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Weightless by thatonegirl155
Weightlessby :)
All good things come to an end, until they don't. Charlize Elliot, a girl who's life quite literally got turned upside-down. A story of love, loss, power, greed, and a...
Persia Jackson {a genderbend story} [ YJ crossover] by afreenceba
Persia Jackson {a genderbend Casey Jackson
Percy had died. After a devastating heartbreak with Annabeth, Percy wanted nothing to do except for a relaxing time with his family. But even Fates pity their water hero...
We're Okay by Elle_Alex
We're Okayby Ellexia Legrace
[THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE] - Elements. Powers. Heroes. Lies. Deaths. Mad Titan. The world is doomed and there's no one to avenge it. Or does it? Where...
Devil's Children by Elle_Alex
Devil's Childrenby Ellexia Legrace
We've all had a run in with the Devil, but not as many times as Aero Dermon, Peter Parker, and Hunter and Shuri Udaku. Two of them have actually died. But they always st...
Anything Is Possible by Elle_Alex
Anything Is Possibleby Ellexia Legrace
Aero Dermon is Peter and Hunter Parker's best friend, and she has been since diapers. Aero has no idea that Peter is Spider-man, and he has no intention on telling her...
Lost But Together (A Homestuck Fanfiction) by MyLifeInStories
Lost But Together (A Homestuck MyLifeInStories
What happens when the new kids in school aren't what you think they are? Not like the kind that will turn your back on you, but the kind from... somewhere else? Aero goe...
New X-Men (Marvel Omega) by GavinMcMahon8
New X-Men (Marvel Omega)by Gavin McMahon
The trials and tribulations of the teachers and students of the Xavier Institute. Originally set in the continuity of Marvel Omega, the series is now branching out on it...
Fall Again (On-hold) by Abchona
Fall Again (On-hold)by 𝙰𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚢𝚖𝚘𝚞𝚜
Life is so cruel!. Are you ready to face your past, the past you don't want to go back. History repeat itself! Pano kung ang taong kinakainisan mo ay bumalik upang guluh...
 Love is like the wind (A Aero x Male OP reader) by sega1000
Love is like the wind (A Aero x Sega1000
You and your family came from another dimension, and is under hiding. You were excited after your father announce you'd be hiding on earth-616... unfortunately, things d...
Elementals by HurricaneTortilla_18
Elementalsby Jellyfish
Eis was done. He was being sent to the academy. Basically, that means he's a goner. In a world in which everyone has a "gift", he, along with others are consi...
The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Reborn by _vaughn_ROSE_
The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Rebornby Violet Vaughn
The Hunger Games were cancelled when Katniss Everdeen killed President Snow. Now, her and the victor Peeta Mellark have a daughter, Aero, and a son, Spruce. On Aero's 12...
Lost : L series by Midnight_Luck88
Lost : L seriesby Midnight_Luck88
I was lost, And you helped me get my way back For that, thank you.
Magia Academy: The Lost Enchantress Of Magia by eiramor_red
Magia Academy: The Lost :)
Imperfect life Life full of lies Unlock the magic (EDITING) Date started: April 26, 2017 Date completed:-------------
Misterioso by MWilmot
Misteriosoby MWilmot
•Onhold• Started May 28 2018 Aero is a 19 year old, Italian, straight A, college student. Heir to lead her fathers gang. After a call from her cousin, her whole world ch...
love at first sight (Johnny guilburt fan fiction) by XxgalaxymazexX
love at first sight (Johnny XxgalaxymazexX
hey guys here is a Johnny guilburt fan fic I hope you enjoy btw its not gonna have really gross sences in it only kissing. lol welp hope u liek it :3 btw it has curse wo...
Teaching the Elements  by anshackleford
Teaching the Elements by a.n.shackleford
Four God's worn down by their duties break free from responsibility atop Mt. Elementus and attempt to start a new life on earth. The problem is, no humans can see them...