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Adventures Of A Teenage Rebel.  by lyndachidera
Adventures Of A Teenage Rebel. by Lynda Chidera Anih
Dear you, Growing up is such hard work. Learning and unlearning all at the same time. Not a lot of people understand me right now. Not my mom, or my dad and definitel...
Phyro Worst Nightmare by Nisbet2003
Phyro Worst Nightmareby Ross Nisbet
A sequel to the first book. we go back to how the lives of these 20 year old lives as they continue to fight back against the Phyro's.
The Ice prince by princess1perfect
The Ice princeby princess1perfect
I'm doing an an adventure time Fanfiction, but I need some motivation. Here's a beginning chapter (def. not chapter 1, tho) Just comment if you guys think I should make...
My Dearest Brother by Urlocalfuzzyroach
My Dearest Brotherby Danner-Faith Cibrian
This is a story about two children, Lemon and Fuzz. It's based off of me and my bet friend basically. Uhh I don't know what to put here so imma just- w h a t d a d o g d...
Phyro Something Old by Nisbet2003
Phyro Something Oldby Ross Nisbet
A bunch of 20 year olds begin an adventure of fun and games turn into a game of death and misery. I dedicate this story to my friends and family who have been their for...
A.R.C by bethanyfa1th
A.R.Cby bethanyfa1th
Joel Graves is cursed. Cursed with the terrible ability to conjure fire from his fingertips. He doesn't know what he did to deserve his curse, but he keeps it hidden, he...
Earth's Final Stand by SCYPHI
Earth's Final Standby SSJ
Let's hop to an alternate reality and let's say Piccolo beats Goku for the earth. Although, he decides to make Gohan and Goku his subordinates through torture. How far w...
Futures Past by Pythonvsgames66
Futures Pastby Python7648
In your current time they build a time machine. They send you 24 hours into the future. What they don't know is what goes missing has to get replaced and when you went f...
untoled secrets (OC Choice Story) ON HOLD by SilverAura14345
untoled secrets (OC Choice Story) Simp for fictional characters...
its with my ocs in it! I kinda made it like a choice game... if you guys pick in the comments A OR B and you guys pick B and that actually means tell secret or somthing...
The Game Of Life by me134too
The Game Of Lifeby metoo
Ini adalah ceritaku,perjalananku,kehidupanku di dunia yang penuh dengan permainan. Ceritaku saat aku bebas dan memulai kehidupanku yang baru di permainan ini. ~On hold~
Curse of the spirits by Tyci14
Curse of the spiritsby TyCi14
It starts with a curse and ends with an adventure.
Ryan Hall & The Throne Of Prophecy by MyOlympianAcedamia
Ryan Hall & The Throne Of Prophecyby MyOlympianAcedamia
READ ENTIRE DESC IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. (I'm currently trying to get a cover, so this current cover is temporary.) Ryan is less than average. He's abnormal. ADHD and Dys...
The Adventures Of Max And Teddy Bear by pikachux3
The Adventures Of Max And Teddy Jonathan
This story is about the adventures Teddy Bear and his best friend Max have. Teddy Bear is a cat and Max is a dog.
Unthinkable by Ariana_Duran
Unthinkableby Ariana_Duran
Unbreakable is what our love is, Never-ending moments of bliss The tides may turn but, Hatred never rushed to shore Ignited by our weirdness love reigns Never knowing wh...
I Dare You by Awesomecreature114
I Dare Youby Lennetta
He, knowing that I am never afraid of challenges said these eight words that made my blood boil. "i dare you to unless your to chicken. Life for Ainsley has alway...
The Nathan Smith Chronicles No.1 by CodyJenison
The Nathan Smith Chronicles No.1by CodyJenison
this is the beginning of a thrilling adventure novel written by my friend, so no, sadly this instant classic is not mine but I have permission to publish it.
My true happy ending by tattoo_artest
My true happy endingby Kenzie
Emma Swan hated her life. Her parents king charming and queen charming were not what they seemed they keep her locked away only to come out and train or to go to her par...