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Watching Beetlejuice: The Musical by bookworm6570
Watching Beetlejuice: The Musicalby just em
The main Characters of Beetlejuice: The Musical appear in a room and are given the chance to watch a musical all about themselves ~ I own nothing ~
The Mark of a Demon (A Beetlejuice × Adam Fan Fiction) by Another_musical_fan
The Mark of a Demon (A Grace
Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland, and Lydia Deetz have been living a normal life ever since the whole Beetlejuice incident. But when Beetlejuice starts talking to Adam th...
Adopted by the Beetlejuice Cast by bookworm6570
Adopted by the Beetlejuice Castby just em
Charlotte Williams lives with her abusive mother and doesn't have a way out. Until she goes to New York, and finds herself backstage at The Winter Garden Theatre, where...
NEWCOMERS - a beetlejuice fanfic by yourfavoritedad_
NEWCOMERS - a beetlejuice fanficby <3
y/n schlimmer is the daughter of delia schlimmer, soon-to-be delia deetz. your quirky mother recently got a new job at the deetz's home. charles deetz has supposedly tak...
Nasty Bug Man (Beetlejuice X Reader) by IAmBleh
Nasty Bug Man (Beetlejuice X IAmBleh
Death is something considered to be taboo to the living. Some try to avoid the subject all together. Others embrace it, obsess over it, even. But, no matter how one vi...
Out of Sight, Out of Mind//A Beetlejuice Fanfiction  by Strange_x_Unusual
Out of Sight, Out of Mind//A Lydia Deetz
Lydia has been experiencing more than just being able to see the dead lately. A lot more. And it may just have something to do with the fact that there's a prophecy conn...
My Creepy Old Guy (Alex Brightman x Reader) by GrayLoaf24
My Creepy Old Guy (Alex The 5 Crazy Children
You're an actress and went to go see one of your favorite broadway shows, Beetlejuice, not knowing that it would change your life forever. Harley and I got into the musi...
 Adamjuice Oneshots 🥰 by MusicalWorshipper
Adamjuice Oneshots 🥰by MusicalWorshipper
Hey! These are just random oneshots, for Adamjuice of course! I take requests although they might take long. These update randomly and I an focusing on my other books to...
Let's Turn On The Juice And See What Shakes Loose - Beetlejuice x Reader ✔ by duchessb23
Let's Turn On The Juice And See Mentos: The Freshmaker
Yeah, I have no idea why I'm doing this- So basically there's a sad lack of BJ fanfictions on this platform and I'm getting really bored of reading the same ones over an...
The Maitlands: A Second Chance at Life by bookworm6570
The Maitlands: A Second Chance just em
Somehow, by some magic, the Maitlands are unexpectedly brought back to life. Watch as they adjust to being alive again and the struggles they encounter along the way. ...
Not Yet •A BeetleJuice X Adam Fanfic• by xiaoscringecomp
Not Yet •A BeetleJuice X Adam Aaron
What happens when you take a hot demon named BeetleJuice and put him in a room with a shy ghost named Adam?
Surprise Bug by CandyTh3D0g
Surprise Bugby CandyTheDog null
(Name of the book will more than likely change) I am not the best story writer and I am 100% winging this. Its a Beetlejuice x Reader fanfic, nothing intimate but a cute...
Beetlejuice the Musical Script by writing_in_fandoms
Beetlejuice the Musical Scriptby Chrissy
yeah I actually took the time to write this whole thing out. Also please note this is purely based on what I'm hearing so it might not be 100% accurate, and there might...
Demons of a Different Time (A Beetlejuice Highschool AU) by Another_musical_fan
Demons of a Different Time (A Grace
Beetlejuice is the new kid at Roaring Tiger's High School. He meets a very handsome boy named Adam and tries his best to flirt his way into a new relationship. Will Adam...
Beetlejuice: the Musical Short Story Book by Strange_x_Unusual
Beetlejuice: the Musical Short Lydia Deetz
A collection of short stories based on Beetlejuice: the Musical. Some will be short, others will be long. *cover doesn't belong to me*
What if it All Happened Differently? by bookworm6570
What if it All Happened just em
AU where instead of dying, Adam and Barbara just get seriously injured from their fall through the floor. They get new neighbours a month after their nearly fatal fall...
Is There Still A We? by SeptiplierZanvis
Is There Still A We?by I Came Home
Something I've been wanting to make for not too long, but I since there's barely any content of these two. Let's create a book! Ready? Okay! Hi! I'll be your guide! I'll...