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The Rose (X-Men Evolution Fanfiction) by FireFlower98
The Rose (X-Men Evolution FireFlower98
Based on the events of X-Men: Evolution and inspired by other X-men related events. This fanfic is more like a mix of the different X-Men events of the movies, series an...
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The Acolytes' Trial by barefoot_Zanko
The Acolytes' Trialby barefoot_Zanko
Three young acolytes enter a rite of passage, to gain admittance to the ranks of their tribesmen.
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Mes Animaux // Fleeuru by Fleeuru
Mes Animaux // Fleeuruby Fleeuru
Ici, c'est le terrain de jeu de mes animaux. De Fleur, têtue comme l'ânesse qu'elle est ; De Gypsie, ma plus fidèle comparse depuis ma prime enfance ; De Cléo, espiègle...
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A Guide to Souls (Acolytes BLOG) by JamesVillinger
A Guide to Souls (Acolytes BLOG)by James Villinger
This guide to the Acolytes / Souls series is my own personal BLOG. It is for fans of my works. I recommend reading my first book before reading this. I'll occasionally u...
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Short Stories of the Acolytes by JakeCombs
Short Stories of the Acolytesby Jake Combs
This is the collection of the many adventures of Syn. Syn is a member of the Acolytes and hero of the novel Haunted By Shadows. For more information on Syn and the other...
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The Paladin's Return by DylanGibbs4
The Paladin's Returnby Dylan Gibbs
Alex Matherson was just a normal teenager, enjoying life with his friends, until one fateful night when his curiosity got the better of him. Now Alex has been drawn int...
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Sisters of the Chosen (Book 3 of Acolytes) by JamesVillinger
Sisters of the Chosen (Book 3 of James Villinger
Book 3 of the Acolyte series. The veil of deception has lifted and although the people of Seron believe the war to be over, Sacet and her friends know better. Until th...
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Acolytes and the Mirror of Gold by malfoie
Acolytes and the Mirror of Goldby Dawn
Seventeen Year Old Cadence Bradbury has simple set of beliefs: Water is liquid. The sun is hot. Math is the worst subject. Death either means Heaven or H...
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Acolytes  by anonymelulu
Acolytes by anonymelulu
- Tu le veux lui, moi je la veux elle. - Et ? - Ça ne te parle pas ? - Explique toi. - On a tout les deux des intérêt communs, il faut que on s'allient pour les séparer...
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Souls for Ruination (Short-stories) by JamesVillinger
Souls for Ruination (Short-stories)by James Villinger
This collection of short-stories aims to answer the many mysteries in the Acolytes series. It is recommend (but not required) that you read the first in the series befor...
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