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The Story of the Specter- Young Justice+Supergirl by PiperDonev
The Story of the Specter- Young PJDonev
Naya Aeron, an autistic girl who can see ghosts, becomes Supergirl's sidekick Specter after saving her classmates during a field trip to Catco. (Takes place during seaso...
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Old Man On Ice by fourshoesfrank
Old Man On Iceby fourshoesfrank
Greg Marinos was born in the year 2005. As a linguist, he was heavily renowned in the scientific community for his work preserving indigenous languages. He passed away i...
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The First Bone Flute by fourshoesfrank
The First Bone Fluteby fourshoesfrank
autistic cavemen totally invented the flute. no i will not take criticism it is one in the morning. i'm autistic so don't worry about the representation here. enjoy!
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The Bother Book by oh-hxney
The Bother Bookby Honey
Maia Kovitz often has issues understanding people, but she's not dumb; she's autistic. To cope with the lack of understanding, she owns a Bother Book. With the advice of...
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X: Poems By an Autistic Teen by AllisonR3333
X: Poems By an Autistic Teenby Allison
Here, I write various poems about being autistic, love, nature, Christianity, and other stuff.
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Daddy's House (DISCONTINUED)  by Salty_Squid223
Daddy's House (DISCONTINUED) by Salty_Squid223
*An update: This story is discontinued due to my lack of interest in continuing to write it, the rushed plotline, and a lack of research on my part.* After being happily...
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Daddy's House (Rewritten)  by Salty_Squid223
Daddy's House (Rewritten) by Salty_Squid223
Marriage isn't always easy. I learned this the hard way. Sometimes, you realize that the traits you admired in someone turned out to be their worst flaws. For example...
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The Blue Book by deadpheonixrising
The Blue Bookby Rebecca
The 5th book of poems that I've written The Blue Book and the poems that it contains were written between March 2018 and April 2019. Just freeform poems about life and...
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Everything Wrong with the Autism Representation on Wattpad by katsolutely
Everything Wrong with the Autism kat
The title speaks for itself. Unlike autistic people, who according to Autism Speaks, can't speak for ourselves. Go figure. (Not satire.) (I made this more for myself tha...
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autistic marvel oneshots by fourshoesfrank
autistic marvel oneshotsby fourshoesfrank
because marvel characters got that autistification and so do i there isn't any particular order to read these in just go for it if i mess up the timeline or forget a pie...
A Day In The Life by BetterThanMagic
A Day In The Lifeby BetterThanMagic
A journal talking about my journey with autism. I'll be talking about how my autism affects my everyday life, and different autism subjects.
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Thousand Dollar Friend by MissLunaRose
Thousand Dollar Friendby Luna Rose
"Make friends with my daughter, and I'll pay you a thousand dollars." Tara's junior year of high school is turned upside down after she collides into the life...
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sexy zone ❥ one shots (writer's block) by riaaken
sexy zone ❥ one shots (writer's ria ❤︎ writers block
(i promise these stories are capitalized!) i make these fics catering to all kinds of bodies and skin colors! these stories have gender neutral readers, unless stated ot...
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This Is My Story by arianagrande1980
This Is My Storyby Nerd Girl
Shy and autistic, 17-year-old Tyler Johnson just wants his voice to be heard. Until, he has just been given an opportunity to share his very first story after winning a...
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Being Autistic by BabyLostLittleOne
Being Autisticby Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku
I want to explore some stuff about autism, and neurodivergence, and neurodiversity. Most of this is from an autism perspective, though other neurodivergences may well a...
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Little Miss Different by Doodahs
Little Miss Differentby Sophie Miles
<<differences can divide us... but they can bring us together too.>> Four people - high support autistic and depressed Katie, Aspie Winter, aromantic asexua...
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Golden Words by PixieBrossett
Golden Wordsby Pixie Brossett
Patricia is trying. That's it. She's just trying, at everything, all the time. Trying to succeed at schoolwork despite being pretty average, intelligence-wise. Trying to...
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Diary of an Autistic Boy by matthew-luke
Diary of an Autistic Boyby Matthew-Luke Ratcliffe
I will be writing whenever I have a bad day or a very good for probably around 6 months until I get bored of this. Read on and you will understand. This is my first writ...
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Maybe I Just Want A Better World. by Sugarfae
Maybe I Just Want A Better Lily
An inside look at what's wrong with the world and how we can fix ourselves to make it better.
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