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According to Him by Inahan86
According to Himby Sally
Kierra Johnson has been a tomboy all her life. She has been buddies with Carl, Jack, Ben and Jason since high school and secretly had a crush on Carl. Carl has asked her...
La aldea jinchuriki by MLDA-Megaman
La aldea jinchurikiby Gerardo
esta historia me inspire de un canal de yutube
Treasure Planet Twist by taintlesstowa16
Treasure Planet Twistby taintlesstowa16
12 years ago Jim Hawkins had a friend un-like any others. They never left each others side, until Christina Doppler, Delbert Doppler's niece, had to move away. Find out...
The Gospel According to Satan [PDF] by Jared C. Wilson by fuferacy33901
The Gospel According to Satan [ fuferacy33901
Read The Gospel According to Satan PDF by Jared C. Wilson Nelson Books Listen to The Gospel According to Satan audiobook by Jared C. Wilson Read Online The Gospel Accord...
Leg by medlinjose61
Legby medlinjose61
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Suffer by drusilladayie30
Sufferby drusilladayie30
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Want by caroleetatem14
Wantby caroleetatem14
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Of by coussouletroisi60
Ofby coussouletroisi60
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Lose by laureenspanier74
Loseby laureenspanier74
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Claim by romybills68
Claimby romybills68
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Leader by hyacinthagilkes42
Leaderby hyacinthagilkes42
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Real Life, According to Lottie Marks by ThatWeirdOtakuChick
Real Life, According to Lottie ThatWeirdOtakuChick
Lottie had always know there was something different about herself. But when she is shoved into a mental hospital by her therapist, she can only think that she never tho...
*Cool Title* by __lollipops__
*Cool Title*by __lollipops__
These are just random things I've written or come across that I would like to share/store for later.
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The Ultimate Guide to Werewolves According to Me by HannahOfTheInternet
The Ultimate Guide to Werewolves Hannah C.
This is a companion to go with my two stories "Under a Bad Moon" and "Demons of my Own" that will help readers understand my world of wolves.
New by deannabruzzo60
Newby deannabruzzo60
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Woman by abagaelcanessa63
Womanby abagaelcanessa63
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