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||Oh Sehun's Time|| by Mishkuna
||Oh Sehun's Time||by Baby Sehun👶✨
Энд юу ч хамаагүй бичиж болох юм уу? Тэгвэл... MOM! I LOVE HIM!!
  • aeris
  • mishkuna
  • ohsehun
The Clash: Heartthrobs vs. Chicks  by aeris_el
The Clash: Heartthrobs vs. Chicks by A
Groups of girls and boys, fighting is their hobby when they are left with each other. A Bossy Girl matched with a Cold hearted Guy equals to a Royale Clash A Nerdy Chic...
  • playboy
  • innocentguy
  • gangstergal
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❃ | í nєvєr вlαmєd чσu  by flowerfulangel
❃ | í nєvєr вlαmєd чσu by αєríth
" i never blamed you. not once. you came for me, that's all that matters. " - aerith gainsborough to cloud strife, acc.
  • remake
  • aeris
  • clerith
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Language Of Love || KAI by Emma0461
Language Of Love || KAIby Emma ab
وانشوت لكاي وانتي ❤ اتمنى يعجبكم💙
  • language
  • kai
  • kokobop
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Promise [Oneshoot] by diandransy
Promise [Oneshoot]by Diandra
Exo-L? Wajib baca ini! Kisah singkat seorang gadis yang begitu menyukai salah satu Boyband asal Korea Selatan, Exo. Kisah cinta yang tulus dari lubuk hati yang terdalam...
  • chanyeol
  • kai
  • sad
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DROP THE JOKE❤😂 by afwaler
Hanya lawak yang menghiburkan anda. *Akan di muat apabila ada masa lapang dan bila rajin *terima kasih
  • army
  • exo
  • comedy
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A Second Chance by Naruki
A Second Chanceby Naruki
Everybody deserves a second chance.. ;)
  • wallace
  • vii
  • strife
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T.O.K.A Karneval by belloPantasy
T.O.K.A Karnevalby belloPantasy
❛ Are you ready for it?❜
  • karneval
  • exo
  • exol
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12 AM || MIDNIGHT  by mintdaisy02
12 AM || MIDNIGHT by 민 윤기
The unforeseen encounter between a part time worker, Aeris Reinette and one of her classmate, Kurt Hunter, has brought the two of them into a surprising journey. Status...
  • teen
  • mystery
  • kurt
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Remember the Girl named Arithia by weonnimean
Remember the Girl named Arithiaby weonnimean
Mendez and Garcia. Date Started : October 2, 2018 Date finished : December 21, 2018 (Credits to Viowence for a superb book cover! Thank you!<3)
  • caeris
  • teenfiction
  • fiction
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As Marcas dos Conselhos by RaposinhaMarota
As Marcas dos Conselhosby Raposinha
Três contos sobre o desenvolvimento de Jack Frost e a jovem Aeris "'A neve é bela, não? Mas é ainda mais na companhia de bons amigos, ou simplesmente na presença de...
  • aeris
  • goodbyemyfriend
  • believeinus
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#Friendzone [Under Revision]  by Claudia_313
#Friendzone [Under Revision] by Claudia
Can Myunji make it out from the friendzone?
  • 1485
  • aeris
Zeus ~ N.H. Love Story by SimplyCreative0
Zeus ~ N.H. Love Storyby SimplyCreative0
You will hear thunder and remember me, And think: She wanted storms. The rim of the sky will be the color of hard crimson, and your heart, as it was then, will be on fi...
  • adonis
  • horan
  • hades
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Leaning on You(FF7) by Mrs_Strife
Leaning on You(FF7)by FF Fanatic
COMPLETED First book: Lean on Me Life's looking up for the members of Avalanche. They're starting families, getting jobs, and just enjoying life for once. The world mig...
  • valentine
  • lockhart
  • zack
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The Maiden Who Travels The Planet (Final Fantasy 7) by MistyAngle2
The Maiden Who Travels The Shipping hell
I don't own Final Fantasy or The Maiden Who Travels The Planet.
  • aeris
  • cetra
  • travels
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Proxy Life (A Creepypasta FanFiction) by Deadly_Jenny
Proxy Life (A Creepypasta Deadly_Jenny
Aeris is a 14 year old girl who has been 'marked' to become a proxy since she was 12. She knows about the creepypastas and that is why she knows. She has been highly par...
  • konan
  • slenderman
  • aeris
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For Life (EXO Fanfiction) by KCLemon
For Life (EXO Fanfiction)by KCLemon
How about meeting EXO personally and having to interact with them on a daily basis? Taking care of them on every opportunity that you have and actually discovering how t...
  • chen
  • exol
  • eris
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Airy by flirui17
Airyby Flirui Leyson
I'm already contented, and contentment is not enough to name my state. It's beyond that. Have you ever woke up one day and curse every minute of your boring life? Mind w...
  • air
  • elements
  • aeris
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[OLD] Shimmer (Counterpart to Tides) by soph_midnight
[OLD] Shimmer (Counterpart to s o p h i e
There are many sides to every story and every tale. This is one of them, from the POV of a girl named Alaina. Alaina is the daughter of an innkeeper. She's a normal girl...
  • eyes
  • aqua
  • joshua
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