The Overpowered Cannon Fodder by LazytotheCore
The Overpowered Cannon Fodderby LazytotheCore
The (mad) scientist Ash Harris died when an explosion occurred inside her lab. She had died. But, if so, why is it that she could still see, hear, feel, and think? ...
  • transmigration
  • cultivation
  • multiverse
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Nirrin (Forestfolk, Book 3) by Zoe_Blessing
Nirrin (Forestfolk, Book 3)by Zoe_Blessing
Nirrin spends her days in Foresthome caring for orphans, getting into trouble, and listening to other people's adventures with secret envy. Which is why following an int...
  • forest
  • abilities
  • sassy
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Cross over to another World by Voidsparrow
Cross over to another Worldby Voidsparrow
basically a bunch of cross overs since i bored and need inspiration :p this cross over will consist of, Wings Of Fire, My Hero Academia, Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, (uh...
  • random
  • pokemon
  • kaitou1412
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Stuck In Naruto. by shreeya3
Stuck In shreeya3
Akira always wished she could go to Naruto's shinobi world. She always thought there was life more than the orphanage she lived in. But what happens when her wish comes...
  • hinata
  • kiba
  • kakashi
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Secrets  by bestofthebesties
Secrets by bestofthebesties
One night, del sat on the roof of the infamous BBs gang. They think that he is just a little 'innocent ' person. Little do they know, he's got a past that could change e...
  • gaming
  • four0seven
  • h20vanoss
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A Heavy Fog by CarterRayHydra
A Heavy Fogby CarterRayHydra
Spencer Bark, part time high schooler, part time super villain, gives the term 'cool kid' a new definition. In fact, he's more than cool--he's below freezing. Armed with...
  • carterverse
  • projectsuper
  • highschoolheroes
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Karma is coming. by EchoisSimba
Karma is EchoisSimba
(The image does not belong to me.) Karma, and his pet, Doopy, stumble across three young kids named Poofs, Dread and RowdyJoe. They become friends and the five go on an...
  • featured
  • doopy
  • karma
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Reincarnation: Origins by gleam_fairie
Reincarnation: Originsby gleam_fairie
Let's face it, getting reincarnated as a tree has got to be the lamest thing to get reincarnated into. But when the tree is actually a King Forest Keeper, born every tho...
  • humor
  • reincarnated
  • ethereal
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The Guardians by LunaSweetDream
The Guardiansby LunaSweetDream
It started with four friends and ended in eight. Rylee the princess of elendore. Shelby the brains and a hot head. Mindi the person you can trust. Autumn a soul with two...
  • light
  • air
  • magic
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1857 to 2018 by Simply-_-Logical
1857 to 2018by Simply-_-Logical
Anastasia, the impossible girl who goes through a portal to the future, What possibly could go wrong?
  • 1850s
  • future
  • portal
In Between- A Sidepack Fanfic by Fanficlivy
In Between- A Sidepack Fanficby Fanficlivy
They are the Sidemen in the morning, the Pack at night.... but isn't there seven Sidemen members and six Pack members? What happens when Vik finds out their transformati...
  • vikkstar123
  • callux
  • sidemen
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Sandy pocket and happy noodle by BethanyJenkinson
Sandy pocket and happy noodleby BethanyJenkinson
Happy noodle was always happy, until he got abandoned and left on the floor by a noodle stand next to the beach. He thought his fresh pasta body life was going to become...
  • noodlebadboy
  • mania
  • noodleinkanoodle
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The Boat On The Beach by Fairylights4672
The Boat On The Beachby Fairylights4672
It's been almost a year since they got to the safe haven, but Thomas can't heal. He reads Newt's letter everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening. He can't...
  • themazerunner
  • mazerunnerthomas
  • mazerunnernewt
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It's a Myth by The_Yummy_Cookie
It's a Mythby The_Yummy_Cookie
Chloe Reiner liked horses. Now she didn't. Joey Cliff never had a thing against chipmunks. Now? They almost cost him his life. Nick Dimitrios wasn't scared of snakes bef...
  • pyramids
  • greek
  • animals
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Dream Adventure by teresaliviaariefin
Dream Adventureby teresaliviaariefin
It strated that in a school, there's three best friends - Caroline Hayden, Bianca Ivania and Jefferson Joe - and some of their close friends travel to the woods. They we...
  • adventure
  • travel
  • fun
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Shifter by PixyeGirl
Shifterby PixyeGirl
What would you do if you had unlimited powers? Because that's what my powers are - unlimited. I'm still not sure what to do... But I'm gonna find out. I'm going to seek...
  • survivingalone
  • powers
  • shapeshifter
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To Spark a Fire by Shalom900
To Spark a Fireby Shalom900
*UPDATED WEEKLY* What if everything you about American tragedies was a lie? What if Pearl Harbor could've been prevented? What if 9/11 was all part of plan to control th...
  • questions
  • government
  • conspiracy
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La Vie Est Belle🌹 by SkyRoseDiaz13
La Vie Est Belle🌹by SkyRoseDiaz13
"Have You Ever Had That Feeling Where You've Felt Like You've Met The Love Of Your Life....Yeah Me Neither" I Said Looking At Finn
  • girls
  • roses