Absentfather Stories

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Layla by whitelieswetell
Layla Armani has always known she has brothers, eight of them, to be precise. But she had her life, and they had theirs. After a horrible incident, the eight brothers m...
All She Ever Was by SammyDBunce
All She Ever Wasby Samantha bunce
Book 2 of the "used to be" series, Abby was used to her mother's erratic behavior growing up. Her sister took most of the blunt when it came to it, but then he...
Daughter One-Shots by Faux_Smiles
Daughter One-Shotsby A tool
Are you a disappointment to your entire family? Me fricking too. You crave that affection from your absent father? Well, me too, so here's the next best thing. Scenario...
Hunter's Bond by Devils_Angel139
Hunter's Bondby Devils_Angel139
Rescuing animals is a noble ideal, if only I realized the implications of saving a hunter. Now I find myself drawn into a world layered under my own: a world of magic an...
Letters I'll Never Send by anonymouswriter237
Letters I'll Never Sendby Maisiewrites247x
A collection of letters written for people that I will never send... I hope all my readers can find joy in my pain!😁🖤
Diary of a Black girl  by pinkgirlctfxc
Diary of a Black girl by mj pink
This story is about several young black women going through different issues in their life. Zaida McCann, a 17 year old girl, is dealing with a predatory uncle. Uncle We...
Birthright by APJensen
Birthrightby A. P. Jensen
A madman creates a massacre that leaves hundreds dead. There’s one survivor. The problem is, according to the death certificate, fifteen-year-old Jordan died two years a...
Rediscoverance by queenoftoday
Rediscoveranceby Akire
Thea finds something old, learns something current, and discovers something new. A short story about personal growth, family, and a sprinkling of romance. This is a shor...
I Love Him // Kenma x Reader  by satansfavoritesinner
I Love Him // Kenma x Reader by satansfavoritesinner
! TRIGGER WARNING ! This story includes: - a Verbally abusive mother - major physical abuse - alcohol use - cussing If you are sensitive to any of these PLEASE do not...
Beneath The Sea Foam by StrangledLove
Beneath The Sea Foamby Violence
Jessamine was a strange girl but led a relatively normal life in Castine, Maine. With few friends, a strange fashion sense and the mouth of a sailor high-school is anyth...
My Mind by Traveling_Renegade
My Mindby Traveling_Renegade
I'm basically writing stuff that pops into my mind- that makes sense anyway. Though I do have depression so that kinda the theme for this book- it's more of an outlet th...
Father by DarkKupyd
Fatherby Kupyd
Another adaption of a song I wrote. This one is about a child and their absent father.
The Stories Behind My Poems by HeyThereImJeremy
The Stories Behind My Poemsby ASecretPoet
These are the inspirations and stories behind all my poems (unless they have none).
Late Night Thoughts by HeyThereImJeremy
Late Night Thoughtsby ASecretPoet
My thoughts from late at night when I should be sleeping.
Good Bye Father by littlewhiteconverse_
Good Bye Fatherby littlewhiteconverse_
Good Bye Father, Is just a little something I wrote from my heart. It's nothing big but to me it's everything. I hope you enjoy!
Moonlight(discontinuing)  by Hogwarts730
Moonlight(discontinuing) by Hogwarts730
Thalia has always been afraid of the water ever since her mother's death at sea. That night she felt strange as she nearly died from drowning but someone saved her at th...
Are You Joking? by YouAddBaconToIt
Are You Joking?by YouAddBaconToIt
A teenager from Arizona moves to New York City to find her father, who happens to be a famous comedian, and follow in his footsteps.
The Unknown Daughter by JessaMarron
The Unknown Daughterby JessaMarron
Jhené has no idea who her father is. She was raised by a single, overprotective mother. She sneaks out constantly to Terrence, a street fighter who asks as her father. L...