Adommy forever (boyxboy) by Never_Alone200
Adommy forever (boyxboy)by Special
What's going to happen when Adam finds out that sauli doesn't love him? What is he going to do? Is sauli really that bad? Why did sauli leave Adam? Why is tommy always s...
  • adam
  • gay
  • love
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Son of Dracula by CharlieGlambert
Son of Draculaby Charlie
"It's a boy." said Mary and handed me the baby. "He's beautiful." I replied but tears ran down my cheeks. "The Turks will take him when he's old...
  • ingeras
  • truth
  • mirena
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Sleepwalker (Adommy) by CobyDeCucumber
Sleepwalker (Adommy)by CobyDeCucumber
When Tommy Joe Ratliff becomes the new kid at school, Adam Lambert instantly falls for him. Tommy's straight, and has many dark secrets. Will Adam still love him when he...
  • adommy
  • tommyjoeratliff
  • adamlambert
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Love Wins Over Glamour by JacksonTerrance
Love Wins Over Glamourby Jackson Terrance
This book isn't one of my best ones. If you want to read it, be my guest. But I can assure you my writing has certainly improved since this one was published. Please, en...
  • freethelgbt
  • cutting
  • tommyjoeratliff
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Behind Closed Doors by LilypadD007
Behind Closed Doorsby Glambert 🖤
Tommy Joe Ratliff has one year of high school left. But will one summer job change everything completely? And for better or for worse when he meets Adam Lambert and they...
  • school
  • amnesia
  • music
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Sweetheart  by ResOffical
Sweetheart by ResOffical
Adam and tommy met at park when they where 4 years and became best friends. Over the next 5 yea
  • adamlambert
  • boyxboy
  • adommy
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Bad romance by CharlieGlambert
Bad romanceby Charlie
"We can't be together! I said. "Don't leave me!" replied Tommy with tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry!" I said. I kissed his forehead before I left...
  • adam
  • love
  • student
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Close To You (Adommy) by Immortal_Trespasser
Close To You (Adommy)by Alexandra Lambert Ratliff
Life when you're young is amazing! You get to live it the way you want to and no one tells you what to do. When you think of a happy life like that, you think nothing go...
  • tommyjoeratliff
  • cancer
  • adommy
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Adommy Love Story by GypsyDrummond
Adommy Love Storyby Gypsy Drummond
WARNING: strong mentions of depression, alcohol, self harm and some Smut Tommy joe Ratliff is hired to go on tour with Superstar Adam lambert after a chance kiss at the...
  • glambert
  • adam
  • adommy
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No Escape by CharlieGlambert
No Escapeby Charlie
"You are son of Bellatrix Lestrange!" said Tommy. "Problem?" I asked coldly. "No!" he said quickly. "You do not want to mess with me...
  • death
  • love
  • lies
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Evil In The Night(On hold) by glitterybearforever
Evil In The Night(On hold)by glitterybear
This town will rain blood when I'm done with it ~Kitty POV~ My heart is a ghost town ~Addy POV~ It had been years since Tommy had killed everyone at prom and died and no...
  • friendships
  • adommy
  • tommy
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The teacher (discontinued) by adommykvp
The teacher (discontinued)by Glambert Adommy
Mr Ratliff is falling hard for his hot gay teacher Mr Lambert but he has a little competition from one of the other students.
  • adommy
  • drama
  • romance
Firebird Rescue by GlammieLoveOwlie
Firebird Rescueby GlammieLove
Love Hurt And Hope! Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff both come from a broken home and are thrown in a whirlwind of a program. Kailee May and Kyle Marcus have know each...
  • ratliff
  • fanfic
  • lambert
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Haunted Revenge  by glitterybearforever
Haunted Revenge by glitterybear
Thank you for loving me Addy ~Kitty POV~ You're so very special to me Kitty ~Addy POV~ Tommy White is very special because he was born with special powers called telekin...
  • friendships
  • adommy
  • tommy
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Wolf Blood by CharlieGlambert
Wolf Bloodby Charlie
The wolf stared at me with his piercing blue eyes and I didn't dare to breathe. We looked at each other for a few minutes before he ran into the forest. *** Tommy lives...
  • wolf
  • truth
  • love
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My heart will go on by CharlieGlambert
My heart will go onby Charlie
I lifted over my three year old son to my mother and she looked sadly at me. "Me and Lily will come after you in the next boat." I said. "Be careful!"...
  • truth
  • adam
  • lilly
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Evil in the night by CharlieGlambert
Evil in the nightby Charlie
I've always known that I'm different. I want to fit in and be a normal boy. But I'm not normal and I'm not even human. *** Adam lives in Derry with his mom and his littl...
  • love
  • secrets
  • adam
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Things I Didn't Say by AdiraPhoenixLambert
Things I Didn't Sayby Lotus
"And in the night, you'll hear me calling, you'll hear me calling. And in your dreams, you see us falling, falling..." Tommy can see more than the city streets...
  • demons
  • adamlambert
  • magic
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Son of Maleficent by CharlieGlambert
Son of Maleficentby Charlie
"Have you ever fall in love?" asked Tommy. I looked away and sighed. "I don't know how love feels like!" I said. *** Adam is the son of the most evi...
  • maleficent
  • rotten
  • magic
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Haunted love by CharlieGlambert
Haunted loveby Charlie
"I love you so much Agnes and I hope you one day understand why I had to leave you away!" I said and lay her gently down on the doorstep. I kissed her forehead...
  • ashley
  • spooky
  • cảm
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