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ermgerood um add x elestupid by ElswordFangirlXD
ermgerood um add x elestupidby ElswordFangirlXD
Omg so gooood xDDD HOPE YOU ENJOY GIVE FEEdback
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Dying In The Darkness [ElesisxAdd] by Elesis0
Dying In The Darkness [ElesisxAdd]by Elesis x Add trash
"I could never save them. I don't deserve to stay sane, not if I cant even save one life." -Crimson Avenger "I don't wish for her to have the same fat...
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Elsword- Add x Elesis Drabbles by xAndiya
Elsword- Add x Elesis Drabblesby Deah (de-uhh)
Some drabbles for my OTP. Be prepared for tons of typos and gammar errors. Also, the chars will be OOC( I think). Disclaimer: I do not own Elsword
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Add DiE x Elesis BH by Seippl
Add DiE x Elesis BHby Seippl
Yo. To takie wolne pisanie o paringu Add x Elesis. Dokładnie o czym to nie wiem bo nad tym nie myślałem, gdyż i tak wiem, że nikt tego nie przeczyta ;p
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Eyes [AddxElesis] by Arryhale
Eyes [AddxElesis]by Lifeless.
Elesis randomly compliments Add's eyes.
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I'll kill for you : addxelesis by elesisdesu
I'll kill for you : addxelesisby elesisdesu
This is my first book =w= Once elesis finally consumes the dark el just as her younger brother elsword, her friend Ara Haan and Add Kim both seem to have a connection, a...
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Lost Hope by 4-4evah
Lost Hopeby 4-4evah
An Add x Elesis fanfic!
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[Elsword]-Eternal Paranoia by DiabolicEsper3
[Elsword]-Eternal Paranoiaby TwistedTracer
"You think YOU own Henir? HAH! think again!" DISCLAIMER:I don't own elsword and it belongs to KOG Games
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¡Reto Del Beso! by kiitDpyrow
¡Reto Del Beso!by ||°Pyrow°||
Un reto que decidí seguir uwu , los dibujos son míos. los personajes son de KoG.
Haunting Memories  by HomicidalProxy
Haunting Memories by Edward Strider
A simple AddxElesis story, the classes are Add being Diabolic Esper and Elesis being Crimson Avenger ( note: the game Elsword is not mine and neither are its characters...
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Yandere!ElesisXAdd- Thantophobia by Dango_Muffin
Yandere!ElesisXAdd- Thantophobiaby Sushi♦︎
Thantophobia- The fear of loosing someone you love- or hold close to your heart. Yandere•ElesisXAdd I do not own the character in this book, I just ship them for a pecu...
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Technical Difficulties by Koragami
Technical Difficultiesby Totally Illusional
I remember that day, assuming he was an enemy, as preparing to attack him. But I never'd come to this. Love. This is really a technical difficulty, don't you...
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I'll Catch You by Hi_Tam
I'll Catch Youby Tam
Elesis is almost bankupt, and needs money fast. Rena, being the rich friend she is, offers her a job for six billion ED. The only problem is the job is to be Add's serva...
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Steal Your Fate [AddxElesis] by elesisempai
Steal Your Fate [AddxElesis]by LoserMaddyx
What happens when love is messed with and fates are sealed? - Disclaimer; All rights to KoG and Elsword. I do NOT own any characters.
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Under The Stars [AddxElesis] by Arryhale
Under The Stars [AddxElesis]by Lifeless.
Add tries to sleep, but his thoughts keeps haunting him and getting in the way. Luckily, Elesis was there to be by his side.
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[Elsword] Broken Pieces by xAndiya
[Elsword] Broken Piecesby Deah (de-uhh)
Since those incidents, nothing has ever been the same with them. Those cruel turn of events tore a hole in their hearts. In an attempt to relieve the pain they felt, to...
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CrAxDiE short stories by Elesis0
CrAxDiE short storiesby Elesis x Add trash
romance and insanity, this should be interesting....
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elsword :: today 》addxelesis by pllwfghts
elsword :: today 》addxelesisby diecra
Who's the broken one? -- 》deca modern!au;; @ pllwfghts
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Christmas Crisis [AddxElesis] by Arryhale
Christmas Crisis [AddxElesis]by Lifeless.
Elesis finds Add sitting alone on a bench outside, while there's a crisis going on the mansion. [cover irrelevant to the story lmao]
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Add x Elesis- "Niewiadoma" by Seippl
Add x Elesis- "Niewiadoma"by Seippl
Yo. Kolejny fanfic po bardzo długim czasie. Oczywiście Add x Elesis. ... Ciekawe czy to ktoś przeczyta
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