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The Little Kitsune by annelikeswritting
The Little Kitsuneby annelikeswritting
What will happen after a mob leaves 3 year old Naruto battered in an alleyway and he's found by Itachi? What will happen when he's taken to the Akatsuki? What will happe...
Words That Haunt ( Under editing) by Mx_Gamer_
Words That Haunt ( Under editing)by Bakedpotato
Hi there. This is my first fanfic and it's trash. :P Naruto hides his true self under a mask, that's slowly breaking. He's getting tired of the treatment and abuse he's...
Old Friends•Blind Naruto•||Undergoing Revision|| by Alleycat1024
Old Friends•Blind Naruto•||Undergo...by Alli-San
||THIS STORY IS REALLY REALLY OLD AND BAD! PLEASE READ AHEAD AT YOUR OWN RISK|| Abandoned? Check. A loser? Check. A monster? Check. Worthless? Check. Unloved?.... Check...
ANBU Child by nightwing2
ANBU Childby Alfred F. Jones
Naruto is the only child of Lord Fourth and Princess Kushina. The only people that care about him are the ANBU and the Uchiha. The rest of the village hates him. What if...
naruto, the God Of Music And Animals by forgothetime
naruto, the God Of Music And Anima...by forgothetime
Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze is a then neglected son of Minato and Kushina, Naruto had Mito, Madara, Tobiriama and Hashirams sealed in him. Naruto was disowned and no one eve...
Few and Far Between (Sad Naruto AU) by RedDragon390
Few and Far Between (Sad Naruto AU)by RedDragon
Naruto never really had a family, they died protecting him... or so people think. After the fourth hokage sealed the kyuubi inside his only son, him and his wife committ...
ball of sunshine by emochild012
ball of sunshineby Sasha Chavez
naruto is abused by the villagers and neglected by his parents. what happens when jiji? the third hokage sends his most trusted anbu to go retrieve of Naruto the ball of...
Revenge of the One Tailed Tanuki by phumlaengelmbanjwa
Revenge of the One Tailed Tanukiby pamela 15
A couple years back,Naruto called upon every tailed beast to form an alliance. This alliance stated that if any of them was in danger, the rest will come to their aid. N...
The Destruction Of Konoha by sunnyking344
The Destruction Of Konohaby kuri yamanaka
Naruto beaten as a child neglected, being called 'DEMON' just because of the kyuubi as he was only the Jailor for the kyuubi. One very horrible day Naruto lost somethi...
The Hitsugaya Brother. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
The Hitsugaya Brother.by Naruto Namikaze
Toshiro is Naruto's older brother. Ren Hitsugaya is Toshiro's father. Jushiro is Toshiro's grandfather. Ren abandoned Toshiro due to Ren doing a bad choice in life and n...
The Hatake Twins: The White Flashes of Konoha by MinatoThe4thSage
The Hatake Twins: The White Flashe...by Minato Namikaze
This story is about Hatake twins,Minato Hatake and Zixuan Hatake born to Kakashi Hatake and Yuri Uchiha, younger sister of Mikoto Uchiha and twin sister of the Uchiha...
Abused Naruto (Kakanaru) by Maxineboiii
Abused Naruto (Kakanaru)by Max
This is my first book it's about Kakashi falls in love with his student Naruto but he thinks Naruto doesn't like him back but really Naruto has a huge crush on his sense...
A Place Where I Belong {ON HAITUS} by PansexualBeing465
A Place Where I Belong {ON HAITUS}by I_Love_Anime
What if Minato and Kushina survived the Nine Tails Attack? What if The Third Hokage is the one who does the seal and seals the nine tails tails chakra into Misha, Naruto...
Naruto and the Ten-tails - Hiro of the Moon by LegendDragoness
Naruto and the Ten-tails - Hiro of...by LegendDragoness
Naruto is not the only one who is hated for something he cannot control, not the only one who wishes he could die just to end the loneliness and the pain. There is someo...
In the name of love (a shikanaru fanfic) by kai122815
In the name of love (a shikanaru f...by kai122815
Naruto juggles depression and nightmares of a gruesome past, can Shikamaru heal his broken heart? Can Naruto juggle their marriage?
The Sage's Godson (A Naruto Fanfiction) by HavyQuil
The Sage's Godson (A Naruto Fanfic...by Quil
What if Jiraiya acted as Naruto's god father at a young age? Would Naruto have turned out differently? Stronger? Happier? Watch as the young Naruto, Feared and Abused as...
A Jutsu Gone Wrong by kiara03clan
A Jutsu Gone Wrongby kiara03clan
Kakashi introduces a new jutsu to Naruto and Sasuke. What will it be like for Sasuke to experience all the hatred and beatings? Will people notice the switched? Find o...
The "Monster" Village (A Naruto Fanfiction) by JinchuurikiOfTheSea
The "Monster" Village (A Naruto Fa...by JinchuurikiOfTheSea
"Why are there quotations around monster?" "Because, people see us and think monster, but we are the ones who have it the hardest. We are constantly abuse...
Don't Spill Your Secrets {BXB} by undead_ziten
Don't Spill Your Secrets {BXB}by Ziten
Naruto Uzumaki, the loud mouthed, dead last, annoying blonde of team 7. But is that really him? What if all Naruto's secrets spill when Shikamaru starts to get closer to...