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shedontknowbutsheknows | Misc II by TheCatDisapparated
shedontknowbutsheknows | Misc IIby Aisha
I am very bored And also A bit freaked out
A day in the life by heyheyheywazup
A day in the lifeby Lily Morgan
This is a book full of short stories, each of them centering on a day in the life of somebody. If you don't like cliffhangers, then don't read this book! If you like thi...
Kayla rainsworth's daily rants by Snowflower2001
Kayla rainsworth's daily rantsby Snowflower2001
Book for Kayla rainsworth which is a character of mine in one of my three worlds....realms? Anyway she'll tell you what's on her mind how, often she gets mixed up in tro...
Fiery Diary by adayinthelifeofus
Fiery Diaryby adayinthelifeofus
Okay so basically i was told by a couple of friends in my class that my life is funny, and interesting, and i should write a book about it Well, here it is. My diary, on...
Tyrus FanFiction 37 -A Day In The Life Of Tyrus- by TyrusFanFiction21
Tyrus FanFiction 37 -A Day In TyrusFanFiction21
In this FanFiction, we will get a glimpse of a usual day for TJ and Cyrus
A Day in the Life of... by TLNorton
A Day in the Life T. L. Norton
Most days come and go, but everyone has changes in life that define them. These are stories that could come and go or define the characters lives.
A Day In The Life Of by Joe121212
A Day In The Life Ofby Joe121212
Of fantasies and daydreams... Of friendships and distances... Of princesses and Dragons... Of puzzles and poems... Caution: Reader may be subject to sudden burst of laug...
The Assassin (Short Story) by EvaHunterr
The Assassin (Short Story)by Eva Hunter
Take a step into the mindset of a killer.
A Day in the Life of a Hero in Training by YuaHaipu
A Day in the Life of a Hero in Yua Haipu
Hiii! I'm Yua Haipu and I'm currently going to UA Highschool. My quirk is called Writer's Touch and I like to write about my friends without their permission. I have a T...