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My Sweet Captain Book 3 by KiraKisa
My Sweet Captain Book 3by Caelia
Follow Steve and Adelaide Rogers as they continue their journey in life. When Steve and Adelaide first woke up in a more modern and advanced time, they thought that the...
Warrior cats  by RedPanda_1523
Warrior cats by RedPanda_1523
The cats lived in small groups, not yet Clans and there were no borders set down. The cats fought constantly, fearful that prey might run out and that their overlapping...
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive A New Journey by Mal_AgentOfSHIELD
Power Rangers Operation Breanna Marie
What happens when 4 more rangers get added to the 6 member team? Will Joel, Jess, Breanna, and Tracy be immediately accepted or will they have to prove themselves???? Ma...
Shrek og fionas afdankede sex lege by wildsins
Shrek og fionas afdankede sex legeby MilleMortensen
Udelukket for sjov hvis du bliver tændt af det her har du brug for seriøs hjælp makker
Manden med den gule hat :3 by GustavTvergaard
Manden med den gule hat :3by Gustav Tvergaard
manden med den gule hat, begiver sig ud på et fucking dumt eventyr, for at finde sin fucking dumme monkey
Off With Their Heads (5sos AU) by Blue_nailpolish
Off With Their Heads (5sos AU)by ewa booth :)
When life gets hard, especially in high school, you need to let go and just not worry about a thing. You go for a walk and the next day you end up in a magical world you...
The Daughter Of The Sea: Princess Of The Thieves by shayelee8
The Daughter Of The Sea: shayelee8
Priscilla Yonda Rhue Jackson has lived with a gang of thieves her almost her entire life and has known it as the only life she will ever live because of a tragedy in her...
Den Sibiriske Hemmelighed by Krogsgaard
Den Sibiriske Hemmelighedby Krogsgaard
I den afsidesliggende sibiriske by Yeniseysk ankommer en mystisk, amerikansk professor. 108 år senere sætter et mystisk dobbeltmord gang i en intens søgen efter svar: sv...
Snow White With The Red Hair A New Life by AnimeWolfGirl2k20
Snow White With The Red Hair A AnimeWolfGirl2k20
Its about Shirayuki and Zen, trying to deal with the rummers about them. They have an baby on the way..
317 Days (Dansk) by Halair94
317 Days (Dansk)by Halair94
Historien følger Lea, en 16 årig pige, igennem hendes 10. klasses år på efterskole. Lea er en smuk, intelligent til tider super nørdet og underlig pige, som kæmper med...
Warriors: Predator & Prey by Lego_lps
Warriors: Predator & Preyby Lego_lps
SparrowPaw an apprentice of a huge clan is the daughter of the leader but after she runs away from the clan she is raised by a human. Will she find her clan again? And w...
Natsu X Reader   by tudogg
Natsu X Reader by tudogg
Ok then in this story you are a little girl roaming around after your dragons left you. You are an elemental dragon slayer (pretty snazical if I say so myself) what happ...
Min drøm om liv eller død by signekat2512
Min drøm om liv eller dødby signekat2512
Denne bog er faktisk baseret på en drøm jeg har haft, men da jeg vågnede BLEV jeg bare nødt til at skrive den ned. Referat: En flok unge mennesker er på flugt fra døden...
Don't Worry I'm Here ( Harry Potter Fanfic ) by Alexandra_Summers
Don't Worry I'm Here ( Harry Nadia Jones
Melody Daniels is a girl who doesn't wanna listen to her parents after an incident that changed her life when she was just six. The death of her favorite aunt had caused...
Et Nyt Liv; En Ny Start by xkitty_26
Et Nyt Liv; En Ny Startby Kitty
IKKE FÆRDIG (på pause) Højeste position; #39 i Fantasy og #36 i magic. •-• Urnus; Den magiske og magtfulde verden. Alexa: en syt...
Nick Likes Judy (Zootopia)  by 199845z
Nick Likes Judy (Zootopia) by 199845z
Ever since nick got a job he liked Judy He kept teasing and messing with her.
Pokemon Battle Of The Mega Charizard X by Mestro302
Pokemon Battle Of The Mega Bradley Randall
Ash battles a mega charizard x and let's see what happens