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~The Sinner ~ by Mamree
~The Sinner ~by Mamree
Khushi Gupta does some unthinkable... Khushi does a SIN... But Is she only responsible for her act or Someone else is the actual Sinner?? Peep to Find out...
the Unpredictably of the Mind: Disabilities. by laura_robinsbooks
the Unpredictably of the Mind: Dis...by 𝕷𝖆𝖚𝖗𝖆 𝕽𝖔𝖇𝖎𝖓𝖘
A very short story about the human Mind and other disabilities. You are loved, valued, and an important person. Think happy thoughts. Wanting to be a special education t...
Vision of a lost soul  by arvindsharma079
Vision of a lost soul by Arvind Sharma
I have always admired the art of expressing emotions in words, emotions can be felt but when you try to express them in words it becomes challenging. Sometimes we get so...
My Daily Affirmations by JohannGabrielle
My Daily Affirmationsby Johanna Gabrielle
Hi guys! I'm gonna be posting my daily affirmations here. Mostly from what I learned from Law Of Attraction Gurus, Motivational Speakers, and Authors that I like and fo...
A Future To Discover And Past To Uncover-BSD X HQ   by Moon-jump
A Future To Discover And Past To U...by Moon-jump chan
It's a Cross over BSD X HQ "Who says life is fair? Where is it written?" Many Stories end with a happy ever after once the couple gets married. But this story...
John Green quotes by MissEline
John Green quotesby Eline
Some of my favorite John Green quotes.
An Introduction to Self-Discovery by ManiEarth
An Introduction to Self-Discoveryby Imani
Understanding the self will accelerate your personal and/or spiritual growth. It is then that you will truly grow compassion for yourself to expand and love other people...
My Blessed Life: 9 Steps to Financial Freedom And Getting Out Of Debt Fast by genk01
My Blessed Life: 9 Steps to Financ...by Matthew Thrush
Debt is the #1 threat you have to your financial safety and security. Debt keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle of paying high interest to the banks, the credit card com...
The End of the World by KetanSheldarkar
The End of the Worldby Ketan Sheldarkar
A short sketch story about the end of the world and world domination. A world different than ours.
Just Don't Quit!  by RoyalKing21
Just Don't Quit! by RoyalKing21
Many people make the mistake of not believing in themselves when they are up to face life's hardest challenges. Without believing in yourself, you will not find any mot...
Attract Wealth, Abundance And Limitless Prosperity Into Your Life.Experience the Darshan of KAILASA's Ananda Venkateshwara that showers you with wealth, abundance, and p...
It is not enough to live by the Spirit we must walk by the Spirit. The average believer are religious and have not gained conciousness of their spirit-man making them t...
Abused by Jello_x
Abusedby Jello_x
Her mom had died which caused the dad to began drinking. The days she gets abused by her own father she will never forget. Bruises, broken bones, and scars. Is the only...
Being Your Best Self, A Young Adult's Guide to Conscious Living by kpoodiack
Being Your Best Self, A Young Adul...by Kathy Poodiack
Learn how to break though your self-imposed limitations or those imposed upon you by others and become your very best self. Believe that you matter, that you have worth...