Am I Human?  by Poisin_Apple
Am I Human? by Poisin_Apple
"I wish to be different from everyone, being normal is boring." Now, I would do anything to take that wish back. • Ashley always thought s...
  • mystery
  • thriller
  • whatdoyouputhere
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Vision by brooken729
Visionby brooken729
Through the vision of her ancestors, she sees her history Through her own heart, she seeks her future. Book One
  • historical
  • middle-east
  • ancestors
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Destination: Antarctica by sheaintgood
Destination: Antarcticaby sheaintgood
It's the year 3069 and the world is being destroyed. Natalie is a 16 year old girl who is chosen to save the mankind, and she has three days to get to the melting Artar...
  • adventure
  • dystopian
  • future
Eyes by fandomflower3
Eyesby fandomflower3
For as long as I could remember, I've had glasses. My parents always told me wear them and never take them off. They even found a way to make me sleep with them on and n...
  • adventure
  • love
The Cursed by KatieJez
The Cursedby KatieJez
Zoe is a girl in a world where everyone is the same besides her only friend Ana. Her and Ana are special. But for all the wrong reasons. There is only one law. Be the sa...
  • adventure
  • cursed
  • death
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Eye am Being Watched-Terraria Adventures Book 1 by GoblinPage
Eye am Being Watched-Terraria GoblinPage
Zach wakes up in a land called Terraria. He is confused where he is, but a friendly guide tells him what is happening. Evil is spreading all over the land of the Terra...
  • action
  • eyeofcthulhu
  • adventure
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Dimension Travelers by RiaStories
Dimension Travelersby RiaStories
-A New World Discovered- At the Sumisu San High School, A teenage boy named Hiroki Akita meets the new girl in school. To him, she was, different. With red hair and sha...
  • fantasy
  • friendship
  • highschool
Jetra Love Story Season 1 by jetraandsonamy4ever
Jetra Love Story Season 1by jetraandsonamy4ever
A story with Jetra that has old enemies which team up to kill Jessie or Petra. A story about Jetra and emotional endings! Caution: Story really interesting P.S: This st...
  • jetra
The New Girls Are Royal by _xX_Cool_Kitty_Xx_
The New Girls Are Royalby _xX_Cool_Kitty_Xx_
It was the first day school. Two new girls came,the princess of the sky and princess of the forest. The sky princess hates all the attention but the forest neko princess...
  • stubborn-girls
  • gacha
  • royal
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Les Trois Chevaux Magiques by chacha181013
Les Trois Chevaux Magiquesby chacha181013
Trois chevaux magiques sont liés par leur magie. Il ne peut rien leur arriver. Et pourtant, un jour, une catastrophe arriva...
  • chevaux
  • magie
  • starstable
BlueWhiskers by BlueWhiskers1
BlueWhiskersby BlueWhiskers1
this is a story of a cat who was always rejected. she moved from clan to clan but nobody wanted her because she didn't have a tail. it was eaten off by a dog when she wa...
  • happy
  • bluewhiskers
  • clan
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BTS 8TH member Images  by Midnight_Blue90710
BTS 8TH member Images by Midnight_Blue90710
Park Marinette Agreste, the sister of the most popular Idol boy named, Park Adrien Agreste. Marinette debut in a boy group called BTS. Will she be able to handle 7 boys...
  • marinette
  • winter
  • lb
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The Wastelanders (Book 2 of The Survivors Trilogy) by DanielEvans01
The Wastelanders (Book 2 of The DanielEvans01
Book 2 of The Survivors Trilogy. ================================== Xander can't let the past destroy him. He needs to be strong, needs to fight. People say that Xander...
  • featured
  • survival
  • scifi
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MEMORIES by Fantasy1412
MEMORIESby Fantasy1412
For 3 years, Kevin Johnson worked during the day as an FBI agent while at night working as a mercenary. He worked tirelessly, successfully pulling off every one of his m...
  • 1412story
  • memories
  • reaperstory
Cold Blooded by marvelhero25
Cold Bloodedby marvelhero25
The cape on the girl's back whips violently in the deadly wind while the darting snow blinds furiously. Maya can't see a thing. Every direction is nothing but blank whit...
  • prince
  • fiance
  • insane
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Whispering To Animals by Pringletjie
Whispering To Animalsby Pringletjie
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an animal whisperer? Well don't even look further! Read this book now to discover the thrilling adventures of an animal whis...
  • adventure
  • animals
  • fun
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The New Mutants by ZombiAngel671
The New Mutantsby ZombiAngel671
Three teens...They all have one thing in common...They have no clue of what they are. They only wish to get free of their "home" the mental house. Put them tog...
  • friendship
  • adventure
  • hatred
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The Lost Four by Last_Queen140
The Lost Fourby Last_Queen140
This story is about Makenna Nicole. She gets shocked by this pump and automatically gets powers, she eventually finds friends and love along the way. Read her journey th...
  • likeformore
  • superhero
  • superpowers
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