That Possessive Mafia Boss by RealAica
That Possessive Mafia Bossby RealAica
Nemesis Louie Montero is a class S assassin who was given the mission to marry the mafia boss of an organization that would help their organization rise from the fall an...
  • assassin
  • possessive
  • boss
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The mean THUG! by kekehope
The mean THUG!by kekehope
Keisha a 17 year old girl that is being abuse by her drug addicted mother and is taking care of herself in the projects. Keisha is Kidd napped and abuse by a thug that h...
  • drugs
  • abusing
  • drama
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Lavender by Be_a_freaking_women
Lavenderby Be_a_freaking_women
"Haven't you learned yet?" She tilted her head to the side, smiling gently. "Learned what?" I whisper, feeling the hand holding the gun shaking. She...
  • murder
  • live
  • woman
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The Bad Seed by SupernaturallyInsane
The Bad Seedby SupernaturallyInsane
Junior Deputy Sera Decker, or the 'Rookie', was sent with US Marshal Burke, Sheriff Whitehorse, and Deputies Hudson and Pratt to arrest Joseph Seed, who is a leader of a...
  • farcry
  • bliss
  • deputy
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Bondage pleasures and pains by canihavecummies
Bondage pleasures and painsby canihavecummies
When Lucy is kidnapped she is terrified, she has no idea what is going to happen. This story is very sexual and graphic so just to warn ya ;)
  • bondage
  • kidnapped
  • slave
Dead but not apart ❤️ by user17813547
Dead but not apart ❤️by user17813547
This is a story about a 27 year old boy named zain Imam and a 24 year old girl named adithi rathore they fell in love in the last year of uni and married two years later...
  • avneil
  • adhiti
  • zain
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Belladonna by max_llameja
Belladonnaby max_llameja
Alexandra, a former notorious assassin known as "Belladonna," decided to leave her dark past after meeting his last victim, who happened to be the mafia boss...
  • drama
  • thriller
  • heartbreak
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Call of Duty Ghosts: The Aftermath by HeshGhosts
Call of Duty Ghosts: The Aftermathby HeshGhosts
For seven Months after the end of the war against the Federation, when the replication of ODIN was fired on them and they fled, the Ghosts had everything under control...
  • torture
  • walker
  • friends
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HENSDALE AGENCY。.。:+♡ // dakota miller  by astrologiclove
HENSDALE AGENCY。.。:+♡ // dakota astrologiclove
the fifteen year old redhead at hensdale agency is not alone as she ventures through life, training to become one of the government's best spies on the field. ...
  • action
  • agency
  • finnwolfhard
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LOVE IN A HEART OF HATE by chirppeeness
LOVE IN A HEART OF HATEby chirppeeness
🖤Ranked #456# Action🖤 ❣watty's 2018❣... "Just kill me, kill me, i prefer to die. I refuse to live with this. You're a monster, You're HATE, Get your fuckin' hands...
  • jealousy
  • assassins
  • bullet
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The 24th Hunger Games by Little_Doge
The 24th Hunger Gamesby Little_Doge
Breanna goes into the hunger games at 12 years old with some strong people. She doesn't know much but how to hunt because she did it with her older sister. Do you think...
  • tributes
  • hungergames
  • districts
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The new freelancer  by shoeatrings
The new freelancer by shoeatrings
Fem project freelancer x male reader I don't own red vs blue but it's a really good series check it out
  • harem
  • romance
  • action
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Necro-27: The Last of Mankind by CyrusBlight
Necro-27: The Last of Mankindby CyrusBlight
39 years ago, a mad scientist wanted to dominate the entire human race - by killing their own free will. And thus, creatures with dead minds and dead bodies were born, b...
  • mystery
  • adventure
  • zombie
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Love Triangle  by bxaxnxa
Love Triangle by bxaxnxa
Warning// Drug Use// Gay sex// Swearing// DV// BDSM I swear Satan created me instead of the lord because my life has been absolute shit since April 14 when that godless...
  • dominant
  • romance
  • manxman
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United Assassins by MaeFantasy
United Assassinsby MaeFantasy
Eli and Adelaide used to be best friends. That is, before Adelaide's mother died, and her father's job took them from their small town she had grown up in and loved, to...
  • player
  • backthen
  • killer
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His Only by LightUnicorns
His Onlyby LightUnicorns
Damon Anderson is not your ordinary MMA fighter. Damon's passion for Mixed Martial Arts started at the age of 7. His uncle gave up everything just so he becomes the one...
  • hurt
  • underground
  • fighter
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Air Cadets: Operation Silver Bird by CommanderKatyusha
Air Cadets: Operation Silver Birdby CommanderKatyusha
Air cadets, something I had always thought to be different. But now the rules have changed, and as a former air cadet at the age of fifteen I now fly the CF-18 Sonic/Ste...
  • war
  • aircadets
  • aircraft
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