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Fading into the background by Kyandoru04
Fading into the backgroundby Kyandoru04
An alternative universe where Enji Todoroki's abuse of Shoto went way farther than what showed on cannon. A story where Shoto is a prodigy and much more scarred and make...
🖤❤️‍🔥SeroRoki❄️🖤 by kirifreehugs
🖤❤️‍🔥SeroRoki❄️🖤by Ezra
⚠️TW ABUSE, DRUGS, MENTIONS OF SUICIDE⚠️ *super short story* Shoto wanted to give up. His siblings were drifting, he was no longer allowed to visit his mother, and worst...
[ Angst/Whump Todoroki one-shots ] by l0s3r4life
[ Angst/Whump Todoroki one-shots ]by Todoroki_is_life
I have ideas then I get bored so I quit writing them so this will probably be discontinued soon, I'll take requests tho. Any art in this book is not mine nor is the cove...
Vendicatori di Sangue by aek052907
Vendicatori di Sangueby gemini_snek
*This story is being re-written and added too! * Not everything is in black and white. What happens when the white is corrupted, and the black isn't as dark as you think...
Broken Angel (TodoBaku) ON HOLD by MmOmMYy
Broken Angel (TodoBaku) ON HOLDby Bitchihopetfyoudo
Shoto Todoroki is a broken angel, which means he is doesn't show the right emotions to be an angel. Endeavor his father caused this. He's sent down to earth to restore h...
Wednesday by HufflePuff4444
Wednesdayby HufflePuff4444
Something about Wednesdays never settled right with Todoroki. As of lately all of his bad days just so happened to fall on Wednesdays, but this one was giving his past W...
Melodies of Life (Todoroki x Deku) 𝚁𝚎-𝚆𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚗[DISCONTINUED] by PlanetMars1635
Melodies of Life (Todoroki x Deku)...by Enderian
⚠️ DISCONTINUED (not into the fandom and no motivation to write this anymore) ⚠️ Apologies (Re-written) Todoroki was never well when it came to having friends or a fun...