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abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
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Two Lost Souls by XanaShadow
Two Lost Soulsby Xana Shadow
An undead warrior finds himself in an unknown world, he travels looking for a way back to his own world. On his travels, he encounters a Fox that tries to make up for he...
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Be my Future ||•MLBB•|| [Harith x Nana] by blue_scarlet156
Be my Future ||•MLBB•|| [Harith x...by Icy Dashie
Nana's life was in danger, a boy named Harith need to protect her from the abyss, they we're looking for this innocent girl for years because she has something special...
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straight outta abyss → yoonmin by Hekatee
straight outta abyss → yoonminby 90M
Min Yoongi, only son of the devil needs to go up to earth to find himself a suitable fiance in order to inherit his father's business. There await him two hands full of...
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Into The Abyss: Dyrroth X Selena MLBB story by Ylreva
Into The Abyss: Dyrroth X Selena M...by ヽ(´▽`)/
As the forces of the Abyss began preparing for their fight against the Moniyan Empire, another conflict reigned within its depths. This conflict was a hindrance to tho...
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Attack the Void(Hiatus) by Ditzy_comet
Attack the Void(Hiatus)by Blue
ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. SORRY In the beginning, there were four beings. Chaos, Order, Abyss,and Void. They built the universe together until Void wanted to rebui...
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Abyss Watcher Side Stories by Futuralist
Abyss Watcher Side Storiesby Furious Blade
(Not a reader pairing book. But there will be some Male!Reader inserts.) Everyone knows I have an obsession with the Abyss Watchers of Dark Souls III. And now they have...
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FOR DEATH'S HEART by CaptainAndrews
FOR DEATH'S HEARTby Amanda Andrews
Salem Rines keeps dying prematurally. Well, it's not like her life has ever been easy. With her parents murdered in her childhood she has no one and nothing but Carter...
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Kamen Rider Ryuki x Mahou Shoujou Tokushusen Asuka  by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Kamen Rider Ryuki x Mahou Shoujou...by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Human is fighting for their lives against the Disas. Magical Girls protects the humanity from the evil beings. But in another world, there's game is going on. The game o...
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In the Mist ( M!Reader x Azur Lane Ships ) by Paman0ma
In the Mist ( M!Reader x Azur Lane...by Paman0ma
You wake up in the depths of the Abyss.. What do you remember? A tale of a person destined to die? A man, who fought with pride to the last shell? What do you.. Remember?
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Clearsight's Choice (COMPLETED) by QueenClearsight11
Clearsight's Choice (COMPLETED)by QueenClearsight11
COVER ART IS NOT MINE, ALL ART CREDITS TO BIOHAZARDIA! Link to her DA account-https://www.deviantart.com/biohazardia Highest Ranking: No. 1 in wingsoffire out of 5.5k...
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Unhindered Romance ~ Ruby x Dyrroth FanFic by ARandomFoxInTheWild
Unhindered Romance ~ Ruby x Dyrrot...by Lieutenantt
Ruby meets the prince of the abyss, Dyrroth, and has some feelings for him. Wonder what will happen?
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Zeo x Toby (Beyblade Fanfic) by Zoura32
Zeo x Toby (Beyblade Fanfic)by Pepe La Rana
Zeo and Toby are a gay couple who live together along with Masamune, and now King. One Day Toby doesn't feel so good, believing that he might have a cold or fever sinc...
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Angel to Demon(Percy Jackson Fan fiction) by iamamazhang2
Angel to Demon(Percy Jackson Fan f...by Angel
Abyss sets Percy down and walks in front of him. "This!" Abyss yells, spreading out his arms. "Is the whipping room!" He finishes grinning madly. &q...
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Rise of a Guardian Angel [Legend of the Five Knights 1] (Completed) by ImperialSun
Rise of a Guardian Angel [Legend o...by Gustavo J.
Rosalba Kuroriku has been tasked to deliver Agnes. Agnes being one of five weapons that Zionia's Celestial Queen commissioned in order to save their universe from extra...
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It All Started With A Dare by VegetaTheGreat
It All Started With A Dareby ✎ᴍᴇᴇʀᴀʟ♡
Demigods? Which language was this guy talking in? It was just meant to be a stupid dare. Who knew what it would lead to? This story revolves around 3 best friends sta...
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Lightborn Squad, Assemble! | Empire Reborn | ML by Big_Wolf23
Lightborn Squad, Assemble! | Empir...by Gígglês
Silvanna, Princess of the Moniyan Empire, have chosen five warriors to be in the 'Mystery' Squad to have peace in the Moniyan Empire and the whole Land of Dawn. In order...
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Faults by YourPreciousTreasure
Faultsby Karylle Celine D. Bastonero
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Wings of Rebellion [ Underverse Fanfic ] by FlowerTheLostStar
Wings of Rebellion [ Underverse Fa...by Th3L0stStar Back ON!
※ Following the death of the greatest threat of the Underverse, who fails to see the consequences of their actions, Destiny desperately scouts for two rivaling individua...
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The Executioner's Curse (Chapters 1-12) by AndrewSymington
The Executioner's Curse (Chapters...by Andrew Symington
***Chapter 13 in Progress*** His blade, pointless, yet to sentence the guilty. Ghen is cursed, his right arm now a black phantom limb and his right eye robbed of sight...
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