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Faithful Betrayal by lilian131
Faithful Betrayalby Benita Kevin
having been betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, Ciara tried her best to move on though she believes it might be a difficult task as she always is reminded of her...
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  • forgiveness
  • tears
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《Updated 2018》How to write an eye catching synopsis! + create a story idea! by ShizunLi
《Updated 2018》How to write an Shizun
How to write an eye catching Synopsis! My three steps of the Synopsis-Structure-Build! The best one in my opinion! Including with examples!
  • structure
  • storyline
  • guide
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THE TIGER AWARDSby Panthera Tigris
❝It's better to live a year as a tiger than an hundred as a sheep.❞ - Madonna. Accepting (✖) Judging (✖) Closed (✖)
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  • pizza
  • wattpadstar
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ADVERTISE ANYTHING! by Iwritevariety
ADVERTISE ANYTHING!by Alice-Elizabeth <3
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  • stories
  • adverts
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Temptation (BoyxBoy) by Tayl00r
Temptation (BoyxBoy)by Aquababe
"Are you nervous?" He whispered seductively in my ear. Soon I felt his cool breath on my neck causing me to having trouble breathing, which didn't go unnoticed...
  • advert
  • fiction
  • gay
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How Wattpad's Changed... by Wowwy10
How Wattpad's Wowwy10
  • unfair
  • truth
  • shape
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The mixed crystal bundle  by user33325020
The mixed crystal bundle by
find the story deep in the world of the mixed crystal bundle
  • transformers
  • waste
  • adverts
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THOMAS: LOST DAYS by Tomboy122002
It takes a certain person to do what I do. This is my history and how I cope. *DISCLAIMER* -May contain strong language -May contain adult themes
  • life
  • violence
  • advert
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A History of Ghosts - Issue #3 by MissMysteryGame
A History of Ghosts - Issue #3by Mysty
Now that Elo is actively pursuing Sera, the comic and dramatic intensity only builds at Shoals School. Coming up: a deific new arrival, late night sports in the grocery...
  • school
  • gay
  • adventure
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The Life of Minecraft by MinecraftMoog
The Life of Minecraftby MinecraftMoog
  • play
  • book
  • starting
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Daunting Reality by M0rganBell
Daunting Realityby M0rganBell
You sometimes hate your life and wish you were someone else? Don't, because you have no right. There are people like Melanie Houston out in the world, with no family, no...
  • cat
  • family
  • owner
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Facing His Fear (The Fear Series, #3) by shanrae93
Facing His Fear (The Fear Shannen
Elle & Ethan's Story. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Expected publication 2016
  • kiss
  • highschool
  • bully
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Lichter-Verlag Advertising by Lichterverlag
Lichter-Verlag Advertisingby Lichter Verlag
Werbung machen ganz einfach. Wie es geht steht in den ersten zwei Kapitelln und im dritten könnt ihr Beispiele finden. Außerdem garantieren wir keinen Erfolg.
  • advert
  • leseprobe
  • werbung
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GO AWAY GO COMPARE. by mitsuki_yozora
GO AWAY GO mitsuki yozora
This got me a Band 5, 9/10 so I thought i'd share this for other people, who are doing a similar sort of course work. i hope it helped :)
  • advert
  • coursework
  • english
Awwthentic Graphics (CLOSED) by awwthentic
Awwthentic Graphics (CLOSED)by Farzana Zahid
~Due to work pressure, I'm taking on Selective Cover Requests.~ Awwthentic Graphics is a book where you can request for book covers, book jackets, banners and adverts...
  • coverrequest
  • covers
  • new
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a dream of reality by DuncanLWeatherhead
a dream of realityby Duncan Langford Weatherhead
it covers the peseption of what is and is not.
  • infinitely
  • reward
  • adverts
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Birth, Buy, Consume, Die! by CraigDee
Birth, Buy, Consume, Die!by Original Dark Poetry
Very fitting as we start to move into the crass, commercial avalanche of the "Festive Period"
  • consumption
  • market
  • commercial
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