and Castiel are a sniper team fighting in Afghanistan who fall in love. A mission goes disastrously wrong for their unit and Castiel clings to the hope that Dean mi...
The Back Road Soldier by FeatheredFox
The Back Road Soldierby FeatheredFox
My name is Elisabeth and I'm a daughter of a soldier. My family lives in the middle of farm country and my dad left to go fight for our country. Thank you for your ser...
War Through a Dog's Eyes  by nichole_bunch
War Through a Dog's Eyes by Nichole
MWD Stormy is born into Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas as a explosives detection dog. She accompanies her handler where ever they go and have been insepar...
A Soldier's Life by odysseyauthor
A Soldier's Lifeby odysseyauthor
Through everything they have fought for us, we throw them off to the side as if we're ashamed of them protecting us. What is life like for our military veterans? Sadly...
Parvana by TheRedQueen13
Parvanaby TheRedQueen13
This is an assignment I got for English and I thought what the heck I'll put it up. We had been reading a book in class called Parvana and the teacher asked us to do s...
17 And In Love (With My Brothers Best Friend!) (Just updated, sorry for the long wait won't happen again!) by EdwardJacobFan77
17 And In Love (With My Brothers Alyssa
Alyssa is in love... with her brothers best friend...thats in the army...and he's in Afghanistan. When Christian comes home will Alyssa tell him about her feelings for h...
pathan problems by dynamite2727
pathan problemsby eclipse
pathan jokes, problems, culture, history, quotes and much more!!!! For Pathans and non-Pathans. relatable to all desi and Asian people. proud to be Asian!!!
Two Hearts, One Leg by StarDog2266
Two Hearts, One Legby ~Mello~
"I woke up breathing heavily, I have had the same dream thousands of times since I had to come back from Afghanistan. I felt around my hospital bed, for my left leg...
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Dauntless  by HeinrichHenning3
Dauntless by Heinrich Henning
I take in the final scenery of the dry fields of South Africa. I'm leaving behind everything I know. My life stile. My family. Her... " Listen Laddy if you screw up...
Run Away Dreams (FanFiction)  by ZLBadger
Run Away Dreams (FanFiction) by Zak Potato
This book is a different view from a book called Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. Suggestion: Read BoyOverboard first.
The walk home by maddyfarr
The walk homeby maddyfarr
15 year old Jess finds herself walking home in the dark with a friend when her life is changed forever. She is a very normal girl, living in her teenage dreamland, but...