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× E l l e × by Elle_Bias_Wrecked
× E l l e ×by Clumsy Dwarf
Rants, Get to Know me, Updates, Edits, channel(s) stuff, may be sad sometimes, Q&As will be here so ask away! and ye, that's it. ^^ 🖤
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Whatever you want by saranara_sauce
Whatever you wantby dead
writer forced me to make a diary
  • diary
  • long
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About moi by Softboixx
About moiby ☁️
no one cares ksjsbbdnmd
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e t h e r e a l -; ♡ by -paintedroses
e t h e r e a l -; ♡by j e n n —; ♡
my sad depressing socially awkward trash.
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about me? by rennzalsos
about me?by rennko (renn)
Don't mind this book unless you want to know more about me. Literally it.
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Things i hate by Fries_The_Theif
Things i hateby High class bitch
I don't like having a long description so this along with fandoms I'm in and etc will be a few things about me so yeah feel free to read I guess.
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My life  by hunter-author
My life by hunter-author
Ok this is just to talk about something and to announce some stuff for my story's
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Random ass facts about me by maddiezxox
Random ass facts about meby MLP BØØKS
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Tagged book by xXAsh-the-devilXx
Tagged bookby Ash
^ |
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immature. by fl6urishing
immature.by cadence ♡
[ me ] wherein i rant, write scenarios and tell you about myself.
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Aimee's Bio ♥ by CherryBerryTea
Aimee's Bio ♥by Aimee 💋
Just an about me 💋
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About me Isabella Cástro by annbelle_666
About me Isabella Cástroby Isabellaaa_oof
Going trough what i been trough and all about my whole life or if I want to have a short life
  • aboutme
Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did by MavenHenrique
Things I Wanted To Say But Never D...by H a z r i q
Things I wanted to say but I never did
  • feeling
  • friendship
  • adult
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Wistful Absurdity™ by Silmarilz1701
Wistful Absurdity™by Silz
Hey there! I'm Silmarilz1701, but you can call me Silz or Julianne. I'm a child masquerading as an adult. Offline you'll find me running social media for small businesse...
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Things About Me by ThorStormbreaker
Things About Meby ThorStormbreaker
Random stuff about me. Yea.
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About Me by Depressed_Smol_Cat
About Meby Kazy
I wasn't tagged or anything but I just wanna tell people's about me hhhhh
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🌻🌙🌼Me, Just Me🌼🌙🌻 by MissJessicavanStaden
🌻🌙🌼Me, Just Me🌼🌙🌻by 🌼🌙달🌙🌼
🌻🌙🌼Friends tagging me!!🌼🌙🌻
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Me by bisexualnothingness
Meby bisexualnothingness
self explanatory. it's about me. and my life. so yeah. have fun learning about my life
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