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AddEve Oneshots by confusedbystander
AddEve Oneshotsby Venia
Status: unknown
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Celestial Crystal Elrian by CP-137
Celestial Crystal Elrianby Shina Whitemoon
Rathal Solace: okay okay ? I really need to be cured from this 'story making sickness' Uhh... I can't control the new ideas comming in so yeah I end up making a new one...
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Lost in Time [AddxEve Elsword] by spleeter
Lost in Time [AddxEve Elsword]by spleeter
One look, you're still here, a look away, you're gone. What can I do to bring you back. If I do will you still be the same? You are different, majestic, like a being ou...
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Elsword Lemon Shipping 2 by slyzeke101
Elsword Lemon Shipping 2by Zeke
Whelp, Since KOG Games offically made the 3rd Jobs for the Elgang, I decided to make a sequel!
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Call my name. by Ichigo_38
Call my Pand AX
Hi. So this is my first english story. Sorry for the grammar, spelling etc. Resume : Rena has been having weird dreams about someone calling out to her. She...
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Elsword Ara/Add by Fampyu
Elsword Ara/Addby Franchezca Gaddi
pairings:ara/add, rena/raven,elsword/aisha, elesis/ran,eve/Chung a little bit of add/eve and ara/chung lol!!, I'll spoil some part for you. the only pairings that gets l...
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[Elsword]-My Lunacy and her Cuteness by DiabolicEsper3
[Elsword]-My Lunacy and her TwistedTracer
"Kughh I want Eve's codes not thi- AHHH!"----"Oh Add!" Disclaimer: I do not own the picture nor do I own Elsword
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❤ Imágenes de Add x Eve ❤ by oMavisS
❤ Imágenes de Add x Eve ❤by KariSukii
Bueno se me ocurrió hacer este libró porque me encanta esta ship owo Espero que lo disfruten ;D
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Runaway Musicians by CrimsonReaper062
Runaway Musiciansby BrokenMusic
~Number #2 for AddxEve~ Lu and Eve are famous musicians and they sing as a duo. Everything was fine until they're boss was trying to force them to marry these other famo...
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I can feel, too. (CBS x DiE) by Phyrnn
I can feel, too. (CBS x DiE)by Susanna
Everyone considers Esper to be simply insane and emotionless. However, what happens when Seraph cannot sleep and discovers something shocking? Rated PFF for 'Pure fückin...
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[Elsword]-Promise Remembrance by DiabolicEsper3
[Elsword]-Promise Remembranceby TwistedTracer
[Elsword]-Forsaken Promise part 2
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The Add Bros by Sky_of_Silver_Lining
The Add Brosby SilverSky
Misadventures of three brothers, the meathead, the egotistic nerd, and the portal troll. Join them as they battle spaceships, go off into distant lands, and chase after...
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What Marriage Brings by Yazumiya
What Marriage Bringsby Yuu
The Sequel to "What Love Brings." After Add proposed to Eve, they got married not long after. A marriage that has been long awaited for. It has been a long tim...
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[Elsword]-Eternal Paranoia by DiabolicEsper3
[Elsword]-Eternal Paranoiaby TwistedTracer
"You think YOU own Henir? HAH! think again!" DISCLAIMER:I don't own elsword and it belongs to KOG Games
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Beyond Death by Rinzi-chan
Beyond Deathby Rin
Part two of The Shadow Warrior And The Water Prince. enjoy~ [Slow updating]
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FanFiction of Add X Eve (+ more) by FlowerBlossomings
FanFiction of Add X Eve (+ more)by ChillyArts
Well this is basically a fan fiction of add x eve and alot of other different shippings in the elsword community. Its going to contain some sin and alot of dramaramalla...
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The Shadow Warrior And The Water Prince by Rinzi-chan
The Shadow Warrior And The Water Rin
"Ara!" Eun yelled as she appeared in front of me. "Live!" I sent her a confused glare. "Where am I?" I asked curiously. "You'll find o...
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Elsword: Crónicas del Caos ║Editando errores║ by Moriko_Hirose
Elsword: Crónicas del Caos ║ NobuMori
||:. Elsword; Chaos Chronicles Project.:|| ║Se están editando algunos errores de ortografía y redacción║ Desde el punto de vista de Add, el resto de su grupo de acompa...
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What Love Brings by Yazumiya
What Love Bringsby Yuu
One day in school, Add bumps into a shy girl named Eve. Eve just transferred into school and she bumps into the most feared boy in school: Add. What will happen after th...
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| Monarch | Add X Eve | Original-Olden-Ages | by KyokiCreamCakes
| Monarch | Add X Eve | NinCanPoopsicales
Eve Is A Member Of The Royal Nasod Family. She Spends Her Life Either Sewing Or Updating Her Core Files. Until On Day A Gala Is Held In The Oner Of The Fifth Year Of The...
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