A Wish To Be Fulfilled by Bitch_ImFab
A Wish To Be Fulfilledby Bitch_ImFab
Lin Xiao unfortunately died by accident and was bound with the system. The wishes are simple, the rules are simple, the host is simple. He's a simple man so why would t...
  • manxboy
  • bl
  • boyxboy
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Another beginning by killerd0
Another beginningby killerd0
Got idea from FOD A time that has once stopped has started to flow again. A sudden end and a new beginning. A new world is waiting. WARNING: homophobia BUZZ OFF!
  • fantasy
  • system
  • yaoi
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Sovereign of the Three Realms (201-400) by DanaRage6
Sovereign of the Three Realms (201...by DanaRage6
Jiang Chen, putra Kaisar Surgawi, secara tak terduga bereinkarnasi ke dalam tubuh seorang bangsawan muda yang dibenci, sehingga memulai jalur orang-orang yang diunggulka...
  • xuanhuan
  • fantasy
  • matialarts
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Boulder Dad VS. A Priestess by leesie109
Boulder Dad VS. A Priestessby leesie109
Kit, the god of the earth goes against ToxicShoot aka Faye. Who will win, the earth elemental or the priestess?
  • faye
  • kit
The sixth Lion (Kieth x reader) by Vortextra
The sixth Lion (Kieth x reader)by Vortextra
My name is Y/N. I am Olympian and the daughter of the Big Three, Zues, Hades and Posiedon. My mother was human and her name was Hera. (she was a goddess but roll with it...
  • kieth
  • xreader
  • adventure
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Alone by Dave_Tindall
Aloneby Dave_Tindall
Everything was normal when Peter Conners went to bed, but when he awoke, all had changed. Everyone had gone. Everyone. Suddenly alone, Peter knew that he had to survive...
  • missingeveryone
  • apocalyptic
  • novella
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Golden secret by 21ylil
Golden secretby 21ylil
A bank is robbed and one staff member is missing. The police suspect it was a robbery and she was just in the way. Will anyone find out the truth? Will it be forever a m...
  • mystery
¤ΔGame OverΔ¤ by _Boopero_
¤ΔGame OverΔ¤by _Boopero_
"I am not a girl that you can play with, Even through my afterlife, I will curse you through eternity!" She spat in abrupt anger, Her face resembled just l...
  • adventure
  • yuri
  • system
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In My Kingdom by Jekirby333
In My Kingdomby Jekirby333
In a land, there is a kingdom. In a kingdom, there is a village. In a village there arte people. With people, there is drama. In drama, there is adventure. With adventur...
  • revenge
  • royalty
  • midieval
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Individual/Group RWBY RP by anime_and_kinky
Individual/Group RWBY RPby anime_and_kinky
Doing this again since 1. I am bored and 2. the Velvet RP got deleted for some reason and finally 3. I held the other RWBY RP for a long time. This time, I will be doing...
  • originalcharacter
  • rpcharacter
  • jaune
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Switched by Evilwolfprincess11
Switchedby Evilwolfprincess11
I'm not really good with BBS books. I'm still learning about them. And I'm still learning about their opposites or whatever they're called. 😑 sorry. I'm not good with d...
  • iamwildcat
  • vanti
  • bigjigglypanda
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Operation: Decimate by MildlySmartTrash
Operation: Decimateby MildlySmartTrash
How many times does it take to win? Thousands. How many times does it take to stop them? Endless. How do you win? Make them extinct. Villains can be thrown in jail count...
  • projecthero
  • anti-hero
  • super
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Shipwrecked by TreeClimbingGirl101
Shipwreckedby TreeClimbingGirl101
Sixteen year-old Alexis gets shipwrecked on a remote island while attempting to immigrate to America from Africa.
  • romance
  • disaster
  • danger
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Scaredy Cat by greedyman606
Scaredy Catby greedyman606
Leo is from a long family lineage of warriors who are prided on their bravery. As gang leaders, Leo's parents are powerful people. They have high hopes for Leo to carry...
  • police
  • badparents
  • violence
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Glitter Girl by AmandaTheWriter
Glitter Girlby AmandaTheWriter
Everyone knew her as the b*tch. The heartless cheerleader. As I stared blankly at Myra, soaked, beaten, and drenched in glitter, I saw someone else entirely. Sawyer Will...
  • myra
  • sawyer
  • teamingup
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Jordan by yandere-chan399
Jordanby yandere-chan399
this story is about Jordan a 14 year old girl who runs away from her family. She meats Nikky and her pets Bonnet and Enard Black. And she has to learn how to use her...
  • firstbook
SG 49 by rachaelbeers
SG 49by rachaelbeers
Sophia lives in a world where only straight people are excepted. When she discovers she does not contain feelings for the opposite gender, she knows she is in trouble. H...
  • equalityforall
  • lgbtq
  • rights
Beneath the Darkened Heart by littlesilverwren
Beneath the Darkened Heartby littlesilverwren
The subterranean city of Heart has been a peaceful place for humanity to flourish over the past six centuries - never mind the occasional disappearance or the ancient Ex...
  • scifi-fantasy
  • adventure
  • dark
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