better man [l.h] by wantyoubacks
better man [l.h]by shan
- 一 "i wonder what her father would have thought if he heard his daughter call me daddy"
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  • lukehemmings
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My Wicked Betrothed Husband  by SorrowTerrace
My Wicked Betrothed Husband by Lina Stefanova
"I am in love with you." HA! I SAID IT! WAHOO! I HAVE BALLS! I AM THE MAN! He paused. He looked confused for a second, then looked down at me. "What the f...
  • street
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The Boy From Italy (Scomiche) by BigBoyCikada
The Boy From Italy (Scomiche)by Robotic Hell Demon
Scott Hoying is an American teenager, dealing with his own things like keeping his grades high enough to stay on the soccer team and avoiding awkward conversations with...
  • mitch
  • kirstiemaldonado
  • pentatonix
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Mr. CEO Mafia  by BaBe_Bri46
Mr. CEO Mafia by Brianna
Hot, rich, ruthless, gets everything he wants. Xavier thought there was no such thing as true love. That's until he meets her. Alexandra, she's just a normal girl. Well...
  • arrogant
  • ceo
  • italian
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BlindFolded [know Your Friends] by becksjpee
BlindFolded [know Your Friends]by becksjpee
The earth is about to be swallowed by darkness but only the sources can stop it... The angels had tried but all to no avail, they fail time after time but now God has se...
  • mystery
  • lucifer
  • warbtwnlightanddarkness
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COWARDICE by dees101
Vivian Fray was not a coward- she was gullible. She had always been easy to persuade. She was not who she was portrayed as, and she wanted a fresh start. So she ran away...
  • betrayal
  • moment
  • vivian
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" Who heard of a neurosurgeon that couldn't use his hands? " " Who heard of a selfless nurse that cannot be selfless anymore? " " At least I am...
  • ancientone
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  • doctorstrange
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[l.h] ghost of you  by wantyoubacks
[l.h] ghost of you by shan
"dancing through our house with the ghost of you" a luke hemmings fanfiction.
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  • hood
  • irwin
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Devlin: Possessive Instinct ~ Soul Mates by lolliPopsAngels
Devlin: Possessive Instinct ~ lolliPopsAngels
Devlin My whole family is divided. Half of them say that finding your soul mate is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Whereas the other half, the half that ha...
  • young
  • couples
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The One Who Saved Me |Iceland X Reader| by Frostfur789
The One Who Saved Me |Iceland X KINGXDIANE
The memories of that fateful day haunt you. The events of that fateful day left you alone. You remember nothing about your savior except his eyes. His beautiful, violet...
  • iceland
  • theonewhosavedme
  • adoption
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thirteenth doctor one shots by whitttakerr
thirteenth doctor one shotsby whitttakerr
all of my thirteenth doctor one shots. includes: thirteenth doctor x readers, thirteenth doctor and her companions etc. full of angst, fluff and general gayness.
  • periodpains
  • series11
  • thirteenthdoctorxreader
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How To Be A Bad Boy by MofoSupreme-
How To Be A Bad Boyby Heathen
Wanna be a bad boy?
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The 'He'by WP
He was completely and utterly oblivious to us. He was ordinary yet, unconditionally not. The 'He' I called him. An unnamed creature that without comprehension was effect...
  • friendship
  • desire
  • complicated
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Fuck My Life by NonOfYourBeeswaxx
Fuck My Lifeby Non Of Your Beeswax
The detailed teenage struggles of a bisexual girl with OCD, going through a less than the classic love triangle. ---- It can be a scary thing OCD. I say 'thing' because...
  • accent
  • fml
  • ocd
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 The Boy With Weak Legs (Short Story) by Charlotte5220
The Boy With Weak Legs (Short Charlotte5220
Dante Steppeson is a very unique boy in his own way. Dante is a fifteen year old freshman in his new high school. Dante was born with a unknown birth defect that severel...
  • accent
  • teenfiction
  • love
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New York Echo by ImADemiwitch
New York Echoby Hestia Rheadaughter
Percy has a strong accent but no one knows.
  • percyjackson
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The Stray Trio (Hetalia Fanfiction) by Confirming
The Stray Trio (Hetalia Fanfiction)by Airi
This story follows the Stray Trio (Japan, America, and England) and their many adventures! This includes: -crazy ideas either Japan or America came up with -England goin...
  • wtf
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The long haul~ a WillNe fanfiction  by winterrain47
The long haul~ a WillNe fanfiction by winterrain47
My father had always told me... "Althaea, quarters are better than pennies. Trust me my dear, you don't want 25pennies in your life... One quarter holds a much high...
  • youtube
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Acquainted (BWWM) by infiniteluv1
Acquainted (BWWM)by debs._
"But what about him?" I look back, observing my once lover. "Don't worry about him. He means nothing to me". I walk away, ignoring the calls of dis...
  • fiction
  • comedy
  • women
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