Son YOLCULUK by Khrmnbeyza02
Son YOLCULUKby Khrmnbeyza02
Karantina altında bir ülke... Savaş ve bulaşıcı hastalıklardan dolayı harap olan insanlar... Kadın başarılı bir doktor... Adam ise bir devlet ajanı... Kötülerin hüküm sü...
  • virus
  • ask
  • savaş
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The Mafia's Baby Mama by shadowfallsx44
The Mafia's Baby Mamaby shadowfallsx44
So you decided to go to the club with your friends and sleep with the sexiest man you have ever seen. Is it all fun and games right? No, it's not why you may ask becau...
  • romance
  • child
  • guns
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adopted by a gang leader (english) by moretypesofstories
adopted by a gang leader (english)by moretypesofstories
danny hunters wanted a follower. so he decided to adopt one. alec (doesn't have a last name yet) a 12 years old boy. his parents died infront of him. when he got adopted...
  • maffia
  • hurt
  • mafia
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Dual Sword God by ShadowsFinger
Dual Sword Godby ShadowsFinger
In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang clan. Upon his de...
  • swordsmanship
  • action
  • wuxia
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APNEA by _xeniawrites
APNEAby _xeniawrites
FREEDIVING. How long can you hold your breath? After an accident reveals Rius Ricks's special ability to go on without breathing for a long time, he is forced to study t...
  • diving
  • action-adventure
  • malereader
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Adopted by the Gang Leader by trissiaskye
Adopted by the Gang Leaderby trissiaskye
Blake Winters is a 13 year old girl Luke Carter is a 22 year old. He is a gang leader of the 'Overkill'. He is cold, kindles and he is
  • adopted
  • orphan
  • high
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BATTLESCAR ━ t'challa udaku by prryde
BATTLESCAR ━ t'challa udakuby prryde
━ BATTLESCAR ❝ i'd take any bullet and wounds for you.❞ mina | 2018 | black panther | tchalla udaku x oc | coming soon | cover by paulsins
  • 2018
  • chadwickboseman
  • okoye
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Beware: The Queen Is Awake by Chixxxerr
Beware: The Queen Is Awakeby Chixxxerr
The Notorious Mafia Queen Book 2 Action/Mystery-thriller I'm not a Human. Yes i Felt pain..vain. and envious My body has a human characteristics but I'm a project of an...
  • gun
  • jimin
  • mychildishwifeisthenotoriousmafiaqueen
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It's Not My Fault - SkyDoesMinecraft by candyflossed
It's Not My Fault - candyflossed
After Sky accidentally let out his Brine, he went on a killing spree. Unknown of his Brine, the recruits kicked him out of his own army. Now, sky must survive on his own...
  • ssundee
  • deadlox
  • bajancanadian
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Blizzard by MeekoPaddles22
Blizzardby MeekoPaddles22
{4th book in my WARRIORS series} Birds will chirp at dawn but leave, at dusk snow will fall and stay......... Leafheart is still struggling to figure out what this proph...
  • fourthbook
  • series
  • warriors
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Loving Maya by gizness
Loving Mayaby gizness
Maya has been through heartache all her life. She lost both her parents at a young age of 8 earning her to grow up with her aunt and uncle. 15 years later, she's living...
  • lust
  • lover
  • romance
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One Way Out by KittyExplotion
One Way Outby KittyExplotion
Ballora is one of the most unique characters in SISTER LOCATION. In a game were robotic entertainers that try there hardest to be like you, being used to all this life t...
  • ft-freddy
  • ft-foxy
  • baby
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Ademar (Pronounced Aa-Duh-Meer) by MRC_123
Ademar (Pronounced Aa-Duh-Meer)by MRC_123
ACTION/ROMANCE (slow updates) 3rd book of 3rd series Thank you @l3x1c0n28 for having awesome cover ideas! You've really helped so much! Thank you! Ademar is Asahel's and...
  • group
  • polygamy
  • rank
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Wings of freedom (CarlXReader) by SkyVenture
Wings of freedom (CarlXReader)by SkyVenture
"Dad... No, please, don't!" "Don't worry, sweetheart. Don't panic. It's just a little syringe. It won't hurt, you won't even feel anything. No pain, alrig...
  • violence
  • walkers
  • judith
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Boboiboy: Elemental Power (Warning: BAD GRAMMAR) by scopiotiana123
Boboiboy: Elemental Power ( scopiotiana123
Hi guys, it Scorpio here, well... I'm going to write this story for some of my English friends. Please enjoy and vote for my story. (A/n: Sorry, I'm very bad at English...
  • earthquake
  • boboiboy
  • cyclone
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what is this feeling   (bnha x male reader)  by Myboi_sasuke111
what is this feeling (bnha x Myboi_sasuke111
I'm lost its dark were am I that was all in my mind the only thing I could remember was- read to find out
  • izukumidoriya
  • deku
  • todorokishoto
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DISTANT by user07647918
DISTANTby user07647918
it's about a girl (your the girl) who has a sad past and people bully her for ten years straight now find out what happens to her. (the pics are not mine I found them of...
  • ladyphxnixsimmer
The space between us(((underhigh x reader))))) by pastel_loser_life
The space between us(((underhigh pastel_loser_life
You are a goddess and you are one of the most important beautiful powerful angels in the world even more the universe and you have been cursed also by your father who wa...
  • xreader
  • agel
  • nerd
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