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Property of the League by PaladinAsh
Property of the Leagueby Ash
Izuku Midoriya disappeared at four years of age after being diagnosed as quirkless. After countless years of abuse will he be saved? Can he get through his past? Can he...
Bartender's Kid(?)  ]Discontinued[ by AestheticSvide
Bartender's Kid(?) ]Discontinued[by TinyPlant
One day, the L.O.V, the league of Villains, attacked Usj where the students of UA class 1-A was supposed to train. A boy with villainous Quirks, Izuku Midoriya, sacrifi...
Izuku the wolf nomu by Joker4_life
Izuku the wolf nomuby The living Joker
Everything change after deku was deemed quirkless. His parents forgotten and neglected him, his sister and friends bullied him and almost killed him and after 8 years of...
Bauer by bleach_in_my_eyess
Bauerby bleach
Izuku sheepishly smiled as he slipped off his red shoes and neatly placed them beside his yellow bag. he stepped one sock foot over the rail, then suddenly stopped. his...
Impossible [Oneshot-Dadzawa] by Kiyoshi_Kojima
Impossible [Oneshot-Dadzawa]by Kiyoshi_Kojima
Deku is sad. Bakugou is upset. Aizawa is suspicious. What is happening to the two teens?
Falling for you by SailorKatsuki
Falling for youby SailorKatsuki
Just a casual Bakudeku story !TW! Abuse, Cussing, Boy×Boy Everthing in here is not cannon meaning this is not related to the Mha/Bnha manga or anime...
Tough pain to ..this? (Discontinuing ) by Ilikegaystuff1
Tough pain to ..this? (Discontinui...by 🔥❤️🔥
Deku was more of the nice type..he didn't want this...he wanted a normal life..with kacchan and inko..^read to find more I guess^
tododeku by Zivakelley
tododekuby Zivakelley
no description i am not a strong writer
Can You Heal Me? by 4Smilez4
Can You Heal Me?by Smilez
Bad at Description. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What if Izuku's dad never left but stayed with Izuku and Inko? But he loses his job and isn't able to get another job...
~sad villain~ by river0009
~sad villain~by Strawberry Milkshake
Deku was kidnapped when he was 5. He was experimented on by shigaraki, and eventually dabi and toga. They always have to give him an ingection before they attack heroes...
experimented Deku by IzukuMidoriya66999
experimented Dekuby Trysta
So when Izuku was younger around the age of 6 how s father left him because he was quirkless his mother Inko Midoriya abused Izuku ever since but one day he got help by...