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AePete by florentreina
AePeteby florentreina
Everyday life of Ae and Pete
Thai BL Oneshots by yayaprny
Thai BL Oneshotsby .
Will contain smut, fluff, and angst ; ) Requests for couples or story plots are always open ! All oneshots are written by me.No plagarism is allowed here !
Love or Revenge (Eng Ver)[Completed] by phyusin1773
Love or Revenge (Eng Ver)[ Coral
I hate you Saint!You don't deserve with happinessI just married you to take Revenge and there is nothing else.Let me show you what is the hell... -Perth- I Love you Per...
Mew Gulf One Shots by rudra12344
Mew Gulf One Shotsby RUDRA🥰
Mew gulf short sweet stories Short imagination stories of our dear mewgulf and Random one shot of other BL couples too Highest ranking #3 in SOTUS 💞💞💞
Love By Chance~a collection by Yukichi69
Love By Chance~a collectionby Yukichi69
Just daily snippets of our favorite Love By Chance boys.
My house by Queen_M_aepete
My houseby Queen_M_aepete
PinSon story Original writer: larrypie69
HIM and My WHYS [ PerthSaint ] Unedited by Proven-Prive
HIM and My WHYS [ PerthSaint ] Privè
( Status: Complete ) [ Unedited ] Will love be ever enough for two soulmates to be together?
Son  by Queen_M_aepete
Son by Queen_M_aepete
PinSon story Credits to the owner agateophobic
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I L U Only Ae!!! ❤ ( Completed )  by ChikkiMugala
I L U Only Ae!!! ❤ ( Completed ) by Shiv@n1... nt
Hello cuties 🥰🥰 ....this is my first story .... Ae and Pete have known each other since childhood...they are best friends from the start but they both love each other...
Three Wishes [TinCan] by adiar_rose
Three Wishes [TinCan]by adiar_rose
Everyone is born with three wishes. Everyone usually wastes theirs as a baby/kid, with wishes like "I want to be fed, I want a toy, I want mommy" and things li...
My Crazy Cantaloupe 💕 by kavyareddy21
My Crazy Cantaloupe 💕by kavya
Can Rathavit, the bankrupt yet crazily driven guy doing his part-time MBA in New York city loves to live life his way. His crazy way involves a lot of food. Tin Medthana...
The Last Moon (destined sequel) by Little_Freesia
The Last Moon (destined sequel)by Rose 🌹
Losing two of his important persons, made pharms life changed. his once loving mother becomes distant to him, his brothers mates who's also his friends avoids him like a...
Choux Cream Cake by Zellaraya
Choux Cream Cakeby Zellaraya
Barista x Baker AU Perth, a young barista cafe owner, unkowingly hires Saint, the baker of his favourite dessert, to work at his cafe. To Plan's dismay, they have unrema...
Where is my PETE?? ( Completed ) by ChikkiMugala
Where is my PETE?? ( Completed )by Shiv@n1... nt
hey cuties🥰🥰.... this is my second story...hope you 'll like it... this story contains drama, action, romance, supernatural powers, love.... Pete 's mother and fathe...
You Had Got Me From Hello END by muted_whispers
You Had Got Me From Hello ENDby muted_whispers HIATUS
A Subtle Romance❤ 💙🍷💚 "I have never greeted any customer before...but you made me unable to hold myself back. With your petite body a...
အခ်စ္ဦး (Complete) by PerthsaintP66
အခ်စ္ဦး (Complete)by Chai
အခ်စ္ဆိုတ့ဲအရာက ကံေကာင္းျခင္းလား ကံဆိုးျခင္းလား အချစ်ဆိုတဲ့အရာက ကံကောင်းခြင်းလား ကံဆိုးခြင်းလား
You Are The One (Completed) by Tinynainine
You Are The One (Completed)by 𝐓𝐢𝐧𝐲𝐧𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐞ᴶ⁹
Well this is just A fanfic that I wrote about perthsaint all the story is changed and the persons too so their will be just perthsaint and meanplan there will be also nc...
Out of Character [Perth/Saint] by NaraKeiko
Out of Character [Perth/Saint]by NaraKeiko
A young actor was too immersed in his role and end up having a hard time to let go of the character he played. He can't define the feeling he has for his acting partner...
[COMPLETE CHAPTER/s] Can Kirakorn, a handsome and rich young restaurant owner from Bangkok, gets whatever he wants in life. Or so he thought until Tin Medthanan---the qu...