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Chasing Survival by ninja_zombie
Chasing Survivalby Sandy
The new world changed her, but the chance of her group surviving brought her back.
Falling For Ryder (gxg) by auria-
Falling For Ryder (gxg)by auria-
Spencer Adams. A straight girl. Ryder Philips, the one and only girl that made her lesbian otherwise her reasoning. Ryder is Spencer's cousin, but don't worry this isn't...
Dropout by _LittleRed
Dropoutby raven
It didn't matter that Gwen is officially a college dropout; or the fact that she was being kicked out of her dorm; or that she was a huge disappointment. But apparently...
Silver Winds by MakingMyOwnWay
Silver Windsby Ray Gentry
Have you ever wanted something so badly you would do anything to have it? Meet Astra Olesdatter, a Illiquan teen aged girl who wants to train at Mistport's School for Se...
The Bitch and the Bastard by NikkiBunny01
The Bitch and the Bastardby Nikki
Welcome to the life of Charlotte Montgomery! Where her world is perfectly ruled by her. She get's everything she wants, whoever she wants, and get's rid of anyone sh...
The Beast by FlamingCutie
The Beastby FlamingCutie
There's a reason why we're all here. People just don't come to NoWhere. You may think I'm crazy, but a portal helped us get to NoWhere. We were chosen by the Beast. Quar...
Karma's A Bitch by FindingFaith
Karma's A Bitchby Valerie Faith
Lexi Reid seemed to have it all from popularity to money to brains. But she also had a secret. What the students at Rosewood High didn't know was that Lexi was the autho...
Meet Me in the Graveyard [Book One] #Wattys2015 by MyLifeIsObsession
Meet Me in the Graveyard [Book MyLifeIsObsession
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, right? Wrong. You put on a happy face and act like the princess you were raised to be. Amelie is a part of the oldest vampi...
An Age Of An End(On Hold) by ThatShyGirl06
An Age Of An End(On Hold)by Mich <3
Fifteen year old Reanne Barron thought her life was hard. But she didn't know what hard was until she walked in on her Adoptive father eating her mom. Suddenly the world...