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VA- The Wild, Wild West by Dpower
VA- The Wild, Wild Westby Debra Buck Power
Set after Last Sacrifice. Rose Hathaway wants to surprise long time boyfriend, and hot Russian god, Dimitri Belikov with a fun day at the rodeo. Rose and her best friend...
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Star Academy For Gifted Children is a private school with filled with 5 yrs to 18 yrs. it's gossiped and only let..uh...extra ordinary kids. When you get a letter in the...
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Willow wood stables by _lara_bonnie_
Willow wood stablesby _lara_bonnie_
A story about a girl called Amy hofton Arriving at a new riding school and getting through tough "new girl" problems with her horse lavender and some great fr...
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Vampire Academy (AU)  by zo2012
Vampire Academy (AU) by Zoe
I scream for them to let me go even though I know in my heart it's too late. I see the burning ship go down and with it the love of my life. When I finally give in they...
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VIP Academy  by Momonoji-Hotokikaji
VIP Academy by Momonoji Hotokikaji
A school for students on Learning of how their Supernatural Powers are being used through their VIP Ranks are based on their scores on entrance exams the VIP 0 Kiryuu...
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last Sacrifice  by TaylorLynn1496
last Sacrifice by Taylor
This is my version so what I want to happen in Last Sacrifice. The 6th and final Vampire Academy Novel. =( I don't want it to end!
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Waverly Academy by Taylor_Tims
Waverly Academyby Lunar_Otaku_IA
Honoka Kosaka had just started school at Waverly Academy. But the school is a tad weird. The students are definitely not like normal people. What to find out what they a...
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THE REAL ME by marialeonida143
THE REAL MEby marialeonida143
Makapal at malaki na salamin buhok na magulo at brace Tama kayo isa akong nerd __________ Paano kung makasalamuha mo ang akala mo, ng lahat ay nerd ngunit isa palang gan...
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I'm A Theif, But You Stole My Heart by KickAssMonster
I'm A Theif, But You Stole My Heartby K.A.M
Partners in Crime :)
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Wizard's Academy : The Lost Princess by GrubhiiWP
Wizard's Academy : The Lost
~ A.N ~ Hi guys its my first time writing so don't be hard on me anyway..... Salamat na sa mga Magbabasa ng story ko PS. Comment Vote and Follow if you have the time P...
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Shadow academy by GayClownWeeb
Shadow academyby Mari is clown
My stuipid story idk how to work on this
Burns Academy  by _bookfeels_
Burns Academy by Anna
Lily's life's changes completely when a new student arrives at Burn Academy but, she doesn't know that. As she uncovers secrets and learns more about her past she finds...
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Sing a New Song by suzycar45
Sing a New Songby suzycar45
Cl stone GB RHEA FF
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