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Beauty and her beast by B_t_s-t_w_i_c_e
Beauty and her beastby Tzuyueevee
When love become addiction and passion become obsession SPECIAL CREDIT GOES TO MY FRIEND taetzu_by_roxyasya FOR THE BEAUTIFUL COVER.... THANK YOU SO MUCH. ..💙
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Criminal minds secrets  by where_the_love
Criminal minds secrets by Brooke
A bunch of secrets will be revealed in this book. Don't like the ship don't read it is very simple. Also don't be a dick with nasty comments I don't own any of the cri...
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You do as I say, understood?  by MarthaAudra
You do as I say, understood? by Audra
Adelaide is 22 years old. She has been living in LA for two years now. To run away from her demons and her past. But they quickly catch up to her. Demi is her new profes...
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Depression and Obsession by Dominated_Gina
Depression and Obsessionby Dominated_Gina
The worst place to live is inside your own head. Such is the hum-drum, loveless, married life of middle-aged Gina Savage. She has money to burn but happiness is in short...
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Campus Royalties to Campus Couples  ( On Going) by ItsAlwaysMeeBitch
Campus Royalties to Campus Bea Sunglao
theres a 4 girls who meet the 4 bad boy..they are enemies..its complicated for them to be all couples lets find out what happend...
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The Mistake by phe_joe
The Mistakeby Phe & Joe
Mistakes, that's all she makes Audrey is a teenage girl who uses things of this world to distract her from the reality of her life. Suffocation. This is one word to de...
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The Creatures Of The Night. [BXB] by RoLlAndShaMmY
The Creatures Of The Night. [BXB]by RoLlAndShaMmY
MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKING ---> #7{addiction} -----> (10_05_2020)... Other ranking ----> #1{burningdesires} -----> (27_04_2020) #18{hickeys} -----> (27_04_20...
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Things were never the same by young_african98
Things were never the sameby Black Swan
It was never about our freedom. It was about their vision
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(JENLISA) SHE'S INTO HER by ppongcupcake
(JENLISA) SHE'S INTO HERby florasophiaflorendo
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APH America by orangelife
APH Americaby orangelife
A country has to represent all its people, not just the majority.... Picture and APH not mine. Please message me if you ever need someone to talk to.
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Carmen by tiffyos
Carmenby tiffy-o's
Carmen Anais Allwood, a mistreated 16 year old girl deals with her abusive father, his addictions, poverty, bullying and her own mental demons. The boy 2 doors down is...
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Take Me Home by Kiley_writes_books
Take Me Homeby Kiley
A friend group in their junior year of high school, all carrying their own emotional baggage, try to navigate the world of friendship, romance, and family while struggli...
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It Only Gets Worse by Lauryn_Love
It Only Gets Worseby Lauryn Love
Life has proven to me time and time again, that it doesn't matter if you're strong through the tough times, if you're good when it gives you so much bad, if you're hones...
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Personal Diary / Journal - art, addiction and a whole lotta love by WordPopcorn
Personal Diary / Journal - art, Word Popcorn
Art, addiction and a whole lotta love. I am a happy but struggling individual.
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Do Bullies Fall in Love? by Rachel_xx0xx
Do Bullies Fall in Love?by Rachel Siguenza
Ariel Scott is bullied and beaten everyday. Since she was 15. But what happens when her bully leaves for the x-Factor. 2 years past and her life has a bit better now...
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Dancing on Her Own by Contando_Stelle
Dancing on Her Ownby Contando_Stelle
In an attempt to put their troubling past behind them Wren Middleton's mother moves her and her twin sister, Bailey to a small town called Caldwell Heights. Wren isn't p...
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No One Is What They Seem by Akira0126
No One Is What They Seemby Akira0126
Who would say that my life would have such a turn? Who would think that all the people I care about would be taken away from me? Well I'm sure I didn't know that. I've a...
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Blue💙 by girlswagg33
Blue💙by whassgood
Different types of feelings
PEN, PAPER  AND WINE by imanishads
Radom poems and scribbles. . . . Collaboration by Imanishads and Mr.das 👫 A bunch of hugs and kisses to Manodipta Nath for this beautiful cover!🐶 My pug🔝
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I'm only sleeping  by angel-lennon
I'm only sleeping by Angel Star Lennon
●●waring may cause triggers if depress please read at your own risk●● james paul mccartney was a super depressed lad in the 1950s. he was 16 years old with no friends an...
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