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im one direction's mate?!?!? by MoonlightMadison
im one direction's mate?!?!?by Madisøn🥀
What happens when Madison gets kidnapped by a vampire just to find out there are more and that their her mates. will she hate them or will she love them and what happens...
Help for new authors! by Ivy12ose
Help for new authors!by Ivy12ose
Have you ever written a book on Wattpad, but soon realized you were getting no readers? Well, don't give up! This book's purpose is to help new authors get recognized! W...
THE ROBBER KNIGHT, AFTER SIEGE by apocalypseartemis
THE ROBBER KNIGHT, AFTER SIEGEby apocalypseartemis
I read Sir Rob's and it was just amazing. I actually lived each and every character in the trilogy. THE ROBBER KNIGHT, AFTER SIEGE is a short story. the robber knight's...
-Peachy Threads- by Indranil_CLC
-Peachy Threads-by Indranil_CLC
Keep calm and study hard~~ Хувиас өгөх зөвлөгөө, хичээлийн холбогдолтой tips📖 Sharing my life experiences, study techniques and hacks to you all. Enjoy the tips and goo...
Worldbuilder Tips and Guides by Unspoken_Uprising
Worldbuilder Tips and Guidesby Christopher M Poet
This is a guide written by me to share with you templates, tips, and other information I have collected over the years about world-building. Here, you will learn how to...
Middle School Guide For Girls 2.0 by Mousie891
Middle School Guide For Girls 2.0by ~Mousie~
~Middle School Advise Book~ ⚠️ Advise books ⚠️ ⭐️-My advise is a little different then others, I write the chapters about specific topics and always leave quotes at the...
Asma  by X-sunset-x
Asma by Fatima
Asma is a child psychologist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders ranging from depression to schizophrenia. As a child therapist she helps chil...
YOU ARE NOT ALONE by Shakti5555
Cover @Grishma_Rajput Share your problems with our team to find happiness in ur life.. All the best You are not alone... Not alone to feel low about you Not alone in d...
The Friendship Scope by MajorityOne
The Friendship Scopeby Simon
Remember very clearly before we start off with the main conjecture.... That "patience in the form of being obstinate... Is not the direction from which is MOST 'va...
Book Ideas, Tips and Titles by Bookgirl531
Book Ideas, Tips and Titlesby The Wizard of Love
If you don't know what this book is about read the title again. I have more ideas than I can keep up with so anyone is welcome to them. If you do want to use anything j...
Choices  by randkm_writer101
Choices by prefer not to say
He didnt even know what Was happening in his life till it was to late he has now been found guilty of assault in the first degree and is not being sentenced this was one...
Life advices  by Atreefromparadise
Life advices by Atreefromparadise
*ئامۆژگاریه‌كانی ژیان* كاتێك له‌ دایك ده‌بی ,هه‌موو پێده‌كه‌نن و ته‌نیا تۆی كه‌ ده‌گری " له‌ دنیادا جۆرێك بژی كه‌ كاتێك رۆیشتی هه‌موو بگرین و ته‌نها تۆ بی كه‌ پێده‌...
Cruel World by ViscousVixen
Cruel Worldby Fallen-Angel-007
~Reign AU/Oneshot~ Do you really want to ruin what they have? What they'll always have? He'll never choose you over her, and you know that. How could you not?
Money  by randkm_writer101
Money by prefer not to say
Does money bring happiness here is a story to show you to a certain degree
"Love and Crush Quotes" by Sharkwin
"Love and Crush Quotes"by Sharkwin
Thanks for your support,reading,and your love for this book book. I hope u enjoy this book and have fun :D And thanks Jazz_lakersgirl13 for the photo/cover -Sherwin(Me)
°WILD LOVE° {On Going} by kayetiey
°WILD LOVE° {On Going}by Shaanxie_Mei
"I think the wildest thing in the world is love, because you can sacrifice your own life for him or her, you would be hurt for him and cry for him, then last but no...
Another Wrong Turn? by bellaPiiink
Another Wrong Turn?by Lovella
Victoria Strauss’ life is perfect. She has her adventurous friends, her pain-in-the-butt brother and of course, her loving boyfriend. But when she learns that her boyfri...
How to Write Creative Fiction by AStoryWithoutWords
How to Write Creative Fictionby AStoryWithoutWords
For those who write or wish to write creative fiction, whether fanfiction or original works, short stories or novels, I am here to offer my own advice on how to write en...
O tym jak pozbyć się crusha i żyć dalej. by LivingMachine
O tym jak pozbyć się crusha i żyć Julia
Zbiór rad i sposobów na to jak wyjść z zauroczenia i żyć spokojnie dalej.