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~The Sinner ~ ( Completed ) by Mamree
~The Sinner ~ ( Completed )by Mamree
Khushi Gupta does some unthinkable... Khushi does a SIN... But Is she only responsible for her act or Someone else is the actual Sinner?? Peep to Find out...
A Future To Discover And Past To Uncover-BSD X HQ   by Moon-jump
A Future To Discover And Past To U...by Moon-jump chan
It's a Cross over BSD X HQ "Who says life is fair? Where is it written?" Many Stories end with a happy ever after once the couple gets married. But this story...
My Daily Affirmations by JohannGabrielle
My Daily Affirmationsby Johanna Gabrielle
Hi guys! I'm gonna be posting my daily affirmations here. Mostly from what I learned from Law Of Attraction Gurus, Motivational Speakers, and Authors that I like and fo...
My Blessed Life: 9 Steps to Financial Freedom And Getting Out Of Debt Fast by genk01
My Blessed Life: 9 Steps to Financ...by Matthew Thrush
Debt is the #1 threat you have to your financial safety and security. Debt keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle of paying high interest to the banks, the credit card com...
BETELGEUSE (on hold) by kllrsupernovae
BETELGEUSE (on hold)by » neo «
What is the meaning of life is it.... by teryakichicken24
What is the meaning of life is it...by Golden Brown
L...ove I...llness F....ailure E.....lation Highest Rank # 53 in Meaning #434 in Tears As of 7-20...
abundance by _kellylovestodance_
abundanceby ~ Kelly O’ Neill ~
a poem written by me ༺♡༻ about how nature provides all we could ever need, and the struggle with...
Schizophrenia by AkitzkiR
Schizophreniaby KiTzKi
When fears and paranoia and illusions mix with reality, no one feels safe. Although Adeline's Shadows take her away from real dangers as her father's temper, they do not...
Being Your Best Self, A Young Adult's Guide to Conscious Living by kpoodiack
Being Your Best Self, A Young Adul...by Kathy Poodiack
Learn how to break though your self-imposed limitations or those imposed upon you by others and become your very best self. Believe that you matter, that you have worth...
Finding Me by Therichwriter
Finding Meby TheRichwriter
This story is about getting lost, finding yourself and the journey in between. Christian has been staring at the empty wall in front of him for about three hours now. I...
Behind the Amenity by fruie_lux
Behind the Amenityby moon
I dedicate this to all those girls out there who ain't for money or luxury, because happiness is beyond than that. We have our own stories that's why I hope you also tak...
MEANT TO BE by specialoma
MEANT TO BEby specialoma
this is about a girl Isabella who went to college and fell in love with a guy Bryan but along the line things go bad with Bryan.but she pregnant and doesn't tell him.how...
DAILY AFFIRMATIONS ✨ by Gopolangnonofo
DAILY AFFIRMATIONS ✨by Gopolangnonofo
Daily affirmations to help re-program your subconscious mind to get you whatever you want and need✨ The universe wants to give you what you want, all you have to do is a...
John Green quotes by MissEline
John Green quotesby Eline
Some of my favorite John Green quotes.
Limbo  by therealcymba
Limbo by Cymba
This is the second poetry book in my A Pretty Fucking Mess series. It's a compilation of small stories in poetry form. Its filled with a continuous journey of self disco...
God? by MasterWordsmith007
God?by Tyshawn Webb
Spoken word poetry. Conversing with GOD.