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Soft blue skies (countryhumans revolutionary war) by frogthemangoguardian
Soft blue skies (countryhumans mango frog
Fourteen-year old America is tired of being under his father's thumb. Sixteen-year old Canada has to deal with his love life, and an arranged marriage. Britain is not on...
TrollHunters  - ( Jim Lake Jr. X  Female Reader ) by adiyaforever812
TrollHunters - ( Jim Lake Jr. -NishinoLLLAaA-
You are (Y/N) Nunez ( yes you are Claire's younger twin sister ). You usually hang out with Claire and her friends. But as the days go on and on, your heart slowly yearn...
The Rich Girl Code by fairypandacorn
The Rich Girl Codeby David Jen
Acadia Deng is a new acceptance at the Lion of Judah Academy. She meets Cordelia (Cordi) Perron, a selfish and entitled rich girl. As Acadia grows closer to Cordi, she f...
Inspirations by nightfeelings
Inspirationsby Dayra
A collection of short scenes inspired by different songs.
A School crush x OC  by _winter_summer
A School crush x OC by _winter_summer
I have a huge crush on Douxie so I wanted to make this story. This is my first wattpad story ever so I hope you all enjoy!
Diana x Jerry - Pointless Love by AuroraWaltz
Diana x Jerry - Pointless Loveby Aurora Waltz
In Avonlea, a Canadian french boy "Jerry Baynard" bond with the rich girl "Diana Barry", he started to fall in love with her. Through process of thei...
|| T H E - N E X T - G E N || A MARVEL FIC by _BuckyMoonbear_
|| T H E - N E X T - G E N || A Katie Masters
"You know... My brother is the only person I ever REALLY cared about. Now he's gone and I don't know who ...
Princess Delilah's Wish by Wild_Violet
Princess Delilah's Wishby Wild_Violet
(COMING SOON) Acadia: An island 15 miles off of the coast of Spain. A small country left to rule itself. When tensions rise in Spain, the king and queen must leave to of...
Wings of the Merciless (A Doctor Who short story) by LostQueenofMirkwood
Wings of the Merciless (A Doctor Andie
Amber and the Doctor have been travelling together for awhile, and both are mostly content with the way things are between them. But a surprise visit from the past and t...
The Untitled Series by KatyScene15
The Untitled Seriesby Katy Scene
Unti doesn't remember her past, and desperately wants to find it... but she doesn't feel worthy of the hero role. Jackie Sara remembers all-too-well what happened to her...
Acadian Driftwood by genLawrance
Acadian Driftwoodby geneviève Poirier
Sofia likes to think she has the best of everything. The young Parisian revels under the bright city lights, culture and refinery of her hometown. It is all she has ever...
Forgotten by Insert_keyboardsmash
Forgottenby Inactive little bitch
Canada has a secret That secret doesnt like being a secret That secret bursts into canadas house at midnight This is going to be fun huh
Acadian Driftwood by rata1113
Acadian Driftwoodby Geneviève Laurance
Sofia is a young Parisian girl who has never known anything but the city lights and finery. When everything in her life takes a sharp and rather unexpected turn for wha...
My Possesive Mate by rebel290
My Possesive Mateby Rebecca Early
I don't know what to write here. But hopefully you like it!