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The Hourglass (UNEDITED) by CarrieTheFairy
The Hourglass (UNEDITED)by CarrieTheFairy
Jace Swinton has made a grave mistake, unfortunately he realizes this too late. He doesn't like the man staring back at him in the mirror and wants to see a new one. Tho...
The Dangerous Affair {Editing} by BWWM_Fictions
The Dangerous Affair {Editing}by Jamilia Fair
***Sex, Violence, Murder, Drugs, Lies, Cheating and Love all wrapped in one!***
Desolation by hanateii
Desolationby hanateii
Sometimes the heart needs more time accepting what the mind knows. Amina and Henry's marriage has been in trials and tribulations, they both survived but what about the...
His Proposal by xoDimplezxo
His Proposalby Ley Ley!
Last night he left our home at 12 am talking about he needed juice. He needed juice alright, juice that isn't mine. Unfortunately, I still love this unfaithful bastard...
Look What You Made Me Do (BXB) (SPG) (R18) by theunravelled
Look What You Made Me Do (BXB) ( The Unravelled
MATURE CONTENT (R - 18) This story is for use solely by responsible adults whose age is 18 or over (or the age of consent in the jurisdiction from which it is being acce...
All The Male Leads Have Blackened by Cheeqah
All The Male Leads Have Blackenedby Chika Nwitte-Eze
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. ALL CREDITS BELONG TO THE AUTHOR AND TRANSLATOR(S). Before Cen Si Miao died, she had a heart like the golden sun. After she died, she followed ar...
Abin Tsoro! Kura a Rumbu(2017) by Benaxir
Abin Tsoro! Kura a Rumbu(2017)by Benaxir Omar
Hausa true life story, its a lit
I Know it's Hurting You, But it's Killing Me by AvengedSevenfoldGirl
I Know it's Hurting You, But it' Randy Meeks
Imagine living with a family inwhich you are completely different. Imagine you come home one day to find a man telling you that you may have the wrong parents. Charlotte...
Safe in the Darkness by Tidwell56
Safe in the Darknessby Mindy Peterman
After eleven years living an idyllic life, Ike's world has become a rollercoaster ride of deceit, failure, and wasted time. Now he has the chance to make things right f...
Unforgettable Book 3 {Completed} by Shahnei
Unforgettable Book 3 {Completed}by Shahneishieyahnnah
Lyryc and Chrys' new baby girl Alexandrite has been raised on Pig Island for 16 years while being home schooled. Everything changes when they move back to their hometown...
My Best Friend's Roommate: (Justin Bieber Fan Fic) by kxngjustin
My Best Friend's Roommate: ( 1 800 THOTLINE BLING
Dana Mendes is an 18 year old student at the California College for Music where she majors in vocal music. She swore she'd be the best singer in her class, which she was...
Stained Glass Souls (Wattys 2014, Collector's Dream Award Winner) by StoryofAshlyn
Stained Glass Souls (Wattys Ashlyn
Ariel Fontansia is ten pounds away from total relapse. Since the previous summer, she has been stuck in a vicious cycle of calories, pounds, and inches. Redemption, Main...
Lost & Found by Bobbiejelly
Lost & Foundby bobbiejelly
Meredith Grey isn't the only one who lost her panties the night of the hospital prom. This is the story of when Derek Shepherd finds Addison Montgomery's panties in Mere...
If I Lie (Yes Ms. Robinson Sequel) by B_S_Robinson
If I Lie (Yes Ms. Robinson Sequel)by B. Robinson
"I am yours, doesn't that mean anything to you?" I asked her. "I would never leave you even at your worst," but now was a time worse as ever; the b...
Zoya Greenleaf  by Lereyi
Zoya Greenleaf by lereyi
Zoya Greenleaf is the twin sister of Zora and older sister to
my mother boyfriend by LenoraWalker840
my mother boyfriendby Lenora Walker
this story is about a girl named Monica Williams she grew up in New York City but Monica is moving to Los Angeles California she's a doctor her mother is dating a guy na...
Built for Sin  by ShaynaJackson1
Built for Sin by Shaiiraiixx
•Mature 18+ Contain Graphic Religious Abuse, Sexual Content and Explicit Language. Nani James was a daddy's girl in every sense of the word. Her whole life was bui...
Lisa and her father in law by juliamillicent
Lisa and her father in lawby julia millicent
Lisa was married to Benn edict who was the only son and raised by his father only his mother died while still in school and she gets lonely
A WOMAN SCORNED: a poem on adultery by DaggerDarkstar
A WOMAN SCORNED: a poem on adulteryby Dagger Darkstar
Never cheat on a great woman unless you have a death wish.
Looking Through Windows by LilianeGrouse
Looking Through Windowsby AJ
'Tis the season to be jolly, or so they say. But for many people, the holiday season is anything but. This is a short story dedicated to all those who may feel less than...