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Unknown Love (Jungkook X Reader) by sawnw14bts
Unknown Love (Jungkook X Reader)by ♥️Lafia
Y/N fell in love with Jeon Jungkook, but he still loved his ex, Mina. But little did he know, his heart only beats for Y/N. Warning ⚠️: It may be a little Cringe Unedite...
A Cyber bullying Short Story by Jadielovesyou
A Cyber bullying Short Storyby Jade maree
This story will be about a girl at a new school, who is getting bullied. All because one girl thinks that she is prettier than her and is going to steal her boyfriend. ...
The Sex Dare by BigBootyBae038
The Sex Dareby NIGGAH and PROUD
Claudia Mills is the new girl and of within 3 minutes a romour has started about her and sex.But this gets her popular,and if gets her popular why not go with it?But the...
100 DAYS UNDER OCEAN by sjrlrhj
100 DAYS UNDER OCEANby Hanifa Jabed
A science fiction story. It is also a fan fiction. This story contains your favourite persons. Story is about going underwater and meeting underwater people. whom are fr...
The BIG Book of RANDOM (Book 2) by FallenStarXOXO
The BIG Book of RANDOM (Book 2)by FallenStarXOXO
Here it is... BOOK 2 of the sexiness that is "The BIG Book of RANDOM". Basically an outlet for where I let out my insane energy and where the readers are beaut...
I Own A Badboy by thepizzaboys
I Own A Badboyby SAILOR
Reece King, the campus' major badboy. It dragged on from middle school to highschool to college, it follows him wherever he goes. Ava Kidd, awed by many other than Reece...
Now by jennasadler85
Nowby jennasadler85
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Child by lashondastokey15
Childby lashondastokey15
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Wide by alcotconklin67
Wideby alcotconklin67
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Everyone by laskyjagers52
Everyoneby laskyjagers52
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Experience by gladwinballone91
Experienceby gladwinballone91
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Various by kerwinngilstrap72
Variousby kerwinngilstrap72
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Special by dellemcleod61
Specialby dellemcleod61
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TV by gallagherru99
TVby gallagherru99
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Less by tolandpress50
Lessby tolandpress50
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Would by hollisbarrant75
Wouldby hollisbarrant75
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