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Blue's Harem by tfpfangirl13
Blue's Haremby tfpfangirl13
Basically Lance gets kidnapped by the Galra and finds himself with a harem of Galra willing to coddle and pleasure him. Oh Joy.
Chosen by hemmo96_forever
Chosenby Larry and lashton af
Louis is in for a surprise when three Alphas claim him.
CEOmega | l.s by dejalou
CEOmega | l.sby vee
The person on everyone's lips was the CEO of Empire Music. The CEO who inherited a 4.5 billion company at only 21 years of age. The CEO who made the meanest of people c...
Kissing In Cars || Evanstan (mpreg) ✔ by -hawkwing
Kissing In Cars || Evanstan (mpreg...by Sandor fucking Clegane
-- Set in the same storyline as 12 Days Of Christmas -- Sebastian and Chris's third daughter is born, and the Evans clan can't be any more thrilled to welcome the newest...
Hunter X Hunter characters X Reader very nasty send in any requests ✨
X Reader {Requests OPEN} by Icarus-Euphoria
X Reader {Requests OPEN}by Analya Kay
Like the title of this story implies this will be about absolutely any character and you! Otherwise known as X Reader Oneshots! The first chapter(?) is animes and others...
Love Can Be A Storm (gxgxg) (abodynamics) by idontevenlikehumans
Love Can Be A Storm (gxgxg) (abody...by Busiswa Thwala
!intentionallowercasewriting !abodynamics !gxgxg azure zenith was a new person in the little town called portsville a little over a year ago. now she was known for her c...
crown || larry a/b/o  by sweetnsmug
crown || larry a/b/o by ritz
❝There are many names in history, none of them are ours.❞ royalty au. omega louis is wary of love. alpha harry is waiting to find love. they meet.
❛ bare. ❜ | dk.bk by simpyauthxr
❛ bare. ❜ | dk.bkby — 🅐︎🅚︎🅤︎🅑︎🅑︎🅨︎ —
("TROUBLED" BOOK REWRITE!) Katsuki Bakugo, a simple,hot-headed male that everyone truly respected. Power laced with utter strength that no one could beat, and...
The Dream Bean Coffee Shop •{Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader -Omegaverse-}• by Berry_tropicana
The Dream Bean Coffee Shop •{Hitos...by Jam
Y/n. They got the short end of the stick. People call them unlucky. Born into an all alpha family as an omega isn't all bad though, their family don't mind, they accept...
The Daily Life of Seokjin | nj by ot7mikrokosm
The Daily Life of Seokjin | njby Persona
Seokjin started a YouTube channel during his senior year of high school as a project. After it became more popular than he expected, he continued to document his life on...
The Thing With Texting The Twins | Styles Twins x Louis by Blue_Bellflower
The Thing With Texting The Twins |...by Silvia Crown
Louis Tomlinson is a 20 year old, single Omega who only gets hit up by betas and works at the local orphan. Harry and Edward Styles are a pair of famous Alpha twins, bot...
Pink Milk & Misunderstandings by challio
Pink Milk & Misunderstandingsby challio
"Being attracted to cute omega boys isn't a crime ai'Pha" Beam exclaimed with an eye-roll seeing his alpha friend's longing gaze at the omega in front of them...
This Christmas || Mertommy (mpreg) by -hawkwing
This Christmas || Mertommy (mpreg)by Sandor fucking Clegane
-- a Big Wolf on Campus Tommy/Merton Christmas themed fic -- This Christmas, Tommy Dawkins and Merton Dingle are about to find out something that'll change their lives f...
ON THE LOOSE   by ruoche7
ON THE LOOSE by ruoche7
"You are mine I won't repeat it omega." He snarled at her when she tried to escape. The last thing Louis wanted was a mate and that to for it to be an Alpha...
Wonhui Oneshots ♡ by a_simping_idiot
Wonhui Oneshots ♡by 𝔂𝓾𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓮𝓮~(⺣◡⺣)♡*
Drabbles for my ship wrecker, because there isn't enough wonhui story's in this household also a shy wen junhui household.
My Home by MayuuuChaaan
My Homeby MayuuuChaaan
Hansol woke up as an Omega. Fluff ensue.
Will you trust me? (Taekook) by sarmeh
Will you trust me? (Taekook)by sarmeh
An unconventional ABO au where Alpha Jungkook happily gets into an arranged marriage with a Omega chosen by his parents, who he doesn't meet until the wedding day. But w...
Why Are You So Rude? (Zianourry) by unseriousstyles
Why Are You So Rude? (Zianourry)by Blue
Louis Tomlinson refuses. He refuses to be happy at this middle of no where school. He refuses to believe that he has found his 'soulmates.' He refuses to accept this new...
We're Gonna Be Okay by Latishiante
We're Gonna Be Okayby Kai
Summary: The exact thing that Dean was panicking about, happens. It turns out to be something that he would never change. Sequel to Brother, Please. You need to read B...