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The Bachelor's Vices ( TBS 3 -  Book 1 ) ni CengCrdva
The Bachelor's Vices ( TBS 3 - 𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓈𝓈 ♛ 𝒞𝑜𝓇𝒹𝑜...
Ex-med student Karsyn Sy becomes an instant celebrity when she accidentally records herself being in an accident and captures in cam the gorgeous stranger who saves her...
GANGSTER ROYALTIES: Love and Misadventures ni Kirudesu
Trouble wasn't unusual in Khali Vernon's life. Being the trouble herself she was penalized and was tossed back to the Philippines. This time she made up her mind and dec...
InfinityEnd ni aaablood
InfinityEndni ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) **♥凸(⊙▂⊙ )
WARNING 99.99% Weebos/Otaku Content Not for Whamen For Mature Young Man This is ScreenPlay Not a formal AND SOME SCENES SHOW's.... BRUTALITY No lewd Fast Pace Slow Chara...
Wake Up, Dreamers (PUBLISHED UNDER BLISS BOOKS) ni AnakniRizal
Wake Up, Dreamers (PUBLISHED DEMI
When an unlikely group comprising of a photographer, writer, musician, artist, and poet band together for a documentary film project, anything can happen. Even the impos...
The Altered Earth ni Fantality
The Altered Earthni Fantality
[Wattys 2020] Highest Ranking🏅: #1 - System Isang araw, nag iba ang ikot ng mundo. Nagkaroon ng kapangyarihan ang 20% ng populasyon ng tao at sila ay tinawag na Casters...
Witchcraft ni LazyMissy13
Witchcraftni RiAnn
Highest Rank #1 in Adventure Alam ni Charm kung gaano kadelikado ang mahika. Kaya naman nang mapilitan syang magtransfer sa isang magic school sa isang mahiwagang mundo...
Dahil sa talentong mayroon ang mga magulang ni Rey Rober sa larangan ng Alchemya inalipin sila ng isang Noble Family sa Kaharian ng Ancient Eagle Kingdom. Isang napakala...
My Wife is a Secret Agent ni Wasabi1995
My Wife is a Secret Agentni Wasabi1995
Agent 012563: Rose Jade Manzano, isang SECRET AGENT sa INTERPOL, at bilang isang agent may mga bagay na dapat isakripisyo. They are not allowed to get married and to fal...
Light of Darkness  ni naughtyjackyy
Light of Darkness ni Jack Denver
After abusing her power in the realms of mortals, Cassy Aguilar, a child born out of darkness, was sent back to Phantasm, the kingdom she grew up in and hated the most...
Pagkatapos mag graduate ng College ang magkakaibigan na sina Daisy, Jasmine at Rose ay tinupad nila ang kanilang pangarap na makapag bakasyon na magkakasama sa isa sa pi...
Ang Tigasin Kong Maria Clara ( COMPLETED ) ni psychoticbitch012
Ang Tigasin Kong Maria Clara ( A.A
Bihira na nalang sa panahon ngayon ang mga Maria Clara pero kahit kelan di sila nawawala Yup, may iba't ibang klase ng mga Maria Clara na nabubuhay sa henerasyon ngayon ...
The Witch and the Vampire  ni jehanvanie
The Witch and the Vampire ni Jehan Neo
"Hihihihi!!!!" Sakay ng aking walis ay lumipad ako pahimpapawid. I smiled ear to ear as I saw the beauty of our land. I am Millie Dorothea V. Maeve. A beauti...
Nocturne Academy: School For The Gifteds ni suneowara
Nocturne Academy: School For The ꜱᴜɴᴇᴏ
GIFTED SERIES #1 Their eyes are different. It changes. It can turn blue like the ocean and gray like a smoke. It can burn like a fire and have letters and words like a b...
Codes And Secrets ni eureve
Codes And Secretsni Eureve
Upon entering International Advance Learning Institute, Veena Rien Thompson, doesn't have any idea that she'll face the worst. She'll be a target of misfortunes and misc...
The Mysterious Girl of Choralais Academy  ni eunianie
The Mysterious Girl of Choralais .
[ COMPLETED not yet EDITED] Highest Rank Achieved: #1 in Fantasy #1 in Mystery #2 in Adventure #3 in Thriller #8 in Powers #16 in Academy #20 in Magics Reinesmee Jordai...
Book 1: Drifted Into His World [Completed]  (Drifters Series 1) ni Tinkerbellxxxx
Book 1: Drifted Into His World [ PIXENOXX
Book1: Drifted Into His World started: May 14, 2018 ended: Nov. 2, 2018 Book2: Drifted Back Into You (coming soon.)
Black Rose Charmer ni Lefty_V_Write
Black Rose Charmerni Von Saylohan
Highest Rank Achieved: #1 in Fantasy Cold, Emotionless, Fearless and Powerful Beautiful Lady That's her! That's the Black Rose Charmer.
Reincarnated as the Heiress of the Lost Kingdom ni -oceanmind-
Reincarnated as the Heiress of Brigitte Magtanong
Exile Qayne Rios, the world no.1 assassin, and also a heiress of the merciless mafia, Rios Mafia. Funny how her life ended by the hands of the God of Fate, well, how sho...
Paranormal Crime Unit (Wattys PH 2020 Winner) ni Mik-MikPaMore
Paranormal Crime Unit (Wattys PH MikMikPaMore
The Watty Awards 2020 Winner Paranormal Category #1 in Paranormal 11/17/18 #5 in Thriller 12/05/18 🌟UPG Trilogy Book 2🌟 There are tons of unsolved cases sa iba't ibang...
The Mafia Queen Is My Ex-Wife (Under Revision) ni HorcruxInLove
The Mafia Queen Is My Ex-Wife ( Raia
This book is under revision. Some minor parts from the orginal will be changed in the future.