Twisted life (Completed)✔ by myworld2612
Twisted life (Completed)✔by Harika
Highest rank#1 in chicklit on 2-12-17 and continued for many days #2 in chicklit on 25-11-17 and continued for many days # 3 in chicklit on 19-11-17 reached the top It'...
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The Ruthless 🅰nd Ⓜerciless W🅾man by LadyLaDeMa
The Ruthless 🅰nd Ⓜerciless W🅾manby Dezza Mae Panilo
She is one of the descendant of the General Residence Shi Wei LA The beauty that hides But suffer near death due to an accident that be soon reveal to be a planned She a...
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The Adventures of Batmom by NaNaNaNaBatmom
The Adventures of Batmomby Amy or AJ
In a city, much like your city, there is a heroine who saves the day with cooking, cleaning and boo-boo healing. Her name is, Batmom! I am Batmom! Amusing stories of lif...
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PERFECT COUPLESby Ajiboye Saratullah
THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL ON WATTPAD, I HOPE YOU WOULD GROW TO LOVE IT. Amy Rayon, an high school girl of about sixteen years was a daughter of a billionaire. She is a ge...
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A DREAMER!! by user86571229
A DREAMER!!by Curious Cat 😻
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Smile Anyway by yuktagajja
Smile Anywayby yuktagajja
No matter what kind of situation we are suffering from. All it takes is a simple smile to face everything. A smile makes everyone beautiful in their own way. smilimg in...
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Exquisite Serenity by ScrxptumAmore
Exquisite Serenityby Haya Gira
Here lie my thoughts, written in words so graceful. Here lie my feelings, ones that were somewhat painful. Here lie the memories I never plan to forget. Here lie the d...
  • imagination
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When the Game Changed (Ryan Haywood x OC) (Fake AH Crew) by x_unbound_x
When the Game Changed (Ryan tex
With a past that was full of criminal activity and a father who was a modern day outlaw, Dakota Dayley was destined to be a great criminal. It was the only life she had...
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Virtual Reality (Vikkstar123 x Reader) - A Minecraft Fanfiction by AvalarsWorld
Virtual Reality (Vikkstar123 x Natasha Holman
You, the reader, are transported into the world of Minecraft. How? You don't know how exactly. But what you do know is, is that you have to get out of there... somehow...
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Rectify: Manmarziyan by Brind2y2
Rectify: Manmarziyanby Brind2y2
The story is about a rectifier who takes revenge on her sister for killing her, she takes a second rebirth to get justice not only for herself but for her friends and fa...
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BLACKPINK by burning_novel003
BLACKPINKby Miz_darkness
***** BLACKPINK's site. *****
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Destroyed In Love (Slow Updates☺) by Anand8
Destroyed In Love (Slow Updates☺)by Anand
"Mr. Ved Pratap Singh , I am your wife , and hope you remember that". "Ahh I see ,I clearly remember that. How can I forget, the reason of my destroyed li...
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Milestones And Updates by LoloxTheFox
Milestones And Updatesby Artistyi/Lizette
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A Lovely Shadow (Lily's Blog) by -bloody_inspired
A Lovely Shadow (Lily's Blog)by ᔕᕼᗩᑎK O' ᔕᗩᔕᔕ
This, my friends, is simply the life of a Shadows. Updates on my life, achievements, stories, art (I have greatly improved), and much Randomness. I hope you find this so...
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His Achievement // A Micheal Jones fan fiction by Shyfly-Trish12
His Achievement // A Micheal Pertricia Nicole
He was famous for his YouTube channel. He soon falls for the bosses daughter. His name? Micheal Jones. She was his bosses daughter. She soon falls for a certain coworke...
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Announcements, Tags, and Achievements by cookiecrumbviolet
Announcements, Tags, and cookiecrumbviolet
It's just my announcement book, tagging book, and "HOLY CRAP I JUST REACHED A MILESTONE THIS IS AMAZING AAAAAA" book. I might also rant about some stuff, sprea...
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The Outlaw (Mad King fantasy AU) by MissKitty579
The Outlaw (Mad King fantasy AU)by MissKitty579
Skylar has never felt like she had a family. She ran away at the age of 15 and turned to a life crime to survive. She became one of those most wanted criminals of Achiev...
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Boards Endurance by modyanu55
Boards Enduranceby modyanu55
BOARDS! It is every child's worst nightmare. And the worst thing is that span of 3 months given to us to prepare ourselves of the board exam. A little nervousness, a li...
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Updates by IronicHoodies
Updatesby Ann Lawson
If I post updates on my message board, only my followers will see. I want my readers to see updates only if they want to, so yeah... I'm writing them here.
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Pokemon Traditions ( S & R ) by Blank17065
Pokemon Traditions ( S & R )by Blank17065
Follow the journey of young Trainer Blank and his pokemon companions as he sets out on a quest to beat his father, the current Hoenn Pokemon League Champion! With such a...
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