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Junoesque by imjustacomet
Junoesqueby Luna
- WARNING - This story is intended for people ages 18+! Sorry young lads, but you'll have to find something else to read XOXO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I hadn't not...
After Hours Presents: The Kitty Kat Burglar by LadyTAfterHours
After Hours Presents: The Kitty Teisha Jefferson
Ladies, he will break into your homes to please you into you have had enough. Nobody can eat the kitty Kat like the legendary kitty Kat burglar. Sit back relax and let t...
Honey by DixieProwse
Honeyby Dixie Prowse
The sequel to Bad Girl. Patti is Bella's eighteen year old daughter. Shy and geeky, she lives in the shadow of her beautiful parents and sisters, but when a handsome pla...
Karpinterong Manyakis by Copycat111111
Karpinterong Manyakisby Copy Cat
Read at your own risk. This is for adults only. #maturedcontents #adultsonly I got this stories from browsing Happy reading Read responsibly
Harvest Flower by ChavonPowell
Harvest Flowerby Chavon Powell
(Completed) (Full version Now available on Inkitt.) Raised by indians after her family was murdered, forced to marry a man she didn't know, stolen away by renegades, and...
Cassandra's new job  by personl13
Cassandra's new job by personl13
Cassandra would need to prove herself to be hired by Mr. stirpe.
Double Trouble  by DixieProwse
Double Trouble by Dixie Prowse
Dixie recalls one of the most debauched nights of her life, when she has a threesome with two of the world's hottest pop stars. How will she handle two men at once and w...
True Crime-Paranormal-Conspiracy Theories Stories Part V by tpksstories
True Crime-Paranormal-Conspiracy Valerie Harvey - True Crime/R...
Profiles of true crime, paranormal and conspiracy theory stories.
I Fell In Love With The Mafia Leader. by TheDirtyDevilAK-47
I Fell In Love With The Mafia ✞DirtyDevil✞
This story contains 18+ righting and swearing if your under the age of 18 please click away from this thank you.
Jungkook One Shots 🔞 by ButterflyEffect22
Jungkook One Shots 🔞by Rach
I started writing some drabble on Twitter and then they turned into shorts. So here we are, thirsting over Jungkook together 😏😏 These are 🔞🔞 so please look away if...
Shy Guy by DixieProwse
Shy Guyby Dixie Prowse
Things are going great for Dixie. She's dating a hunky male model and one of her books is going to be turned into a film. Then the unthinkable happens - she falls madly...
Christian's Surprise for Ana(Completed) by Nadinevdm1984
Christian's Surprise for Ana( Nadine van der Merwe
Christian and the kids are working on making Ana's birthday special. Read for more. Note it is a short story.
Heartfall - COMPLETED by jbmcgee
Heartfall - COMPLETEDby J.B. McGee
"I'll love you a second past forever..." -- Claire Ballerina Claire Ross has never been good enough. Not for the girls in the elite group of professional dance...
The Streets Or Her Heart by wilsoy00
The Streets Or Her Heartby wilsoy00
Dejione and Ellarae had a connection not even they understood. Because they didn't understand it, they couldn't protect it so when the streets came for Dejione, it was t...
I like to move it move it by Crocopod
I like to move it move itby Crocopod
On one rainy day, the GioFilms server staff stay inside, bored and unhappy. Until [insert member name] suggests that we all close our eyes and fantasize about our crushe...
Saira by reminizence
Sairaby koaël
In which she, a pawn, becomes a Queen in every sense.
Falling for your daydream{Completed} by Nadinevdm1984
Falling for your daydream{ Nadine van der Merwe
Yuki had a crush on Kaname forever. When she learns that he also has a crush on her. The plot thickens as they learn more about each other and found that they're parents...