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The Mark of a Demon (A Beetlejuice × Adam Fan Fiction) by Another_musical_fan
The Mark of a Demon (A Grace
Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland, and Lydia Deetz have been living a normal life ever since the whole Beetlejuice incident. But when Beetlejuice starts talking to Adam th...
 Adamjuice Oneshots 🥰 by MusicalWorshipper
Adamjuice Oneshots 🥰by MusicalWorshipper
Hey! These are just random oneshots, for Adamjuice of course! I take requests although they might take long. These update randomly and I an focusing on my other books to...
Stripes (beetlejuice x adam) by SliverPhantom345678
Stripes (beetlejuice x adam)by Ravens_will_Die
Beetlejuice Doesn't know what this feeling is, could it be...Love? Our 'Ghost with the Most' doesn't know how to handle emotions, so he does what he always has: Ask Lydi...
We're Just Friends! by MusicalWorshipper
We're Just Friends!by MusicalWorshipper
This is another Adamjuice story, this time heavy slowburn. Friends to lovers trope cause I can do that, and prepare for absolute chaos and nerve wracking relationships...
Demons of a Different Time (A Beetlejuice Highschool AU) by Another_musical_fan
Demons of a Different Time (A Grace
Beetlejuice is the new kid at Roaring Tiger's High School. He meets a very handsome boy named Adam and tries his best to flirt his way into a new relationship. Will Adam...
Is There Still A We? by SeptiplierZanvis
Is There Still A We?by I Came Home
Something I've been wanting to make for not too long, but I since there's barely any content of these two. Let's create a book! Ready? Okay! Hi! I'll be your guide! I'll...
Adamjuice: A Little Mermaid AU  by MusicalWorshipper
Adamjuice: A Little Mermaid AU by MusicalWorshipper
A play on the Disney Little Mermaid plot, Adam being Ariel and Lawrence (Beetlejuice) taking Eric's spot. So, what goes on when a curious merman like Adam falls in love...
I've Been Afraid To Admit It by alexbrightmanfann
I've Been Afraid To Admit Itby alexbrightmanfann
this is my favorite ship and if you don't like it then go somewhere else :) and this includes sexuall things and some suicidal thoughts
Beetlejuice by ActualFandomGarbage
Beetlejuiceby ACAB & BLM!
A book for me to yell about Beetlejuice the Musical
My love (Beetlejuice x Adam) by Beetlegeusex3
My love (Beetlejuice x Adam)by Maris
Hi. I don't know why I'm here. I don't know why I'm doing this. But I am. So ha. This is my first story, so I apologize for anything now, feel free to criticize my writi...
Beetlejuice × Adam One Shots by Another_musical_fan
Beetlejuice × Adam One Shotsby Grace
This is a little book of One Shots for the ship Beetlejuice × Adam from Beetlejuice on Broadway. It will contain mostly fluff, with some angst. Make sure to leave sugges...
A Kiss from the Netherworld (AdamJuice) by mushroom_moritz
A Kiss from the Netherworld ( Jack
Hey y'all! This is my first fanfic so constructive criticism is welcome!
Childhood Friends To Sweethearts (Adamjuice) by MusicalWorshipper
Childhood Friends To Sweethearts ( MusicalWorshipper
Beetlejuice Shoggoth and Adam Maitland were friends as kids, but Adam moved away. What happens when a miracle makes Adam move back 8 years later? Yes this is the most ge...
Beeltjuice Musical Appreciation Book by IWatchedYouDisappear
Beeltjuice Musical Appreciation 🌙💫✨𝐿𝑜𝑔𝑎𝑛✨💫🌙
Howdy! I just think Beetlejuice the musical is really underrated... yeah that's it have fun A "brief" idea of what we'll be going over, with absolutely no cont...
That beautiful sound!🖤💚 by DeadXdog
That beautiful sound!🖤💚by (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
Just a random story about the beej man and the rest of the squad. Yee Yee bitches. I might add some romantic ideas. Just let me know! Also be sure to inform me if there...