The Ruthless 🅰nd Ⓜerciless W🅾man by LadyLaDeMa
The Ruthless 🅰nd Ⓜerciless W🅾manby Dezza Mae Panilo
She is one of the descendant of the General Residence Shi Wei LA The beauty that hides But suffer near death due to an accident that be soon reveal to be a planned She a...
  • history
  • rival
  • medicine
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Eonian Chronicles : The beginning by PrQuinzel
Eonian Chronicles : The beginningby Harleen F. Quinzel
Jay is a human being living on Eon, a planet billions of light years away from Earth that humans colonised after some scientists discovered a portal between Earth and th...
  • universe
  • aventure
  • sciencefiction
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Twisted life (Completed)✔ by myworld2612
Twisted life (Completed)✔by Harika
Highest rank#1 in chicklit on 2-12-17 and continued for many days #2 in chicklit on 25-11-17 and continued for many days # 3 in chicklit on 19-11-17 reached the top It'...
  • wattys2018
  • innocence
  • ignorance
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from EXO PLANET 👽 by loeyslight
from EXO PLANET 👽by its ja
A book for our dorks! I hope y'all will like and support this! i EXO y'all ❤️ ps: i wrote the "all about" according to their ages and credits to
  • exo
  • theories
  • kaisoo
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The Adventures of Batmom by NaNaNaNaBatmom
The Adventures of Batmomby Amy or AJ
In a city, much like your city, there is a heroine who saves the day with cooking, cleaning and boo-boo healing. Her name is, Batmom! I am Batmom! Amusing stories of lif...
  • humor
  • comedy
  • newadult
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Perfect (Mavin) [Achievement Hunter] by Cogitatione
Perfect (Mavin) [Achievement V. Romeo
Michael Jones never told anyone why he and Lindsay got divorced, he always said it was because she got a job in Orlando which she did.. But that wasn't it, it was becaus...
  • achievement
  • gavin
  • michael
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Achievement Hunter Preferences [Completed] by DesirousFool316
Achievement Hunter Preferences [ DesirousFool316
I love watching Achievement Hunter so why not.
  • jeremy
  • michael
  • hunter
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Achievement hunter X reader by space-alpaca
Achievement hunter X readerby space-alpaca
This is just a collection of short reader insert stories with the members of achievement hunter, because I fell like there's not enough of these out there. Once I do one...
  • hunter
  • readerinsert
  • achievement
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RoosterTeeth - Just a Normal Day by AwesomeTisChloe
RoosterTeeth - Just a Normal Dayby Chloe
When Chloe goes to ray's (her best friend) work place she didn't expect that, that day would change her whole life. See the relationship she has with each one of the boy...
  • hunter
  • achievement
  • chris
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Zelina "Princess Last Desire" by lhabzbreaker
Zelina "Princess Last Desire"by Novz Ignacio Ocbian
She was Jazz Ocampo in watty!The daughter of Zelina Lizza Magno and Mayor David Sanchez.The long lost Princess who has desired to become rich.She tried her best to fulfi...
  • princess
  • desire
  • achievement
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Updates by IronicHoodies
Updatesby Ann Lawson
If I post updates on my message board, only my followers will see. I want my readers to see updates only if they want to, so yeah... I'm writing them here.
  • random
  • progress
  • updates
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A DREAMER!! by user86571229
A DREAMER!!by Curious Cat 😻
  • success
  • artistic
  • family
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Varsity Infos (๑★ .̫ ★๑) || ENG. by opaljunhoe
Varsity Infos (๑★ .̫ ★๑) || j
Varsity's achievements and "story" throughout their career as idols!! [I'm sorry in advance if I'll make mistakes in English, but it's not my first language, s...
  • 블릿
  • achievements
  • records
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Under The School  by readerofpotter
Under The School by readerofpotter
Esme is a vampire, who lives under a school on the highest hill in Rhondda. Thriving on the thought of revenge, she must bite every new student she lays her eyes on...
  • romance
  • family
  • fairies
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Magic in the Rink by L3m0n__
Magic in the Rinkby L3m0n__MF
Fraulein Antoine, a violinist at the age of 6, was enjoying the graceful sight of a figure skater in an empty, quiet, ice skating rink. She places her violin down, inspi...
  • achievement
  • violinist
  • graceful
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Success never knock your door by Jihedbouazizi12
Success never knock your doorby Jihed Bouazizi
Do you think that the world is an Easy simple game? Read this!
  • roadtosuccess
  • education
  • achievement
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For the love of a mother by CostaBlue
For the love of a motherby Uwem Umana
Mr. Wizzet's heart was broken. Abdul spoke through all of these with ease, smile and charm. This is what has broken some people in life, this is what has damaged some pe...
  • personalgoal
  • focus
  • success
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A-Z Quotes by squaredot_
A-Z Quotesby Squaredot
A-Z Quotes
  • thewattys
  • lifequotes
  • completed
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Short Poems for a Big World by MissCVEM
Short Poems for a Big Worldby Caroline Masson
My poetry
  • achievement
  • mankind
  • tragedy
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