Behind the mask - Erik Killmonger by 3riche
Behind the mask - Erik Killmongerby 3riche
Everyone has a mask. Whether it is a mask to hide your emotions, or a mask to cover your imperfections. And I knew, I knew that once I start to get close to him, he will...
  • michaelbjordanfanfiction
  • blackpanther
  • thriller
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StrangeLove-||MillionDollar||RiskGame||✔ by AneesaRazack
StrangeLove-||MillionDollar|| AneesaRazack
[Under reconstruction for Grammatical Errors] #MatureRated ✔ YoungAdult LET THE GAMES BEGIN. In all her life she never thought that she'd end up being on the "Most...
  • romance
  • blood
  • billionaire
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A Different Kidnapping Story by NutellaLover_22
A Different Kidnapping Storyby NutellaLover_22
• Drew Parks is a 15 years old girl with a pretty normal life when she's outside her home.But she has no idea HE is gonna change her life Forever... • His name is Jace C...
  • new
  • mature
  • lovestory
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Fem Percy Jackson and Young Justice  by tinkerblink19
Fem Percy Jackson and Young tinkerblink19
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Percy Jackson was a girl? Or what her life would be like if she was apart of the Young Justice team? Well you will have t...
  • percyjackson
  • action
  • fempercy
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Spider-man: The New Avenger by Spideraddison
Spider-man: The New Avengerby Spideraddison
It is the journey of Peter Parker from being a friendly neighborhood Spider-man to a big time Avenger
  • spidermanthenewavenger
The Market's Best by FaiStories
The Market's Bestby FaiStories
Captured by the mafia and abducted from her family, Kyla is forced to become THE MARKET's BEST. The market in which girls are sold to the highest bidders, girls are kept...
  • murder
  • slave
  • possessive
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Elites by sineadbourne
Elitesby sineadbourne
Action, Romance. Vanessa heads to Heart City to fulfil her lifelong dream. Along with her friend Diana they both try to make it through a brutal training. Testing the w...
  • teen
  • action-romance
  • action
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MEDUSA ➱ SHURI UDAKU by Aquaticamara
MEDUSA ➱ SHURI UDAKUby Aquaticamara
❝Shuri i might have set my desk on fire again, but don't panic, there should be a fire extinguisher here somewhere. Where is it?❞ ❝I put it next to Leslie's charging sta...
  • shuri
  • wakanda
  • steverogers
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Leaving the Italian behind (BWWM) by Kira-chin
Leaving the Italian behind (BWWM)by Kira-chin
Gianluigi Altobello a man that no one as a joke. A man that will kill for being that lightly as a joke. Not only have his on business but own almost every building on t...
  • bwwm
  • mafia
Safe Place by LyricHegg
Safe Placeby LyricHegg
Aris Innocent. A lonesome 15 year old survivor in the world of the living undead. It all started when she was 8 years old, her and her best friend Lillian were just chil...
  • rickgrimes
  • glennrhee
  • bethgreene
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9W hunger games  by notacompletenonce
9W hunger games by notacompletenonce
when no one other than 9W turn up to school, the girls soon realise that they've been set up to compete in a group tournament to the death... may the resilience be ever...
  • 9whungergames
Classified Information [MxB] by sajicx
Classified Information [MxB]by sajicx
Victor Monterelli is a villainous man with a dark secret. Hiding it from the world is one major issue in his life, but another problem surfaces when Marcus Kaine shows u...
  • assassin
  • mystery
  • mxb
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Almas Oscuras © by JocelynCampos7
Almas Oscuras ©by JocelynCampos7
Tessa Besson empieza su segundo año trabajando como bailaría profesional en aquel lugar que dice odiar. Aquel lugar que le arebato su inocencia. Aquel lugar donde le ens...
  • engaño
  • dolor
  • erotico
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Asasina de la 15 ani by Dyana1993
Asasina de la 15 aniby Dyana1993
Iris o fata simpla ajunge sa descopere lucruri interesante despre ea si verisoari ei intr.o vizita la matusa ei rea care o biciueste cu fiecare ocazie. Isi pierde parin...
  • viata
  • moarte
  • sange
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Now how did this happen by XxCOOKIESxXforlife
Now how did this happenby XxCOOKIESxXforlife
A young girl named Cat has begun her first senior year in high school. But little does she know that this year will change her life forver
  • crazy
Restart  by ToxicPhysco
Restart by ToxicPhysco
Emilia's dad is the boss in a very well known and dangerous mafia. Emilia doesn't like the fact her younger brother will become the next boss. She then chooses to go aga...
  • debt
  • military
  • dangerous
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Strength Inside (1st Asian Storywriting Challenge) by StorymakersLeague
Strength Inside (1st Asian StorymakersLeague
Strength Inside is one of the shortlisted entries of Storymakers League's 1st Asian Storywriting Challenge. Written by young authors aged 10-18 years old, these shortlis...
  • action
  • malaysia
  • youngadult