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The Oceans Legacy by ollieAtlantis
The Oceans Legacyby oakleigh 🌊
This little girl's life changes drastically one day. She gets adopted by a pair of superheroes who take her in as their own. But is there more to this girl than what mee...
Widow's Spark by haus_of_splatasha
Widow's Sparkby haus_of_splatasha
What happens when you suddenly develop powers and find yourself being moved into yet another new foster home? But this one's a just a little bit different from the ones...
Purple Reign - An Avengers Fanfic by Dentiloquent
Purple Reign - An Avengers Fanficby Dentiloquent
Louisa Boheme has grown up uncertain and untrusting all her life. Shipped from foster family to foster family, happiness is fleeting. All of that changes one day when sh...
Baby Widow by QueenOfHell110283
Baby Widowby QueenOfHell110283
"Заброшенные, тоска, любовь, боль" "Abandoned, longing, love, pain" These are the words that describe Anna's life. Taken at birth from an orphanage...
Stucky son  by radley_06
Stucky son by radley_06
When Steve and Bucky's son falls in love with Peter everyone knows this but Peter what happens In Jackson's crazy life
THINKING OUT LOUD || Avengers by RascalRobin
THINKING OUT LOUD || Avengersby Human Mark #107,000,000,042
"I prefer to think of myself as in the transitional stage between childhood trauma and superpowers." Prepare yourself for the indescribable. The unexplainable...
Mistake (Adopted by Avengers) by winterwidowlams
Mistake (Adopted by Avengers)by winterwidowlams
Blue is stuck in a cycle. Escape Hydra. Find another foster home. Try not to die. Get taken by Hydra. But everything changes when they run into the Avengers. .....and th...