Inner Demons || Demon Girls X Demon Hunter Male Reader by KyleAXBarrett
Inner Demons || Demon Girls X KyleAXBarrett
After some financial problems, you're father, fearing for you're health, sent you to the UK, under watch of an old family friend you never heard of. You are given a new...
  • originalbook
  • original
  • malereader
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From Me, To You (A Lukesse Story!!!!) by KrustyCheetahs
From Me, To You (A Lukesse KrustyCheetahs
Lukas and Jesse think that they've won. That they've defeated PAMA. Well............they'll discover more than they've ever known before. I present to you a story full...
  • lukesse
  • jetra
  • pama
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adopted by a gang leader (english) by moretypesofstories
adopted by a gang leader (english)by moretypesofstories
danny hunters wanted a follower. so he decided to adopt one. alex (doesn't have a last name yet) a 12 years old boy. his parents died infront of him. when he got adopted...
  • danger
  • mafia
  • maffialeader
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The Mafia's Baby Mama by shadowfallsx44
The Mafia's Baby Mamaby shadowfallsx44
So you decided to go to the club with your friends and sleep with the sexiest man you have ever seen. Is it all fun and games right? No, it's not why you may ask becau...
  • child
  • love
  • mafia
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Dual Sword God by ShadowsFinger
Dual Sword Godby ShadowsFinger
Synopsis: In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang cla...
  • martialarts
  • adventure
  • drama
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Beware: The Queen Is Awake by Chixxxerr
Beware: The Queen Is Awakeby Chixxxerr
The Notorious Mafia Queen Book 2 Action/Mystery-thriller I'm not a Human. Yes i Felt pain..vain. and envious My body has a human characteristics but I'm a project of an...
  • book2
  • mafia
  • tzuyu
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Loving Maya by gizness
Loving Mayaby gizness
Maya has been through heartache all her life. She lost both her parents at a young age of 8 earning her to grow up with her aunt and uncle. 15 years later, she's living...
  • heartache
  • broken
  • sparks
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The Different Girl by howlwolfspirit
The Different Girlby howlwolfspirit
Jay was attempting to kill himself when a strange girl, Ella, came into his life. Ella is not normal which anyone can see. She is very polite, but has power over other p...
  • adventure
  • romance
  • action
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Someone To Fight For (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Someone To Fight For (Action FireStarterXx
A beautiful young brunette has found herself in somewhat of a predicament. While battling addiction she landed herself in quite a bit of debt, that wouldn't just go awa...
  • action
  • mommy
  • mdlg
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The Cursed by KatieJez
The Cursedby KatieJez
Zoe is a girl in a world where everyone is the same besides her only friend Ana. Her and Ana are special. But for all the wrong reasons. There is only one law. Be the sa...
  • cursed
  • dystopian
  • action
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down & dirty | upcoming by sixsecondsofmarina
down & dirty | upcomingby sixsecondsofmarina
the fabulous five has fought the good fight, with john wayne as their personal intel + a few of his friends to help assist them in killing off sheba, the infernal queen...
  • iconicconcept
  • icons
  • feminism
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My Rainbow Children by Banzaithehyena
My Rainbow Childrenby Banzaithehyena
[REDONE!!!] Baby!knb characters x male reader y/n's mom decided that her son needed more responsibility, so what better way then to surprise him! (hopefully this is bett...
  • seme
  • mafia
  • male
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Mafia Blood 💘 by KaylaSilverOfficial
Mafia Blood 💘by KaylaSilverOfficial
Her father was a Mafia King and she was his daughter. It might sound like a dream, but its actually not. Its the complete opposite. She had to leave because someone wan...
  • gangs
  • love
  • betrayal
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The Battle Continues: The Z Warriors Are Back by KingSlayer69
The Battle Continues: The Z KingSlayer69
The Z Warrior is back and they have a bunch of battles begins. Kiko is missing after the battle of Supreme Kai World
  • vegeta
  • piccolo
  • goku
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Beyond the Law (Your Lie In April/Need For Speed Rivals Crossover) by ShayCormacTemplar
Beyond the Law (Your Lie In ShayCormacTemplar
Set One Year after Main Event of Your Lie In April One Year after her "Death", Kaori Miyazono recruited by FBI Vehicle Response Team (VRT) to Joined with the M...
  • arimakousei
  • action
  • needforspeed
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Hidden Princesses by FabulousGrapeCat
Hidden Princessesby FabulousGrapeCat
Four princesses-Amberle of Anaemia, Noelani of Abalone, Emryn of Azure, Willow of Quarris. All these girl possess different powers Amberle power of Phoenix Flame, Noelan...
  • water
  • abalone
  • happy
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Enderlox and Enderloc: Secrets of the double by candyflossed
Enderlox and Enderloc: Secrets candyflossed
Ty, or Deadlox, was a test subject to Seto, who tried to try a spell on him, due to the fact everyone else was busy. Ty didn't think it would do anything, but in this ca...
  • truemu
  • skydoesminecraft
  • deadlox
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Cracked by zalayell
Crackedby zalayell
Control and Freedom are on two different sides of the spectrum in our world. No one is different. Everyone has the same income, the same number of kids, the same life. B...
  • governmentconspiracy
  • government
  • fall
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