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The Gudda. by Rashyah
The Shyah Shyah
Adrianna, a teen that is getting beat, visually raped, hurt, and lied to all by her mother and soon to be step dad. When she falls for a thug will it change her for the...
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Armino (Previously: Fighter) (✓) by _screamer
Armino (Previously: Fighter) (✓)by Aditi
A R M I N O She was the epitome of perfection. Blonde hair, blue eyes, legs that never ended and an impeccable fashion taste. He was the epitome of affliction. Jet bl...
Breakup Helpline ✓ by XoXo_girly03
Breakup Helpline ✓by ItsStellaAdams
Highest ranking- #15 in short story (Second in teen dialogue series) "Hello, welcome to breakup helpline! How may I help you?" "What kind of a name is t...
Marinette The Princess of China  by KittysMiricale111
Marinette The Princess of China by Kitty_Miricale
I'm not good at righting description, so hope you like the one I came up with. Marinette is the princess of China, but she had to flee when assassin's came. She was...
Back Better Than Before by ReallyRaman
Back Better Than Beforeby ReallyRaman
Adrianna Montclair is adopted by a rich, classy family who abuse her verbally and physically. Eleanor and Michael, her adopted parents, treat her wonderfully in pubic bu...
Hidden Love by peaceanddisaster
Hidden Loveby ☮peaceanddisaster☮
Adrianna Hall is gorgeous, stunning, funny and...never had a boyfriend before. Thanks to her four hot, over-protective brothers, all the boys are scared off-and Adrianna...
The Missing Pieces✨ by babeanie19
The Missing Pieces✨by Stephanie
Meet Adrianna Castillo Flores A kind hearted 💖 girl, that has a huge secret...her parents have hidden Adrianna and her brothers from the world since the day they were b...
Two-Bit's Sister by outsidersfanfics
Two-Bit's Sisterby The Outsiders fan
Adrianna's dropped off, where to? The one and only Tulsa, Oklahoma. The one thing she doesn't know when she gets there is she will end up living with a bunch of guys and...
Adopted ( Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks Fan-Fic ) by YoungFreedom
Adopted ( Ariana Grande & Jai Justine Mary
She Wasn't A Normal Person With Any Normal Life. She Grew Up With A Okay Life. Until Her Parents Started To Abuse Her And Her Brother Jake. She Was Only 6. 8 Years. 8 Ye...
Adrianna's Choice by sofiamerced
Adrianna's Choiceby Sofia Merced
Adrianna is Poseidon's only daughter. A prophecy stated that she has a power that could grant a son of a god the throne of Olympus. But to do so, he must acquire Adriann...
The Secret Romance ~ Ondreaz Lopez  by hehebella
The Secret Romance ~ Ondreaz Lopez by hehebella
Adrianna is a girl who is not allowed to have a boyfriend. She has always dreamed of what It would be like to love someone and for someone to love her. She would never k...
My Best Friend is My Mate? by B_Rose143
My Best Friend is My Mate?by Rosellin
His arms ran up and down mine. He gave me a loving and seducing stare. I stared deeply into his blue eyes. He leaned down and brushed his lips on mine. Tingles shot thro...
A new Cullen (Alaric saltzman love story, tvd/twilight fanfiction) by Ptxscott
A new Cullen (Alaric saltzman Destiny
Adrianna was first turned by Carlisle before Edward. Everyone but Edward and Adrianna have found their mates. But then when Edward funds his mate she feels alone and get...
Take Over ( Adopted Tour Series ) by YoungFreedom
Take Over ( Adopted Tour Series )by Justine Mary
Being on tour with Demi Lovato, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, & Fifth Harmony. It's not all fun, When danger comes along.
Tyler In Wonderland by WaitWhoAreYou
Tyler In Wonderlandby 🖤 Rebecca 🖤
Fifth Book In My Emo Series (but you can read them in any order and it still makes sense) † The house always sounds creakier at night † Addiction. It's like a monster...
teen romance | m. poblibo  by versaillespalace
teen romance | m. poblibo by <3
private school with kids from the mafia. forbidden romances and affairs
The Perfect Girl ✔ by PathetiqueMystique
The Perfect Girl ✔by MarieWhales
When your bestfriend likes someone else, and much worse when it's The Perfect Girl, you know it's gotta hurt. He replaced you for someone else.
My cousin's ex boyfriend is a gang banger and he kidnapped us! Oh! He is also a werewolf! Joy Oh Joy by Saja95
My cousin's ex boyfriend is a Sara
Samantha finds herself in an unexpected situation with her cousin Adrianna when Adrianna's ex-boyfriend and his 'Gang' spot them at a festival. Then kidnapped and extrem...
Middle School 2 ( but we're not in middle school anymore ) by 1Kayleee1
Middle School 2 ( but we're not Kaylee
This is a story based off of my first Middle school book. After the eighth grade the 25 friends set out to find an awesome summer.
Callous (The Vampire Diaries-Damon/Stefan Salvatore lovestory) by heyhailshey
Callous (The Vampire Hails
"There are things you still don't know. And I'll gladly tell you all of those. Just promise me one thing....." -Adrianna After breaking the hybrid curse, Klaus...