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[Elsword] Refine Love (Discontinued) by Maya-Haan
[Elsword] Refine Love ( Maya, Princess of Ara x Add
=w= first fanfic, sorry if its bad. Please let me know if I need to fix anything. Plus I'm bad at summaries... Enjoy! Ara is the geek of the Velder High, being extremely...
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Triple Ara Dimensions (An Elsword Fanfiction) by WinterWolf1377
Triple Ara Dimensions (An Ōkami Amaterasu
There are three Aras. Each living in their own dimension where they have their own lives to live. They know not of each other's existences...until something unexpected h...
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Journey to a Better End (An Add x Ara Story) by WinterWolf1377
Journey to a Better End (An Add Ōkami Amaterasu
The alternative realities, the countless possibilities that led to this moment, they couldn't have occured in a way any stranger than this. How will Add fare when an unk...
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Journey to a Better End II by WinterWolf1377
Journey to a Better End IIby Ōkami Amaterasu
After overcoming the first trial in Hamel and making it out of Altera alive, Add and Ara have finally made it back home only to find that Paradox no longer views them as...
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The Fire Truck Game  by Abraxos
The Fire Truck Game by Charlie
Let's play a game. Short Ada one-shot
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Elsword•Forced Marriage by SummerAkagi
Elsword•Forced Marriageby Kaochan
Ara Haan's elder brother, Aren was ill and they didn't have much money to pay the hospital. Ara tried looking for a job for her brother's sake. Unfortunately, she wasn't...
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Elsword~Life with the El Gang Couples(COMPLETED) by Hikari-No-Aria
Elsword~Life with the El Gang Hikaria~ Goddess of the Stars
Love is spicing up life with the El Search Party as they experience the feeling of love with their partner. Along the way, there might be a few bumps in the road, but in...
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Please Let Me Warm You Up by Pepperthecatdog
Please Let Me Warm You Upby Pepperthecatdog
Add was being unusually cold to Ara. You see Add and everyone else pretty much knew Ara had taken a liking to him. After Add shunned away Ara, she calls in her Plan B. A...
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[Elsword] - Masked Renegade by remrins
[Elsword] - Masked Renegadeby 「レビ」
"Are you sure you're not just receding from the harsh reality?" Ara was always an avid dreamer. In the reveries she had, she would constantly meet up with...
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Elsword~ White Cat and Black Fox(Addra- AddxAra)-On Hold by Hikari-No-Aria
Elsword~ White Cat and Black Fox( Hikaria~ Goddess of the Stars
Add Kim is Velder Academy's most brilliant mind and most genius inventor. He's the academy's most genius Mastermind with an IQ of 140 and the most anti-social person in...
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The Blind Date by nerdypigeons
The Blind Dateby nerdypigeons
[RE-UPLOAD FROM MY OLD ACCOUNT: xxXSoulHorseXxx] "Let Project: Blind Date commence!" AU. It was normal for Rena to play 'Cupid' for her friends. When she decid...
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My Elsword Shippings by Dusk0Dawn
My Elsword Shippingsby Dawn
Note-I am not the owner of any of these characters Elsword is the rightful title of KOG Games These are my own personal shippings of Elsword characters comments are wel...
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[Elsword] - Destination: Analysis by remrins
[Elsword] - Destination: Analysisby 「レビ」
(Book Two of the 'Destination' Series) In an alternative universe, Ara chose a more nefarious path in life, becoming the infamous Ruler of Darkness, residing in the Unde...
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[Elsword] - Destination: Time by remrins
[Elsword] - Destination: Timeby 「レビ」
(Book One of the 'Destination' Series) Ara was always alone. She left Fahrmann, her destroyed hometown, at a young age to find and purify her brother, who was now a Demo...
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Elsword King's Game by Silver_Chrome
Elsword King's Gameby Reinard Gio Savellano
This story is just as the title means. I do not own any of these characters.
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[Elsword] - Destination: Descendants by remrins
[Elsword] - Destination: 「レビ」
(Book Three of the 'Destination' Series) Fast forwarded into the future, Amelia and Ace relied on one another to survive; they were the children of Ara and Add. Overall...
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Elsword ~ Steps To You by ShinhyeKang
Elsword ~ Steps To Youby Nunelli
Add used to be Eve's beloved boyfriend, but Eve lost her affection for him and broke up. Ara then decides to help Add get Eve back. But as time passes by, Ara slowly st...
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Blossomed Memories by GrandArcher
Blossomed Memoriesby Mari
Due to bullying at his old school, an emotionally unstable and depressed Add is transferred to Velder High, your typical, fancy, yet also NOT AT ALL, public high school...
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The Unlikely Pair (Add(DE) x Ara(A)) by Master-Etsu-Chan
The Unlikely Pair (Add(DE) x Ara( Y_Usagi
Two different persepctives, two different backstories, two different reasons to fight, two fighting types. Can this unlikely pair get past the facts and help strengthen...
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