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A Pirates Kiss  (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011) by iluvdaisychain
A Pirates Kiss (1st Adventure Daisy in a Daydream
It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates. Circe's Father has always told her so. So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and att...
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Alternative Berseria The X by kaiserdracon
Alternative Berseria The Xby Kaiser Dracon
"As the Era of Asgard crumbles, the sins of the past stand poised to consume the world. Despair and Salvation must join together to forge a new road, or all shall b...
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The Carnelian Way by Jazzy1983
The Carnelian Wayby Helena Gonski
Deceit. Love. Power. Centuries ago, the mages of Old Denea destroyed their civilisation to keep Mai, a half-blood prince, from inheriting the throne. Mai rescued the su...
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Overseer: Passage of Change by RAIrwin
Overseer: Passage of Changeby R. Irwin
Eric is living on Earth, while his world falls into chaos. In order to save it, he has to find and return to his world with a girl he lost many years ago. Finding her a...
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The Anilands Chronicles: Book One by LizardsRock73
The Anilands Chronicles: Book Oneby LizardsRock73
Max is a foxote who lives on a planet full of animals like the hornohoof, cloakaliz, eladeer, and the local bandit Trickishark. Max lives happily- until disaster strikes...
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Danmachi rider of Orario by moron3456u
Danmachi rider of Orarioby moron3456u
A new generation dragon rider seeks to become an adventurer of Orario but the question is will they accept his dragon? (BellxAiz)
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The Outlander by TaraB_J96
The Outlanderby TaraB_J96
Could I have been... Meet Esmeralda a 17 yr old girl from a wealthy family, she lived her life unaware that everything would change forever.....
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Blood Traveler (Book 2 of Chronicles of Grey) by bowrinj
Blood Traveler (Book 2 of J. Bowring
~First book now published!~ Meira now holds the throne as her father intended. Her Shadows are at her side. She is more powerful than ever before. She has precisely what...
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Everest Bounds; Upon The Shore| Book One by MelancholyWarrior
Everest Bounds; Upon The Shore| Sam
Kasper is a young eighteen year old middle classed boy who lives with his mother, taking care of her after his father disappeared. During these years Herdstra faces a th...
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Blue Triangle: The Cursed Knight by CarlosSensei
Blue Triangle: The Cursed Knightby Carl Jhon Delsocura Gutierrez
(New book of Blue Triangle series. Still ongoing) #18 - Warcraft #3 - Adventure Fantasy #4 - Tree of Life A warcraft-based story of adventure, fantasy, action and legend...
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Empire, Vol.1: The great capital. by Gabiarte
Empire, Vol.1: The great Gabino Diaz
Presenting the first volume: Empire: The great capital. In this first volume, it presents a world where magic exists and is something that not all people in the Empire c...
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Book 2 | Agent 34 and the Gemmed Curse by Astrabar
Book 2 | Agent 34 and the Gemmed Astrabar
Following the events of the last book, the Zena has been trying to repair from their last battle. Although the Battle of Bones was a victory on their end, a lot of damag...
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Falling Boy by lunavens
Falling Boyby Annaliese Lunavens
Short adventure story with a dark twist. Connery was the first born in the Nobel line. But when he was born he had facial and skin deformitys. His parents tried everythi...
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Книгата с два различни края by BlondeNefarious
Книгата с два различни краяby BlondeNefarious
Тя никога не вярваше на всичко написано. Така промени края, който ненавиждаше.Макар че според истинският край той умираше заради "глупавата" и любов. ...А сега...
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Blue Dawn by VegeaSenju
Blue Dawnby MarQuan
An average teen named Max is a very talented senior with unlike human abilities living in a world with 5 Galaxies. He refuses to go to The Blue Dawn Academy no matter h...
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God's Mistake by thedynastywrites
God's Mistakeby 👑King👑
I often find myself wondering... just... why? Why was I born? Why don't I have a purpose here? Why... would it matter to me? Why think about it? I am... unimportant. Unn...
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Pure Darkness by Faith0222
Pure Darknessby Faithagent02
In this world, all of the people have one thing in common and that is they all live in pure darkness. There is no sun, only the moon, and man-made lights. Also, in this...
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Runaway Prince by Mariaroland
Runaway Princeby allison
SHORT STORY Daniel's crown has sat heavy on his head for as long as he can remember. When he gets the chance to abandon it all, he seizes it without a second thought. Bu...
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The Distortian Cycle by lukasisweird
The Distortian Cycleby goawaygoblinboy
Irelyn Maeflora is sent from the main land to the island of chugai to discover why the settlement of distortia is threatening warfare. when she arives from the port of c...
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A Tale of The 9 by Arelius0
A Tale of The 9by Shawn Smith
A story of legend, mystery, and friendship. Part 1. Unknown Path
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